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Romance Scam
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Chris Miller
Harry Miller

Skype: christ.miller809 (Christ Milller)



Chris Miller

Photo of a chldren’s clothing model

Photo of Royal Navy Leading Seaman (LS) Stephen Murphy (UK)



Member Since: February 1, 2021 hi5
Gender: Male
Age: 59
Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Straight



Chris Miller, 59 Genzano di Roma, Italy:

NO, the little boy on my profile is my only son Harry, that is his photo when he was a kid. now Harry have grown up. Harry is now 14 years old.
You can add me up on your hangout so that i can also send you some of my photos, we can also chat more better on hangout okay
This is my email address

Hello my pretty friend
I send you a message on your email
Can you check and respond back to me.
I also sent you some of my photos on your email
And i will be very happy if you can download gmail hangout so we can chat more better on hangout. because Hangout is very good to chat and also to send photos, and also to make a call.

Am so sorry here in war zone camp i dnt make use of skype or facebook.
We can only chat and send photos, also to make a call through the gmail hangout here in war zone camp Syria
Because am not in my country for now, am from United State California, but am presently working here in Syria for peacekeeping mission.

I understand your feelings
And also try your best to understand me too
Am really here in war zone camp Syria presently in Damascus city call zamba.
The blacks and the Taliban’s have been using my photo to chat with other women, and lot of them have been arrested by the EFCC.
Please am real chatting with you
That is the reason why i told you to download your hangout so we can come on a video camera.
To see that i am real.
Ok can you send me your Skype name to add you on Skype because i try to download the Skype today.
Did you receive my message on your email, i send you a message waiting for you to respond back lol miss your sweet chatting
I have also respond back to you on Skype
And i am very, very happy to have you as my friend because i found out that you will be a good and caring woman.
I saw the message you send me on Skype, you are looking so sweet and beautiful.
Thanks for the photo.

Oh, why did you say so?
I can’t delete you because you are good, and caring, and honest to me.
I can’t delete you because i have already fall in love with you.
Ok am so much happy to hear from you again
Have you eaten your lunch?
So how are you doing, and how was your night?
Did you dream about me
Miss you so much honey, and i keep on thinking of you and the little boy Harry
I hope you are feeling fine now? i hope you are not feeling headache anymore?
Love you and many kisses honey
Ok honey
So how are you doing today? and how was your night?
Did you dream about me?
Miss you so much honey, and always thinking of you and the little boy Harry.
Love you and many kisses
Honey please come online on Skype
We have something very important to discuses
I am in big problem now
Please quickly come on line on Skype please honey 😢 😢 
Ok send me your email address so i can add you up okay
Please honey
Am having a big problem consigning Harry our son 😢
Honey this is my email address
Ok honey
Honey i sent you a message on your email.

😢 😢
I have been here crying and thinking
My Son Harry is really dying
Why you cnt help me?
Did you want my son to ie?
Is that the love you have for me and my son?
Why can’t you try your best to understand the pain the little boy is facing?
😢 😢 
Why cnt you try your best for me why?
Honey why doing to me?
Why honey?
Are you happy seeing Harry bleeding everyday ?
How can i stp crying when my son is bleeding everyday?
How ?
Think of it if you are the one who is in this situation and you ask of help from me.
What did you think i will do, immediately i will help you out
I will make sure i try my best to make your son or your daughter to be fine
Because i love you and i love your children, i take then as my own family also
Ok, can you come on Skype so i can call you on video call to see am real. please come on Skype i can come on video call with you, please honey. because Harry is really bleeding enough.
I dnt have any GF
I have only you as my love, as my wife
Please honey always try your best to believe me
I did not ask you to send money, all i want from you is to support, help the little boy.
I swear i dnt have another woman except you
Ok honey
Please always take good care of your self for me okay
And thanks for the beautiful photos you tag on my profile here on this site
Wow they are all beautiful
Miss you more and more
But try your best to help my son okay
Harry is in very big pain for now.


Messages on a mailbox:

Message N 1:

From: Christ Miller <>
Sent: Monday, February XX, 2021
Subject: Chris Miller your lovely husband...

Honey these are some of my photos.

4 Attachments:

Photo of Royal Navy Leading Seaman (LS) Stephen Murphy (UK)


Message N 2:

From: Christ Miller <>
Sent: Monday, February XX, 2021
Subject: Chris Miller

Hello honey is my lovely husband Chris Miller, yesterday i was very afraid to ask you for little help about Harry because you were very angry with me, i don’t really know why you don’t want to listen to me. Harry is our only child. yesterday his school master message me, he said Harry is having a serious problem, that Harry have an accident on his way trying to cross the road, to buy something at his school premises. then they rush im to the hospital, now they need little money to buy some good items to give him good treatment. and am here in front of war, i dnt have any access to my bank account, and i dnt also have the access to send or recieve anything here in war zone camp Syria. and you are the only person i have and i put my hope and trust on you, that is the reason why i was asking for your little help please. now Harry shool master is now in excursion in Europ Italy, he is the one who message and also send me Harry photo, lot of blood on his body, it pains my heart lot when i saw my only child Harry bleeding. please honey i need your help right now, Harry is really dying, please the Doctor said they need 350 Dollars to buy Good items to give Harry good treatment so he can be able to suvive the pains. that is the reason why i was asking for your help please




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Skype: christ.miller809 (Christ Milller)



Skype name: christ.miller809
Full name: Christ Milller
Birth date: 20/12
Location: California, Los Angeles


Google Hangout (


Fake Profile associated woth this scam:

Chris Victory (Scott Miller)




Major General at United States Army
Studied at u.s military acedemy
Went to Teaneck High School since 1973
Lives in Mosul, Iraq
From Atlanta, Georgia




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