We welcome comments but it has become a bit disorganised in time and hard to follow. They have been scattered around all over the place.

Here is a page where you can add your comments all in one place and not have to click and click everywhere or struggle down long lists.

This is where you can expose more scammers.  Your own words are acceptable but we will improve them if it is needed.



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3 Comments on "COMMENTS PAGE"

  1. My Facebook account has been hacked by the man whose picture appeared here in your article or someone using the picture of the man with red polo and eyeglasses. I can’t sign into my account and my photo was replaced by the man’s photo but still with my name. If I tried to log into my account they will say it’s an old password I should put in the new one meanwhile, I did not change my password.

    How can I retrieve my account, please?

    • You had an insecure password or gave it to someone else in a phishing attack. You probably went to a fake Facebook login address and did not check the URL was the right one. I can’t tell you about website security and how to deal with that aspect. Facebook has a way to solve that but that is out of our experience, and you need to see their advice pages.

  2. This is a most interesting site–thanks for what you do. Two scammers found me on Twitter. For the heck of it I decided to reply. I had texts with both men(?) on Twitter, and not long after they asked me to go on Google Chat. I did, and the love declarations followed. One is a “doctor in Yemen” and the other “Army or Marine in Syria”–all vague in commentary to me. Both had dead wives and dead parents BUT a living child. I’ve found it fascinating to read all the information you gather. Anyway, I got tired of it last week and blocked both on Twitter and Google Chat. It was fascinating to read about the guy in “Syria” who used the name James Light. The photos were of James A Stuart abd several others.. Man, those photos really got around over the years!

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