Romance Scam/Advance Fee Fraud: JOHN HENRY/CESS CESS (Nigeria)

Romance Scammer:


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Romance Scam
Army Leave Scammer
Advance Fee Fraud

Cess Cess
John Henry

Phone number: 0265282393

Cess Cess


Photo of Barry Du Bois (is an Australian designer, building expert and TV personality on Network Ten)


Parts of Web App chats:

Cess Cess:

Okay it will be very easy for you to do if you have a Stirling Pounds account in UK to help receive the funds

I mean my retirement pension
You know my contract is getting soon and i have been requested to submit a foriegn account that they can make the payment before I leave from here on 28th this month

The foriegn account must must be Emerge with the United Nations Escrow account
I really need your assistance on this honey
U gonna help write Email to the Bank in Regards of Mr John Henry your husband as a social beneficiary to his retirement funds,,that you required that ur husband funds should be remitted to foriegn Stirling Bank Account in UK
And ask the bank the procedure on what to do before the remittance of the funds
There is no need to open an account if you have account in UK
U will only open an account with the Fcmb Bank *(!) where the money is deposited before transfer to your foriegn account in UK
When you write Email to them in regards of me,,they will instruct you on how you can have account with them before my funds can be remitted
you will need to send me their details
I will send you the Bank details honey so you can be in touch with them.
I gonna give to you the Bank details when am home Honey **(!)
Tel: 0265282393



*(!) “Fcmb Bank” – First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Ltd is a full service banking group, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria)
**(!) Banks and Government departments do not use e-mail addresses such as;;;; or any free e-mail service.


Cess Cess:
That is the email,,after you have write to the bank kindly let me know what ever they instruct you
The bank is located in Switzerland and it merged with the world Bank
“The World Bank Group is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world. …
So when you are done sending the email,,just let me know if ever they responded to you

Okay hon,,if you say so I have no doubt about it,,but that means I will try to call the Attention of the Board Manager to give me an active contact details to the bank
Okay hon,,whatever he said I gonna let you know,,so that things can proceed before the end of August


Google Hangout (with


Logo of the FCMB (Nigerian Bank) used by scammer:


Fake scammer Profile with the name “John Henry:

1. John Henry

Photo of Frederick Benjamin “Ben” Hodges III (is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General)



Lives in Aleppo, Syria
From Aleppo, Syria


2. John Henry

Photo of Major General in the United States Air Force (1959-2013)



Works at United Nations
Studied at Portland State University
Went to Oregon High
Lives in Oregon City, Oregon
From Portland, Oregon


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