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Romance Scam
Loan Scam

Fox Wilson Charles

Skype ID: live:foxcharles611 (Fox Wilson C.)

Phone numbers: +1 (310) 870-9345
                           +1 (347) 714-9696



ASN:   37341
ISP:   Glomobile
Organization:  Glo Mobile Ghana Telco
Services:      Suspected network sharing device
Assignment:    Static IP
Continent:     Africa
Country:       Ghana
State/Region:  Greater Accra Region
City:          Accra 
Proxy          No
Browser        Safari 6.0
System         iPhone
Mobile         Yes
Language       English (United States)



ASN:   20473
ISP:   Choopa, LLC
Organization: London Trust Media
Services: Network sharing device or proxy server
Type:  Broadband
Assignment:    Static IP
Continent:     Europe
Country:       United Kingdom
State/Region:  England
City:          London
Browser        Safari 6.0
System         iPhone
Mobile         Yes
Language       English (United States)


Photos of Grant Cardone (is an American author, motivational speaker, real estate investor, and sales trainer)



Tagline: Leave the past behind You, let the Future come in and always be happy and enjoy living.
Member Since: May 12, 2017
Gender: Male
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 57
Relationship Status: Divorced
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight INBOX:


Hello dear how are you doing

Can we talk op Skype pls i don’t like chatting here

Here are my Phone number so you can call me when you want +13108709345

Or +13477149696

Skype live:foxcharles611 add me pls

Fox Wilson Charles

That’s all my name

But I love CHarles because is a Christian name and I love God

Please we have to talk on Skype


Skype: live:foxcharles611 (Fox Wilson C.)



Skype name: live:foxcharles611
Full name: Fox Wilson C
Gender: Male
Mood: Leave the Past behind YOU and Let the Future come in…Always Be HAPPY.


Skype chat:

Fox Wilson C.:

I have stayed 4 years alone after my divorce with my ex wife

i love you more and from the bottom of my heart i say the things to you

good , honesty and faithfulness

please , i want to tell you something important

i want us to leave all the dating sites we are in , so we can focus and not get distracted by other people in building out love and strong and better relationship

let use delete the our accounts on tagged and get focused to each other okay

i hope you understand why i say this things baby

because  am having a lot of messages from other women

and i don’t want to loose or be distracted by them

i don’t want t loose you

i want to get focused on only one woman and that is you

please , i will be deleting my account there tonight okay , i will be glad if you delete yours with all honesty with me



His account is still there..


Fox Wilson C.:

i will never cheat on my woman , never

i will wait until we see and make love for the past times

i give you all my trust

am happy to have found a simple woman like you

i promise you and i will make you a happy woman if you make me a happy man

baby, am working on coming to you this summer God willing

i have a project i did at Cambodia city , maybe after the inspection of the work then i will be getting my paycheck and then i can come visit you for 2 weeks if you want me to

i hope your son will be happy to have me too , to foster him as a father ?

I will not treat him bad In any way because I love his mother and I guess he is a good boy too

we just have to be strong and love each other at all times

i love you

let me leave you to sleep now , am going to drive now to buy some groceries

good night as you sleep baby

sweet dreams and write to me when you are up from bed okay


Fox Wilson C.:

Hello my sweet love

Good morning from me to you

I hope you are good ?

am going to work now

Am having a long day

I love you


Fox Wilson C.:

so have you taken your dinner already ?

so are you still on tagged baby ?

why is your account still there baby ?


Because YOUR account is still there… *;) winking

Fox Wilson C.:

please be honest with me

I want to delete my account there now

please i had a terrible past life with my ex wife

she was a horrify liar and cheater

i know you are not , so please let me trust and you and you trust me too

so that things can work out for us

i love honest and sincere people

tell me the truth and be open to me , no matter how hard the truth is

i just got home after a long meeting with the board management today

i miss not hearing from you and you not writing me before you sleep

i hope you are good and strong

i love and i miss you dearly

good night and have a sweet dreams


Fox Wilson C.:

I will be going to work soon

Tomorrow is a perfect weekend for me

I will go to church the after that I have to do my laundry and rest too

Then have to talk with you too

I wish you here with me

Then we can going out to the beach and relax

I will take you to a nice restaurant for us to have dinner too

I miss you

Let me doing a little sports and get ready for work okay

I hope you have eaten lunch ?

Take care my love

I love you




Fox Wilson C.:

the weather is cold here and I wish you here to warm my body


Wow! Do you mean that it is cold in California now..? The weather forecast says it is 29 degrees there now..  

Fox Wilson C.: not so cold but you understand what I mean

we had little snow last night  (*:-O surprise*:-? thinking*8-} silly)

am driving to a little meeting with some colleague

I miss you and wish you’re here with me


Fox Wilson C.:

I got an email from the company that am been selected from the few workers that will be going to Ohio for a meeting and training concerning the inspection of work..

So I will be going tonight if possible and will be returning probably on Sunday evening

The day was good and successful though it was a busy day

Am up now and going to the site to continue with my inspection work

I miss you my love

Take care and remember I love you

I will go back to the site now

Just having a little break

Then I decided to write to you because I think about you and miss you too

Am struggling now because I found a major fault in the project

Am worried and working to see how best I can fix it

That is the agreement and what my contract with Apex company says

Before I get my paycheck , all faults or errors must be maintained by me

Am making some order for the machines and equipments that we are going to use for it

God help us , tomorrow we can start the maintenance process

I promise to remain committed and faithful and respect and love and you always

Am working on the costs of what is going to take me to get the fault dome

I miss you terribly baby

Am sorry am having a difficult time now

Am stilling in talk to see if I can get all the equipments for the maintenance work

Is costing me a lot of money baby $58,000

We be used for everything

Take care of yourself That’s the most important to me now

I have to hire workers here to help me do

Both the machines , the labour, and the equipments will cost that sum

God help me I see what I can do

But the money is way to much for me

I don’t have such money on my cards here now

I thought maybe is something about $15-20,000

But $58,000 is more the limit of my card

Is looking for way to access my account from here and see how it goes


Things aren’t going well for me here now

Thank you for all the love and support all this while baby

I love you very much for this and more

But am sorry to tell you that I didn’t get the loan from the ACLEDA bank

I really don’t know what to do baby

Am not sure again because they’re asking me for a VAT and insurance fees

Which amounted to $2500


Messages on a mail box:

From: fox charles
Date: XX August 2017

Hello baby,

I dont know how to say this to you but i guess thats the only option i have now because am already running out of time allotted for the inspection work to be done and commissioned by the chairman on the 19th of August.

I chose to write you instead of calling you because i feel ashamed to say this to you.

If it is easy for me to handle which i have did though i didn’t succeed , i could never border you with something like this because i know you have already you have .

I cant go back to the States for a grant or loan because am stilling on a loan from my past divorced with my ex wife although am working hard to get off it before the end of the year God willing.

Please i want to send in for a token of $500 from the little you have , to help me still seek for the remaining $2000 am looking for to pay for the VAT and INSURANCE in other to get the this loan and finish the work before the date and get my paycheck out.

No amount is little for me now at this moment because i have done my best asking my friends, colleagues and family and they have done their best already in sending me up to $30,000 out of the $58,000 the maintenance is costing me.

I guess the only one remaining now is you my love and i so must rely you are not going to disappoint me this time am in a tough and difficult situation i have found myself.

Let me know as soon as possible, how much you can assist me with before Friday , so i can send you the details of how you can send any amount you can to Cambodia.

Please for the sake of our love and everything we have come so far and thre bright future we have together help me (name removed) to safe my job and be happy.

Thank you very much.

I love you and miss you so much baby.



Message N 2:

From: fox charles
Date: XX August 2017

I don’t really know what to say to you but am ashamed you can’t write to me again or call me because I ask you to help me out with some few token to clear off the VAT and get a loan to finish my work , get my paycheck and head straight to your country for you..

I don’t really know what to tell you but you can’t abandon the man you love just like this in his time of difficulty..

Tell me how much you can be able to help me with , so I can know how best to search to complete it and get the work done on time before the date.

Thank you and very a great night , knowing that Charles loves you so much in he is life and world.

You haven’t failed me or are you a bad woman for me..

I still love you no matter what happens, my heart is for and with you always baby.

But please any amount you can be able to get for me will go a long way to help me with the work I plead with you for the sake of our love.

Everything happens for a reason and I guess what is happening now really what to come between us and the love we share and have for each other.

Please try and get £200-300 for me before Monday morning, so I can be searching on my way to see how I can get funds from friends to complete it.

So tell me what happens to me here baby ?

So that is how you want to abandon me i the middle of my difficulty ?

You can’t tell me you’re unable to raise any money for me but i guess you don’t really want and love me the way I thought and was thinking and wanted to start a family again with you.

I won’t force you to help me with any amount you have , it will only make me stronger and know the type of woman you’re.


Scammer Profile with stolen photos of Grant Cardone:




Age: 52
Location: Brookyln, United states
My attitudes:
At parties: I don’t like parties
My first date with you: candlelight dinner at home
Things that turn me on: bubble baths with candles and red wine
Marital status divorced
Children No
Smoking No
Drinking never
Searching for Flirt
Spoken languages –
About me:
I’m really looking for Someone Honest, Caring, Romantic, Kind, possesses Great Sense of Humor, Loyal, gentle, cheerful, Has the fear of God in hear life, LOVES KIDS, responsible,someone that still believes in true love, Affectionate, Passionate, Understanding, Intelligent, Respectful and Trust Worthy.

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