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Here is a page where you can add your comments all in one place and not have to click and click everywhere or struggle down long lists.

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10 Comments on "COMMENTS PAGE"

  1. SCOTT ALEX WILSON continues his scammer activities but under a different name: Taylor Alex James – be careful!

  2. Dear Beloved in Christ,

    Grace and peace to you in Jesus name. Our church mission is soul
    winning ‚”He that winneth souls is wise‚” ‚– If it were not for soul
    winners, the other four ministries (Eph. 4:11-16) couldn‚’t do their
    job. It takes a complete working of the body, controlled by the head,
    to bring sons to glory. One plows the ground, another plants the
    seed,another digs around it and water it, while yet another cuts the
    weeds down and digs out their roots ‚– but only God can do the
    increasing of it. I thank God for his beautiful plan of salvation. We
    have ministered the gospel to Souls in the Villages, Schools,
    Hospitals and in different other places and I am so glad informing you
    that so many souls have been won and Souls who are worshipping Idols
    have surrendered their lives to Christ and together We can reach more
    Souls in villages here. Please, We are in need of 23 Giant Print
    Bibles for old Men and Women. And Please help us with 2 Study Bibles
    as well. We
    are praying believing God that as you read you this Letter, you will
    help us purchase these Bibles and We will love the KJV Bibles. And
    Please pray for the Orphans in our Orphanage home. The safest means of
    sending bibles to us is via post office insured mail. Please help for
    this need and God will richly bless you.

    Yours in Christ, PASTOR DAVID he’s a scammer going around scamming people wanting their money so that he can buy Bibles.

  3. Please add this Email address used by scammer to the list you already have. I also have a WhatsApp # 1-216-616-xxxx She also used Victoria Matosa as an alias. Home address if real 10704 xxxx Ave Cleveland Ohio

  4. My friend has unfortunately been talking to this “Jeffrey Williams Wells” for a couple months now. They met on and he told her everything she wanted to hear. He made his life seem so dramatic and impressive; stated he was on deploument in syria and doing b0order patrol which apparently is a “very dangerous job”, lost both of his parents at the same during COVID, was borin in Spain and fluent in spanish, was almost a professional soccer player, etc. Sadly, on the other end of the phone is a single mom that has been struggling with depression and self esteem, so of course she overlooked all the red flags no matter how many times i talked to her about them. This POS scammer, told her he loved her on day two of talking and then followed it with asking her for money for the first time. He told her he had to pay his internet bill to be able to keep talking to her and had no access to both of his bank accounts while on deployment temporarily. I don’t know the total of money she has sent him and I really would rather not know. Made her promises of marrying her, letting her be a stay at home mom and all kinds of empty promises. This guy/guys/company NEEDS to be stopped, they are hurting so many vulnerable people, it is absolutely inexcusable and inhumane.

    WhatsApp #: 1-201-540-9732
    Bitcoin on Cash App: how he asked to receive money

  5. My contact use the name Steven Terry. He said he has been a general in Kabul and now in the USA embassy in Kopenhagen. He have me a new WhatsApp number today.
    Is it possible for you check it for me. I am leaving in Sweden

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