Congrats-your-busted-12: Romance Scam: Daniel John / Daniel Clayton / Simpson Clayton


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Fast and furious, and we are bit short of information  so  we get that down and also their pictures if we can.  We don’t want them to miss out on our treats.  We  are nice like that.  Hopefully  life is a little harder for them and it will help save you wasting money sending it to Nigeria/Ghana/Senegal/Côte d’Ivoire/Benin
You have to remember if it walks like a duck,  talks like a duck, and looks like a duck then there is a better than evens chance it IS a duck


419 Scam
Romance Scam

Daniel John
Daniel Clayton
Simpson Clayton

Mentioned phone numbers: 208 (215) 3825
                                           +1 (845) 422-4850

Daniel John





Tagline: I’m loving caring and most of all honest
Member Since: February 10, 2017
Gender: Male
Location: Long Beach, CA
Age: 54
Relationship Status: Widowed
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White, Middle Eastern, Native American
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight

About Me:

I really don’t have much to say, if you wish to know about me add me up so we can text to her e to know each other. Anyways I’m caring easy going I am looking for a serious relationship that will lead to some good and nice thing in the future I still stop here distance can’t be a barrer INBOX:

Daniel John:

  • Good morning dear how are you doing.??
  • Where do you live at.?
  • Can we be close friends.?
  • Oh i am originally from Germany hamburg but live here in CA long beach have you been to CA ever before.?
  • Are you married with kids or single.?
  • Another day to make hay, to come forward and say, an opportunity within it lays, so be no more late, get up and rise high with hopes above the sky. Wishing you a very Good Morning. Have a bright day ahead.
  • Wow as for me i am a single man with two grown up girls they both live in Hamburg Germany. how long have you been using tagged i am off to work, you can text me with my cellphone number 208 (215) 3825
  • Life can be whatever you want to make it. So let it now be a blessing and an achievement with every step you take. Good Morning and have a goody-goody day ahead. God bless you.
  • I am looking forward to your information dear..
  • What do you do for a livng.?
  • How long have you been using tagged.?
  • I am an Engr by profession..
  • I work with oil rig platform
  • So tell me are you ready to give your heart to the right man .?
  • I’m an engineer here In California I work with the oil rigs company here
  • God Has Added One More Day In Your Life Not Necessarily Because You Need It But Because Someone Else Might Need You. Good Morning!!
  • IThe night is gone with a change Making way for a wonderful morning The night is gone and now its Morning time oh my dear A time when you can do so much A time to spread all the cheer It’s a lovely morning time Wishing you good morning!
  • You are fresher than the garden blooms at first light.You are sweeter than honeysuckle at night.I am happy that you’re here.Good morning, my dear,nice to meet you add me up on hangout with this email or whatsapp me on +18454224850…..God bless you.
  • Kkk no I’m not out USA
  • I will text u later I’m off to work dear



The Informant was contacted a few months ago by the same scammer with the different Profile and photos:

Simpson Clayton

Photo of Turkish journalist Ibrahim Erdem Karabulut



Lives in Elmira, New York
From New York, New York


Message on a mail box:

Sent: September XX, 2016
Subject: my pics



YM Avatar (with


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