Romance Scam/Loan Scam: Mauro Ricardo Carlos (Kenya)

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Romance Scam

Loan Scam

Mauro Ricardo Carlos (Calors)


Mentioned phone number:  +19032513644

Mauro R




Age: 54
Gender: Male
Location: Houston, TX INBOX:


Mauro R:

am mauro from Texas

i have a 2 daughters 11 and 14yrs old

Anyway am here looking for an honest and understanding woman for life time 

Good, i think we can start life and build this relationshop together. 


How can you asking this i have never met you?

Mauro R:

Am very sorry for that my dear, Am the only child of my late parents and my daughters is all i have as a family member.

Here is my Phone number can you add me on whatsapp +19032513644


Have you an e-mail address for communication via mails first?

Mauro R:

No dear i have no email adress


Whatsapp chat (+19032513644):


Mauro Ricardo Calors:

HI dear                        

Nice to have you here

You look so beautiful with your charming smile do you always wear such lovely smile

Am at the office now okay when am done soon will have a lovely chat with you more better dear 

Please give me few minute let me take my bath now okay               

So what do you think about you and I getting along more better dear falling in love too                       

I know we all have our past dear I just want you and I to give it a chance again to be in love and make this work for us and be together some day dear i love you

I just want to be loved again and be happy come home share nice moment though you and the kids                        

Be there for each other as well                       

Trust each other no lies no cheat

 i cant wait to get back home from work and tell them about you honey

The miracle of love
shines bright in my life every day.
I’ve only to think about you,
and I escape to endless sunny days,
happily adrift in the paradise we’ve made.
When I’m with you,
nothing but the beauty
of true love sings in my heart.
I’ve offered you the pen,
and you’ve drawn the chart
to a happiness I never knew existed.
This miracle is something I’m
unable to understand,
and could never begin to explain.
I only know that it makes
me happy to be with you,
a feeling that I promise will never fade,
never wane.
When you hold my hand,
I’m complete at last,
finally able to evade,
the loneliness that haunted
me in the past.
There’s something special about you
that sets you apart.
Your smile sends a little piece
of heaven to my heart.
And I want you to know that
you need never fear;
for you, I’ll always be here
year after year.
Every day I pray,
that you’re in my life to stay.
Together, we’ll share
this miracle of love,
and count ourselves among the lucky ones
blessed by angels above.

Okay sweetie get some sleep

Good night sweet dreams dear kisses from my heart to you                       

Miss you now and love you

You’re my greatest passion;
I can’t stop thinking about you.
Every sunset,
and every song
reminds me of you
You’re forever in my heart
like an eternal flame.
I’m a starved soul,
always hungry for the precious love
that only you can give me.
There’s never a time
when I don’t want to be with you.
You make me come alive.
Life would be meaningless without you
and I’d be lost to sorrow
and heartache.
Say you’ll wrap me in your loving arms,
and prove that you love me
as much as I love you.
We’ll share a night of sensual passion
that could inspire poetry.
Afterward, I just want to
hold you in my arms
and savor being with you.

honey I got home now few minute ago my love hope you had dinner and shower with little princess honey good night my love sweet dreams kiss from my heart to you love you

honey can’t sleep                       

Thinking about you                                                     

Have to get back to sleep now honey love you 


hi honey how has been your day my love what have you been doing missing you thinking about you am still at the seminal (*:-? thinking) soon be done honey


what is the seminal*8-> day dreaming*:-/ confused

Mauro Ricardo Calors:

honey is to educate young business owner and engineers honey (*8-} silly*:D big grin)

hi honey am done with my seminal (*=D> applause *:D big grin) driven back home now how has been your day


Can I see you on cam and give me your email address

Mauro Ricardo Calors:

am not there with you but Soon my love okay am going home now so I can take the kids out for the weekend my love when am done will call you okay                       

Love you always honey my cam is broke honey i have no email adres

Honey i travel Friday to nairobo for my contract from 3 weeks

When i finist my contract i come to you my princes


honey am in nairobo now am very tired i go take my bath and go sleeping honey

I love you honey kisses from my heart


Missing you honey                       

Honey I need to speak to you                       

Am depress honey                       

I just came back from the office of the tax here honey  

I was given a notification note honey                       

Yeah I was honey am so tired now                        

I was told that I own them money for tax and I need to pay them                       

And have use the money I came here with for my materials                       

I don’t have much money left me with me honey  

I was told to pay 8000 euro honey

And I have left with me just 5000 euro 

Yeah have been pleading with them honey                       

Yeah I cash the money for my project honey                       

And I most finish the work before I will get paid from my client 

Have called my bank in the state now and the said it will take 2weeks to reissue me a new card for me to access my account here                       

I don’t know what to do honey                       

I just need 3000 Euro to complete the money with me and pay them for the tax honey                       

I did I call my only friend he said he is not around he has travel for his new contract that he don’t have money left with him 

And I was give just few days to pay the money if not my project will be stopped honey                        

Am just so weak and unhappy now don’t know what to do honey

Honey please I know I don’t have to trouble you with my problems here but please you are part of my life now I promise to pay you back when I gets home to you soon honey                       

That’s why i called my bank now and they said I should give them 2weeks to reissue a new card and send to me

Honey you can try and see how much you can get to lend me when am home with you soon will pay you back okay please 


 I’ll try nothing..  I’m not going to send the money to a person who I’ve never met in real life, who refused to open his camera for me and who even refused to give me his e-mail address.. I hope you understand me..?

Mauro Ricardo Calors: 

Okay honey please try your bank I will pay back with interest honey okay


I’ve said NO!*L-) loser

Mauro Ricardo Calors: 

God bless you for me honey I love you with all my heart                       

Honey how long it will take you to do all that honey


Halloo!!! WAKE UP!*:O) clown I’ve said NO! NO! NO!

 Mauro Ricardo Calors: 

Honey please honey the money is not much is just 3000 Euro I pray they give you the loan honey please do all you can I don’t want to lose my project because of the tax fees I need you so much now honey please                       

Am going to pay back with any interest on it okay

I will send you my names and details for you to send it honey okay  

Mauro Ricardo Calors: Nairobi County, Kenia *(!



*(!) If you have the MTCN number a scammer can collect your money from anywhere in the world using any name (the country and name doesn’t matter)


Mauro Ricardo Calors

I told the kids that I will be coming home with you they where so happy honey just can’t wait to be home with you soon missing you Honey after we have pay this tax people will finish work and be home with you soon okay

the tax office we stop my working project in few days that’s why you need to get the loan on time honey please 

Honey is my bank details honey                       

You can access it but I can’t do any transfer because it was not activated for that                       

Only use check book to get money and my card    

And the card did not work for me here                       

It won’t work honey                       

The online transfer is not activated honey

Can you please send me 300 euro first to pay for my hotel bills before I figure a way out to pay the tax

It seems you don’t want to help me out

Am the one angry now                       

How can you say you can’t find away to help me    

Am strand here no one to help out    




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