Congrats-your-busted-28: 419 Scam/Romance Scam: MARK EVANS

Romance Scammer

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Location: Brooklyn, New York
Age: 42, Cancer
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Education: High School
Job: Military
Has Kids: Yes, not living with me INBOX:



HOW ARE YOU..and where you from?

you look very beautiful are you married ?

why i asked about your private life its because you such a beautiful woman
and since i came in contact with you i feel very happy
thats why i wanna know more about you
please can you tell me more about you
like things you love doing and things you hate …do you understand me


Google Hangout (

Mark Evans:

Good evening (name removed) ….please what do you wanna know about me

kindly ask me and i promise to answer you all

am Living in United States.but currently working with the US soldiers since 2010 in Iraq before I moved to Afghanistan
am a military doctor and i take care of the sick soldiers here in camp
We are sent by the US government for peace keeping
I am a gentle, sincere, honest, romantic,loving, caring and a God fearing man..because i 
put God first in anything i do in life.
I love cooking, reading, listen to good music, singing, dancing, watching sports and going to beach
I try to treat people the way I would want them to treat me; In all I pray a lot
i really need a woman whom i will trust and spend the rest of my life with
I want to love and be loved again
i have a son named andrew his 8 years old



this my son Andrew


what else do you wanna know about me

baby tell me where do you wanna talk with me

whatsapp or where please answer me

because i really wanna keep in touch with you

please be making out time to be texting me okay  

tell me how was your day

and please send me a picture of you

wanna see your beautiful face again

i will be sending you mail okay

can i call you from here ?

at least let me hear your voice ok



let me call you and sing a goodnight song to you (name removed)

so you can sleep like a baby

to show you how much i care for you



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