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Mark Huffman
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Message on a mail box:

From: Huffman Mark <markh2952@gmail.com>
Date: Mar XX, 2020
Subject: ABOUT ME 

My beloved i am telling you this my life history from the bottom of my heart because i have find you as my beloved dream woman to be i am open minded and i feel from my heart to tell you all about what i have pass through in life

I have told you a little about me but here are the major points i will like you to know about me.I was born in Stanford in September 1960. My dad is a native Americans popularly known as the Red Indians. His name is Huffman named after his great grand fathers.He has two brothers and one sister.My Dad is the eldest of the family.They all live in Texas as because they are doing the family bushiness.They are the major share holder of an Oil Company named as Texaco Oil Company. Morgan Family is a prominent and influential character in Texas,well and popularly known. My Grand father is a strong character,very stubborn and very demanding.But my Grand mom is very simple and unique in her own way from the way my dad talked about them.
My Mom is from Holland,Amsterdam in Europe.She came to study in Rice university Texas where she met my dad.The family did not accept mom because of so many reasons which two of the reasons is that mom wants to marry dad because she wanted to have her papers and also because of dad’s family personality in the society.My uncles said mom is a gold digger.That has always been the problem.Mom pass through hell in the hands of my uncles.Could you believe that my uncles had to hit her one day chasing her out of the house until dad came home.Mom was pregnant and is passing through all this until she lost the third child to miscarriage.Dad was not financially buoyant because he was was still in school and his father couldn’t help out as he was in support of my uncles.
Until i was born Dad and mom is going through a mess and he has to find a part job to help with his responsibilities but his father went and terminate his job and said its dent to his name and the family.
When i was born i had to stay 3yrs and the problems continues and mom couldn’t bear it any more and had to take me and sister with her to his own parents to have a peace of mind though they were very poor.My mom’s is dead and his mother is working in a tensile company in Amsterdam,Thanks to her for all she did to help mom raise me.i grew up in Europe and studied and finish everything before Mom decide to move to Canada when i was 14years.Growing up in Canada is a very tedious and hard life.I had to move from here to there just to help mom because mom started teaching in the pre.nursery school in Canada and i had to work also to help out in the family.I started working at the age of 15yrs.I have not been talking to my uncles and they didn’t care about us since my dad died.So i have taken care of my mom and my blind sister.They are both my responsibilities.my dad had an accident and was lying in the hospital critically bad before he died.At the same time mom was so sick until she gave up on life. Life is hard but am happy today.It wasn’t easy for everyone in the family.Going from here to here just to make ends meet.Thank God for mom even until dad’s death she is always there for me to talk to me and encourage me even when i will think that the world turns their back on me. A neighbouring woman who also a teacher like mom took care of me as her child because she had no children. she help me to the University and I finally made it back after my university as an Mechanical Engineer and started going for more programs to improve my resume in the information technology(IT),measurement of pipelines and offshore chattered course programmed to have my license.The day i got my license was the happiest day of my life.I think i have to give you a little insight about my job we are into oil and gas production,pipeline engineering and Extracting of oil services..then i started working as a private contractor.All through the building of my career and life i wasn’t interested in friends,pleasure or women because i need to meet up the necessary things about my life.It was very tough and difficult for me to adapt after the death of my parents,so i decided to keep on my own. The first woman i met was Maria Russo,but there was no connection so it didn’t last that long and got separated before I met Margaret Whittney and we dated for two years,Things were perfectly right for both us and i really do loved her and trusted her with all my life. Everything was going on fine not knowing that she was having an affair with my best friend Graig.Whom i took as my brother and everything.I hate everything about friends.They always wants to take advantage of me but am always there for them.Whenever they need something i will got their ass saved but each time i need anything from them,it will be one excuse or the other.So my Dear,i don’t give a damn about friends,am all alone by my self.Two months before our wedding,they both couldn’t live with that inside their heart and had to walk to me and said that the wedding couldn’t hold.Then i started asking her questions and she told me i should carry on with my life..that i am a good man and blah blah blah…..They were leaving in the Brooklyn now though i heard they are having problems.
I felt like to give up life but thanks to my mom again on that part.That was the most difficult part of my life.Things got really messed up for me and i had to endure the emotional stress and also family stress but thank God i made it through. I met my late wife in Australia on my contract there then i married her and take her with me to Canada where we both live happily together and had 2 lovely kids not until cold hand of death took her away from me because she suffer for the cancer of the lungs. I really miss her so much because she is the best woman of my life and i love so much. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. whenever i think about her i cried all night long and this really affecting me that’s why i need a honest and sincere woman who will love and accept me.

Finally my dear,I know that it will be very hard on our relationship because of ……DISTANCE,AND LANGUAGE AS I DON’T SPEAK ANY LANGUAGE EXPECT ENGLISH AND DUTCH. I’ve been thinking of it a lot since last time. The more I think about it, the reason i want to know you more so that i will know where the relationship can lead us. I once told you that if you really love someone, then everything would work out just fine…that if our love will be strong we could make it through anything. I have realized that is what true love is all about.



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