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Advance Fee Fraud


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Advance Fee Fraud
Money Laundering
with the names of
Chouma Leng
Chheang Khay
Yoeun Chanthorn


Website: FAKE!
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Phone numbers: +855-982-39568

Number billable as         mobile number
Country or destination     Cambodia    
Original network provider* Applifone Co Ltd (StarCell)


Number billable as         mobile number
Country or destination     Cambodia
Original network provider* Latelz Co Ltd (Smart)



ISP:          Ghana Telecom
Organization: Vodafone Ghana
Type:         Wireless Broadband
Assignment:   Static IP       
Continent:    Africa
Country:      Ghana
State/Region: Greater Accra Region
City:         Accra
Proxy         No
Browser       Chrome 64.0
System        Windows NT
Mobile        No
Language      English (United States)


ISP:          BusyInternet Ghana
Organization: Busyinternet
Type:         Broadband
Assignment:   Static IP
Continent:    Africa
Country:      Ghana
State/Region: Greater Accra Region
City:         Accra
Proxy         No
Browser       Chrome 64.0
System        Windows NT
Mobile        No
Language      English (United States)



WU/MG Money Transfer:

Receiver: UCH SAROS

Amount: 2,800.00 USD


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: Mrs.Chouma Leng
Date:  XX Jan 2019 
Subject: Business proposal to you

Attn: Honorable,

I do hope this letter will not come to you as a surprise, it I am indeed glad to be in contact with you even though this medium of communication (internet) has been grossly abused by criminal minded people making it difficult for people with genuine transaction to correspond and exchange views without skepticism.

My name is Mrs.Chouma Leng, I am 49 years old married with 2 children I work as an administrative secretary to SECURITY DEPOSIT & VAULT SERVICES here in Cambodia and I got the information concerning you from the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce and Industry after due consultation with my spiritual adviser, I decided to contact you believing that by the Grace of God, you will accept to be my partner in this business.

I joined the services of this Company in 2004 as an administrative secretary; I have been working with this Company for many years now. Within this period, I have watched with meticulous PRACTICE ON how African Heads of States and Government functionaries have been using SECURITY DEPOSIT & VAULT SERVICES to move huge sums of money USD, Pounds Sterling, French Francs- (Cash ) to their foreign partners. They bring in this consignments of money cash and secretly declare the contents as jewelleries, gold , diamond, precious stones, family treasure, African Arts work/Antiquities documents etc.

General Sanni Abacha of Nigeria (Dead) Mobutu Sese-Seko of Zaire(Dead) Foday Sankoy of Sierra Leone. Babangida of Nigeria, MUAMMAR GADDAFI of Libya (Dead) etc. All these people have hundreds of consignments deposited with SECURITY DEPOSIT & VAULT SERVICES.

Their foreign partners , friends and relatives, are claiming most of these consignment. A lot of them are lying here unclaimed for as much as fifteen years now Nobody may ever come for them because in most cases, the documents of deposits are never available to anybody except the depositors most of them dead.

Sometime last year (2017) SECURITY DEPOSIT & VAULT SERVICES changed the procedure of claims of consignments, it will be released to you upon demand, from our records, more than 120 consignments belonging to General Abacha/ Mobutu Sese-Seko, has been claimed in past six months. This is why I am, soliciting for your cooperation and assistance. Cornel MUAMMAR GADDAFI has 85 consignments deposited with several names and codes. 35 have been claimed in the past 6 months.

Since he died, his first son died also, the second son is facing trial for murder and embezzlement and the family members are under restricted arrest without communication. I have finalized every arrangement for you to come and claim consignment No.1200 containing US25M and consignment No.1201 containing USD32M.

My duty is to supply you with all information and documents so that you can submit the claim to our office. The procedure is simple you will apply officially to the director of operations of SECURITY DEPOSIT & VAULT SERVICES for the release of consignment No 1200 and 1201. They will demand some documents and secret codes which I will send to you before time and I will supply you with every detailed information that you will send to them.

As soon as they confirm it to be correct, they will invite you for the collection If you do not want to come to Cambodia, you can arrange with them to transfer the consignment to anywhere on agreement. Nobody will ever know I am involved in the deal except the Lawyer who will write the agreement for us. I?(tm)II suggest upon conclusion we share 50-50.

At the successful conclusion of this deal , you will arrange for me and my family to come over to your country I assure you that the business have been hatched for years now, it is very secure and 100% risk free For further explanations and directives on the procedures reach me immediately as you can .

God bless you.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs.Chouma Leng


Message N 2:

From: Mrs.Chouma Leng
Date: XX Jan 2019
Subject: More Details

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for your email and interest to work with me.

I am very happy to work with you on this project, as I explained before that I don’t want anyone to know that I am involve in this transaction, so my duty is to give you some information and give you the deposit certificate so that you will forward it to our office claiming that you are the next of kin to consignment No.1200 containing US25M and consignment No.1201 containing USD32M.

Please listen so that you can understand the claim procedure, first I will give you all the information’s that you may need and also give you contact information  of our office so that you can forward the deposit certificate and apply for the release of the consignment as the next of kin, I hope you understand?.

As soon as you contact them they will verify your details through my office, don’t worry I will approve all your data, as soon as data is confirm the company will calculate their demurrage charges which we must  pay first before we can have access to any of the boxes, I cannot do anything direct but I have a lawyer who will handle all the claim on your behalf to secure all the necessary documents.

As soon as the verification are completed our company will invite you to come to Cambodia for the claim, if you cannot come you can open an Online account with a local bank here in Cambodia and order the security company to lodged the money into your online account, from the online account you will be transferring the funds bit by bit to any of your account worldwide for our sharing.

I can assure you that the contents is spendable $ USD in $100 domination, if you really want to work with me you must also be ready to support me financially; I believe that two is better than one because my salary is as small as $400 monthly because here is a third world country with no Job.

What I mean is that I cannot handle all the expenses alone so if you really believe me and want to work with me then you have to be ready to share the expenses with me, if you are ready for this Job let me know so that I can calculate the charges to know how much so that we know the exact amount to be spend before we start anything

I shall wait to hear from you so that I can forward the deposit certificate and our head office contact so that you can contact them and file the claim, I hope you understand?.

I am waiting to hear from you,


Mrs.Chouma Leng


Message N 3:

From: Mrs.Chouma Leng
Date: XX Jan 2019 
Subject: Dear (name removed),

Dear (name removed),

Thank you very much for your email.

As I said before that there is charges that we need to pay to the security company and I just finish calculating the charges to be paid to the security company and it is amounting to the sum of $2,300 USD and we also need another $500 to open the online account here so all the amount needed to start and finish this transaction will be the sum of $2,800.00 USD.

As I said before I am committed to play my part financially to support part of the payment for this transaction, now the ball is in your court, if you are ready I am also ready and note that we can only achieve this goal through a lawyer which we agreed that I will pay him for his service charges after the transaction is completed so he is handling all the papers works from his personal money because I cannot afford to pay him now.

Let me know your opinion so that I can draft a letter to you and also give you the contact details of our company to contact them for the claim.

I am waiting to hear from you,
Mrs.Chouma Leng


Message N 4:

From: Mrs.Chouma Leng
Date: XX Jan 2019 
Subject: Find the attached files and follow-up

Dear (name removed),

Sorry for delay respond is because I was busy with some family issues.

Please find the attached my ID card and the deposit certificate of the deposit as you requested and also below is the name and information to send the fee.

You can send by western union or money gram to the name below, this name is the worker of our Lawyer and she is the financial controller of the law chamber.

Receivers Name: UCH SAROS

Our Lawyer will start all the paper work today so please you need to contact the security company to establish contact for the claim without delay.

Below you will find a draft email in bold and also here is the contact details of the security company.

Website: *(!)
Tel/ Whatsapp +855-982-39568
Contact Person: Mr. Chheang Khay

Just copy the email ID and send the below email. Send to


Attention: Chheang Khay
Director of foreign operation,
No. 18D Northbridge (St) 12102
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Dear Sir,

My name is (name removed)  I am the beneficiary of the consignments no: 1200 and 1201 deposited by my partner Muammar Gaddafi(*:-? thinking*:-O surprise) of Libya.

Muammar Gaddafiis my business partner and before he died he gave me the secret code of the deposit (*:-? thinking*:D big grin) which he deposited with this company and I can provide the code to you to prove my claim.

I will want to know the procedure on how I can collect the deposit legally as the beneficiary, I cannot come to Cambodia now because of my health condition but I have my lawyer in Cambodia who will be representing me there.

Your swift response will be appreciated.

Thank You.
I am waiting to hear from you.






Message N 5:


From: Security Deposit And Vault Services Ltd
Date: XX Jan 2019 
Subject: Attn: (name removed)




No. 18D Northbridge (St) 12102
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Attn: (name removed)

Dear Sir,

This is to acknowledge your email to this office.
Sir since you have your lawyer here in Cambodia please kindly send your lawyer to visit us so that we can have a face to face discussion with him to tell him what is required to release the deposit to you.
Note that your Lawyer must have the secret code of the deposit so since you have the code give it to your lawyer because he must mention the code to prove that you are the appointed beneficiary.

Thank You.
Yours in Service
Yoeun Chanthorn,

No. 18D Northbridge (St) 12102
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel/ Whatsapp +855-982-39568

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email and any attachments are for the exclusive and confidential use of the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, please do not read, distribute or take action in reliance upon this message. Please notify us immediately by return email and promptly delete this message and its attachments from your computer system. We do not waive attorney-client or work product privilege by the transmission of this message


Message N 6:

From: Mrs.Chouma Leng
Date: XX Jan 2019 
Subject: Re: Hello

Dear (name removed),

I told you that UCH SAROS is a worker working with our lawyer and she is the financial controller of the law firm that is handling and representing you with the claim with our company, I hope you understand?.

Please find the attached copy of UCH SAROS passport for your record and I also need your ID CARD for my own record. This request is very important to me.

I am waiting to hear from you.




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*(!) Website: is FAKE! Read DMCA (Copyright) Complaint to Google from owner of the real New Zealand website about spoofing it and use by scammers here:
DescriptionOur entire website has been copied and made available on another domain without permission. The only changes made to the website is the contact details. The website text, images and logos are being used without permission. Authorised website: Infringing website:
Allegedly Infringing URLs: (FAKE Website used by scammer)


Website: FAKE!



Title: Safe Deposit Box Phnom Penh, Safety Deposit Box Phnom Penh, Gold Storage
Description: …for the things you can’t afford to lose Are you looking for a Safe Deposit Bo
Domain Age: 2 Years, 39 Days
Owner Country : Hidden [Unknown]
Website Location : United States [United States]
Registrant Name: Registration Private
Registrant Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Registrant Street:
Registrant Street: 14455 N. Hayden Road
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Registry Admin ID: Not Available From Registry


1. HOME:


Security Deposits Vault

…for the things you can’t afford to lose

Are you looking for a Safe Deposit Box Vault in Phnom Penh? Do you need a secure place to store your documents, gold bullion or digital files? Security Deposits Vault is a purpose-built safe deposit box facility established in 1984 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

We are located inside a solid concrete building. The owner of Security Deposit Vault in Parnell Phnom Penh also owns the building.

Can you risk a robbery or fire?

Don’t be a target for burglars. Our purpose built concrete vault is New Zealand’s premier Safe Deposit Box facility offering absolute protection for all your valuables.

At your service 7 days a week

The Safe Deposit Box facility is centrally located in Parnell and open seven days a week.

Safe as a Swiss Bank

Our vault exceeds the US 5R National Insurance rating for bank vaults. Electronic surveillance and security cameras protect our premises and vault-24 hours a day.

Private and confidential

Each Phnom Penh Safe Deposit Box has a dual locking system, and cannot be opened without your personal key. The contents of your box are completely private once the door is open by the use of an inner Bond Tin. Private viewing rooms allow you to remove or replace items in your Bond Tin with complete confidentiality.

What’s the Price of Security?

We have six Safe Deposit Box sizes from $ 199.50 per year, large Security Lockers and a safe Custody Facility. Please telephone or visit to see how little it costs for safe and secure storage.

Security Deposits is in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Hours of Operation
7 days a week
Security Deposits Vault Operational Hours
Mon – Sat 9.00am – 5.15pm Sun 10.00am 3.45pm

Copyright 2015 Security Deposits Company. All rights reserved.
Security Deposits Vault
Call +85569345047
Established since 1984
No. 18D Northbridge (St) 12102
Phnom Penh, Cambodia





Our Vault

SDV’s Premier Safe Deposit Box Facility

Security Deposits Vault for the things you can’t afford to lose

Layer after layer of protection to keep your valuables safe
Enjoy the security of our safety deposit box
Parnell Phnom Penh facility.

Dual-key locked boxes

A dual-key locking system ensures your safety deposit box can only be opened by you and one of our security guards inserting both keys simultaneously.

Purpose-built bank vault

A combination locked, hardened steel door weighing six tonnes protects the entrance to the vault. The vault itself lies below ground and is purpose-built of  steel-reinforced concrete.

Finger print and Photo ID

Your unique finger print and Photo ID are required to gain entry to the vault.

24/7 camera surveillance

Surveillance cameras digitally record all activity in the reception foyer, vault lobby, and the vault itself, 24/7.

24/7 remote monitoring

As a further level of security, the facility is also monitored 24/7 from an external location via digital cameras.

Undisclosed extra security layers

Security Deposit Vault  employs several extra layers of state-of-the-art security measures but these must remain confidential even from our customers to ensure the complete security of the facility.

Secure underground car parks

Underground car parks monitored by security cameras provide access to the vault foyer for safe deposit box holders.

Virtually unlimited terms

The choice is yours. Rent a box for a single month or for many years on perpetually renewable terms for a virtually unlimited period of time.?

Priced to fit your budget

The cost will vary depending on the size of box and the length of time you choose.

How should I use a safe deposit box?

It is easy to decide what items to keep in a Safe Deposit Box, just ask yourself what the significance would be if some of your important papers and possessions were lost, stolen or destroyed.

The simplest way to decide which items should be safeguarded in our Phnom Penh Safe Deposit Box facility is to use this listing below to record them and then evaluate each item accordingly…

Items You Can Store

Birth and Marriage Certificates
External computer Hard Drives
Computer backup disks
Contracts and Titles
Irreplaceable Mementoes
Pin Numbers & Passwords
Insurance Policies
Photographs and Negatives
Rare Coins and Stamps
Household Inventory Listings
Bank Account & Credit Cards Numbers
Passports and Visas
Leases and Mortgages
Family Heirlooms
Other Collectibles
Income Tax and other records
Spare Keys & Lock Combinations   




Safe Deposit Box Sizes

We have a range of safe deposit box sizes available for virtually any length of time

Whatever your needs, we have the safe deposit box of the size, duration, and price to suit you.

You can store whatever you want in your box, apart from anything explosive, dangerous, offensive, inflammable, corrosive, perishable, or illegal.

A Box    65mm x 125mm x  535mm        E Box   250mm x 255mm x 535mm

B Box   125mm x 125mm x 535mm        F Box   380mm x 255mm x 535mm

C Box    70mm x 255mm x  535mm        G Box   560mm x 410mm x 610mm

D Box   125mm x 255mm x 535mm





Strong, safe, trusted, proven – we offer the most comprehensive service available

When you need a safe deposit box in Phnom Penh, the Security Deposit Vault is the right option to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Security Deposits Vault Parnell Phnom Penh is a purpose-built “safe as a Swiss Bank” safe deposit box facility housed within a steel reinforced solid concrete building. The business owner also owns the building.

The Security Deposits Vault was established in 1984 and forms part of the Space Station Storage business which also operates out of the same building.

The vault is practically indestructible with a steel-reinforced concrete structure set inside the existing steel-reinforced concrete building and will never be demolished.

We provide 3000+ individually numbered safe deposit boxes protected by a six tonne steel vault door and a sophisticated, multi-stage security system. The vault is open 7 days per week – security personnel are always onsite during opening hours.

We offer a premium service including 2 x onsite car parking that ensures complete privacy and security. You can rent a safe deposit box for virtually any period of time with complete peace of mind.

Security Deposits Vault is a division of Space Station Storage

Visit the website of Space Station Storage to find out more about our Phnom Penh Storage facility.

Security Deposits works closely with Private Box to provide long term document storage for their customers. Private Box is a mail forwarding company that leases premises from Security Deposits Vault.





Security Deposits Vault
Address: No. 18D Northbridge (St) 12102
Phnom Penh, Cambodia **(!)
Phone: +85569345047
For convenience and security we offer our clients drive-in, off-street parking inside the Vault building
Make an appointment to view our vault



**(!) The Address: No. 18D, Northbridge (St.), 12102 Phnom Penh Phnom Penh, 12102, Cambodia is an address of Company “Khmer Hunter Construction & Real Estate Service (Cambodia)


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