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Romance Scam
Loan Scam

Peter Bale (Balekovic)
(South Africa)

Phone numbers: +27622030738

Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination South Africa
Original network provider* CELL C


Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination South Africa
Original network provider* MTN

Peter B 

Photo of Brazilian businessman Edgar Aloise Cortez


Member Since: February 24, 2014
Gender: Male
Location: Admire, KS
Age: 53
Relationship Status: Divorced
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight INBOX:

Peter B:

Hi and how are you? you have a very nice picture on tagged, am new here on this site and I like to meet you and get together as friends . I hope this okay,please do reply

I am doing just too great and thanks for your response, may I please know more about you?

I registered in 2014 but never came online since until now that I am chatting with you that was why I said I am new

Thanks for your understanding, I am a single dad with one son, he is 15 years old and I got divorced 5 years ago, I am looking for a serious relationship

My son doesn’t live with me because presently I am in south Africa working because I am an engineer and I got a contract here in south Africa to build a standard mall, so my son is still in the USA schooling my dear

ok i understand for how long stay you there

My contract is for 6 months my dear, so tell me are you ready to start a serious relationship with me

I promise not to break your heart my dear because mine was broken 5 years ago so I know how painful it is for someone you love and trust to break your heart, I promise it won’t happen because I love you from my heart and I am a man of my words

My dear now that we have found each other, my plan will be to come to you so we can both spend time together, how about that?

You got a very sweet romantic voice that can move the highest mountain into the sea here is my email because am not always here  so I will be expecting your email  here is my phone number +27622030738  you can always give me a call

Messages on a mailbox:

Message N 1:

From: Peter Bale 
Date: XX Jan 2017

Thanks so much for the email, I am my fathers only child and I took after him because he was also an engineer. Can you please send me more of your pictures my love

Message N 2:

From: Peter Bale 
Date: XX Jan 2017

You are so pretty my love and thank God you are mine and I must say you are the most beautiful lady on earth. My love please I have little challenges here in south Africa and I would like you to assist me please, someone tampered with my credit card and I have notify my bank so they put hold to my credit card and I need money to sort out some things urgently here in south Africa, can you please lend me euro 1,000 to sort it out urgently, I will pay you as soon as my bank sort out the problem with my credit card. Please my love it is very urgent.when you really love me help me my love


Profiles of the same scammer:

Peter Bale

Photo of Brazilian businessman Edgar Aloise Cortez



Studied at University of Oxford

Peter Balekovic



Location: South Africa

Peter Bale



Birthday: February 2, 1967
Current city: Bloemfontein
Relationship status: Married
Languages: English
Contact information
Mobile: +27735614062
Company: Peter Bale Loan Firm
Bloemfontein, 2006–2014

Peter Bale:

Мы предлагаем финансовую помощь любому и в любой регион. мы предлагаем кредит под 5% процентной ставки только без залога. так что если вам нужен кредит свяжитесь с нами по

Translation from Russian:

We offer financial assistance to anyone and to any region. We offer a loan at 5% interest rate only, without collateral. So if you need a loan please contact us by


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