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Romance Scammer
Parcel Delivery Scammer


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Romance Scammer
Parcel Delivery Scammer



Email address:

Telephone Number: 1-628-229-0338

Number billable as geographic: number
Country or destination: United States
City or exchange location: Point Reyes, CA
Original network provider*: Neutral Tandem-california, Llc - Ca





Business Owner/Engineer at Self Employed / Independent Contractor
Former Project Manager, Senior at BCCI Construction Company
Former Civil Engineer at Strabag
Worked at Hochtief Construction
Former Project Engineer at Bouygues Construction
Former Civil Engineering Designer at Maccaferri Construction Company
Studied Contractor engineering at Università degli Studi di Milano
Age. 45

Information from Informant:

The scammer uses Facebook messenger.
He said he was born in Italy, but was moved to Africa for a few years as a child. He sounds like he has an accent from Africa.

The first week she knew him his daughter had a birthday so he asked her for 250.00 to pay for half of a PlayStation he was buying from from Amazon. She gave him a $50.00 Amazon card. He wanted her to take photos of the Amazon card and the receipt for the card.
The victim knows she has been scammed and he wants more.
He has told her that he loves her and wants her to be his wife. He alsl used a fake video in chat with her with him and his “daughter”.

Scammers will ”fall in love” fast, and soften the victim up by getting them to  send them a small amount to find out if they can be scammed, and in preparation for a large amount later.

He claimed he was working in California as a contractor but had to move to S Africa on a job and will not be getting paid until the end of the month.
Then of course along comes the amazing news after about 3 weeks of talking to the victim on Facebook Messenger.
He invested money into a gold company 10 years ago and the company wants to give him his hard own money investment in gold bars, but he was going to have the gold bars traded for $7,200,000 in cash.
He told her that the cash can only be derived to someone in the Unitied States and he told the company he wanted them to send it to the victim. He also needed her email address so the company could contact her. (You don’t need an email address to use Facebook messenger.)
She got an email saying from the fake shipping company that has the package and she would need to pay $1,150 to receive the package.
She told the scammer what they had said and he replied that he had not been paid from his job, asking her to pay it.
The scammer told her he would contact them, as she had no money until the beginning of the month.
The next day she got an email from the company asking for $500.00 and she has 2 weeks to pay the shipping company. The next day he begged her to use her Supplemental Security Income (SSI) money to pay.

That is her disabilty money from the government. This is how low and despicable scammers are.

She refused and he was seemingly upset for a day, then he called her saying…..
baby, I have good that I gaved money from a retainment plan and I can wire you the money.”
She refused to give the scammer her bank details because she did not know him. He follows that with an attempt at emotional blackmail saying she never loved him and he could no longer be with her.

Message No 1:

Re: package details

Hello Customer
When the money get paid, the box will be delivered to you at your door step in 24hours.
Thank You.

Message No 2:


No the estmated time is 2 weeks.. we don’t keep packages too long in our store but you can make an upfront payment of $500 and then the box can be secured until you make the complete payment,


Why should you think you are getting a huge amount of money in a parcel from a complete stranger on the internet, and be expected to pay in advance for it?  It is a scam.




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