Romance Scam/Advance Fee Fraud/Phishing: DEREK PRINCE

Romance Scammer


In the first instance you should go here and read our advice page. It is just our general guidance to help you  (!)


Romance Scam
Parcel Delivery Scam
Advance Fee Fraud

Derek Prince

Phone numbers: +1 (519) 962-9567
                           +1 (917) 905-4984
                             (202) 854-8069


Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination Nigeria
Original network provider* MTN Nigeria Communications Ltd


*(!) Website: FAKE!
Reported by Scampolice Group for shutting down


**(!) Website: FAKE!
Reported by Scampolice Group for shutting down


***(!) Website: FAKE!
Reported by Scampolice Group for shutting down


****(!) Website: FAKE!
Reported by Scampolice Group for shutting down


*****(!) Website: FAKE!
Reported by Scampolice Group for shutting down



I contacted him on Facebook:
This is the Scammer under the name of Derek Prince.
The scammer has changed profile picture for picture of a different man. He used before a picture of Mark Zilbert

His e-mail addresses:
On hangouts he goes under Derek Prince no picture on it
No Phone number or address at all from him.
James Lindberg (! *:-? thinking  *:-/ confused ) website he uses is Jaberg seems to be also connected with this individual.
They were trying to scam me out of $9850 witch didn’t work.



The informant gave us about 6 lines of information that is almost nothing, so we have had to build the story and investigate what might be going on. We have two indications about what scam it could be, a fake bank to discuss money transfers [], and a fake parcel delivery company to extract more money from the victim []
The third website [] arrived out of what the informant mentioned about the stolen pictures, and the fourth site we uncovered ourselves



Based on the above we had to do some assuming and also some detective work. We assembled a story.
The informant had an involvement with the profile of a Derek Prince. The scammer in some way wanted $9850. The informant was to make a deposit to a bank the scammer provided,
The scammer meantime changed his profile pictures to the ones present at this time.
She told us she did an image search for the previous pictures. She also sent us the Photoshopped one holding the sign she got from the scammer.




This is a funny masterpiece from scammers: they took the face of Mark Zilbert and stuck it on a picture of an unknown person


We are unable to read it properly due to the low resolution but we think the sixth line is the delivery company URL as it looks like it is a first letter “Z” as in
We think the scammer wanted to get money for a fake delivery with payment to the fake bank using the fake delivery company.
We think she did an image search for the photos used and it led her to the construction company website
What she did not know was that all 3 websites are false. Scampolicegroup had to find that out.
We show three other varieties of this photo: 





We looked at the bank site first and we are immediately suspicious because there is no information – no phone number, no registered address and parts of the site just go round in circles.
We checked the Whois information and found this.
Razak bin Usman
23 Agbado Lane, Off Corn Street, 100001 Lagos
NG [Nigeria]
+234.8107708902 (!)
Worse still, is the site is almost brand new.
WHOIS registration date
WHOIS renew date
We know the real bank website is nothing like this version, and gives all the details one would expect.
(!) We found the registrant number +2348107708902 here:

Papi Knomic

@papiknomic • Musician/Band
This is a way of getting updates from Papi Knomic
+234 810 770 8902 (!)
Send Message
+234 810 770 8902 (!)
And he gives a website which he is an owner, but the website is not fraudulent:
It has more information:
According to the informant the Facebook profile used the same photos as on this scam website.
They are stolen from United States Estate Agent Mark Zilbert and are popular in romance scams.
He is not James Lindberg (!) as the Informant said
The photo gallery shows people in sliver hard hats with a logo that is not matching the website.
Once again we found the information about Monad Terrace which shows the logo on properties being sold by Mark Zilbert
A video is here
We followed the link to
Next we looked at Zenith Delivery Service and see that it is another scam website. This would be to support a parcel delivery scam and take money off people by claiming endless fees for a parcel, such as customs duty, diplomatic delivery and so on.
The general appearance is that it is amateurish in the way it is made, with distorted pictures. There is nothing to be found in Whois information as it is all hidden. The fake website uses a number +1 (519) 962-9567 which seems to be Windsor Ohio USA and we believe this to be a free virtual office number. In other words, it auto answers and records calls and gets SMS. We believe it originates in Nigeria just the same as the bank site the scammer associates it with.
International Headquarters
Taman Makmur Jaya, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, 11900, Malaysia
When we checked the address given it is for Zenith Services Sdn Bhd which is a small employment agency. Phone number is +60 x–xxx 4880
Finally, while doing our investigation we discover another fake bank website.
Customer Service: (202) 854-8069
E-mail us:
This site is from April 2021 which is also a red flag. It is also badly made with photos and items missing and again we have no Whois data.
It has absolutely no registration or Financial registration. Note the “metropoliscapitalsbank” slips in that little “s” into it between the “capital” and “bank”. This is to deceive anyone who does not read the URL properly.
We saw the page and it is nothing to do with the bank and instead is about Colony Bank which has merged with SouthCrest Bank.
The page says:
On Friday, September 11, we signed an agreement to sell our Thomaston, Georgia, branch to SouthCrest Financial Group, Inc. (SouthCrest), the bank holding company for SouthCrest Bank, N.A. The branch is located at 206 North Church Street.
The transaction, which is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2020, subject to regulatory approval and other customary conditions, also includes an option for SouthCrest to purchase the branch building.
The Thomaston location will close operations as a Metropolis Capital Bank branch upon completion of the transaction. Customers affected by the closing will receive additional information. For questions, please call 706-647-6601.
The address 206 N Church St, Thomaston, GA, 30286. was a branch of Colony Bank so the information given above is a lie and it never was Metropolis Capital Bank. The date is also wrong and should be April 22, 2021. The number “706-647-6601” was the number for the branch of Colony Bank and can be considered unusable now.
The web page says:
FITZGERALD, GA and ATLANTA, GA (April 22, 2021) – Colony Bankcorp, Inc. (Nasdaq: CBAN) (“Colony” or “the Company”), the holding company for Colony Bank, and SouthCrest Financial Group, Inc. (PK: SCSG) (“SouthCrest”), the holding company for SouthCrest Bank, N.A., today jointly announced the signing of an Agreement and Plan of Merger under which Colony has agreed to acquire 100% of the common stock of SouthCrest in a combined stock-and-cash transaction valued at approximately $84.0 million. Upon completion of the transaction, Colony is expected to have approximately $2.4 billion in assets, $1.4 billion in loans, $2.0 billion in deposits, and $165.8million in tangible common equity. The transaction is expected to be meaningfully accretive to Colony’s fully diluted earnings per share in year one, excluding transaction costs.
The address for the real bank branch is now SouthCrest Bank. 108 South Church Street. Thomaston, GA 30286. 
The page
Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry
Identifier Numbers
Metropolis Capital Bank is registered in the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS). The assigned NMLS number is 408873.
You may access the NMLS at (The link is wrong and returns a 404 error so is unreachable) to confirm that the mortgage professional with whom they wish to conduct business is authorized to conduct mortgage business.
We checked the correct page and found out it is a lie.The link returns:
Colony Bank.
NMLS ID: 408773
Address: 302 S MAIN ST, FITZGERALD, GA 31750.
This is the head office of Colony Bank as it was before and is nothing to do with Metropolis Capital Bank
The scammer Profile who the Informant contacted:

Derek Prince

Photo of Jean Nadeau (Author /Radio host, Canada)



Lives in New York, New York
From Rome, Italy


*(!) Website FAKE!



Negative highlights:
x The website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service
x This website has only been registered recently.
x This website is not optimized for search engines
x We found many low rated websites on the same server
x Searching on Social Media we found negative links

Domain age: 7 months from now
WHOIS data: hidden
Company data:
Organisation: WhoisSecure
Title: Zenith Services Limited
WHOIS registration date
WHOIS last update date
WHOIS renew date


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**(!) Website FAKE!



Negative highlights:
x Free email address used for contact
x Free email address used as technical contact
x Free email address used for contact administrator address
x The age of this site is (very) young.
x The website is located in a high risk country.
x This website is not optimized for search engines
x The server of the site has several low reviewed other websites

Title: Metropolis Capital Bank
Domain age: 1 month from now
WHOIS registration date
Valid from: Jul 9 00:00:00 2021 GMT
Valid until: Oct 7 23:59:59 2021 GMT
Registrant Name: Razak bin Usman
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 23 Agbado Lane, Off Corn Street,
Registrant City: Lagos
Registrant State/Province: Lagos
Registrant Postal Code: 100001
Registrant Country: NG [Nigeria]
Registrant Phone: +234.8107708902
Registrant Email:


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***(!) Website: FAKE!



Negative highlights

x The server of the site has several low reviewed other websites

Domain age: 1 year from now
WHOIS registration date
WHOIS renew date


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****(!) Website: FAKE!



Negative highlights:

x High number of suspicious websites on this server
x This webshop offers anonymous payment methods.

Domain age: 5 months from now
Personal, Mortgage and Small Business Banking | Metropolis Capital Bank
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While doing more searches we found an unconnected bitcoin scam website. They say they are at 19 W 22nd St 12th floor, New York, NY 10010, USA. We find a company called Stash Invest there but we have low confidence they are there too in the same office. +1 (917) 905-4984 is a NY mobile number and not a fixed location number. This is just not credible for an office located in New York in a high rise building.

*****(!) Website: FAKE!



Negative highlights:

x We checked the WHOIS database, but the contact details are not shared
x This website is not optimized for search engines
x Cryptocurrency services detected, these can be high risk
x Payment methods support anonymous transactions were found

Domain age: 1 year from now
WHOIS data: hidden
Company data
Privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf
Owner: Withheld for Privacy Purposes
Title: Home – Coin Plos Investments Group
Domain age: 1 year from now
WHOIS registration date
WHOIS renew date
Valid from: Sep 23 00:00:00 2020 GMT
Valid until: Sep 23 23:59:59 2021 GMT
Industry – Financial Services, Industry – Cryptocurrency, Registration Possible, Helpdesk, Language – English


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Welcome to COIN PLOS Cryptocurrency Trading
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Photo of Mark Zilbert (is an Estate Agent, U.S.)


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Photo of Mandy Oser (is a founder of Ardesia Wine Bar, U.S.)


See the real person HERE:


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Jennifer Brooks
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Joined: January 2018



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Jennifer Brooks
Aug 12
Another fresh withdrawal from Nigeria in Africa !
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Fake Profiles with the photos of Jean Nadeau:

@bouquet01425573 (bouquet)



La simplicité
Joined: May 2020

Ryan Andres



Chief Executive Officer
Company Name: Self-employed
Dates Employed: Oct 2014 – Present
Employment Duration: 6 yrs 11 mos
Seadrill Careers
Project Manager
Company Name: Seadrill Careers
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Degree Name: Master of Business Administration – MBAField Of StudyBusiness Administration and Management, GeneralGradeAll first class
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Location: Carolina North Carolina
Interest In: Long-Term Relationship
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Living: Homeless
Eye Catcher: Arms
Education: High School Dropout
Religion: Agnostic
Income: Less than $15,000
Occupation: Engineer
Personality: Adventurous
Country: United States
i am a very nice looking man seeking for a good woman

1. Dr-Ben Mark



Birthday: December 16, 1967
Current city: Berlin
Studied at: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin
Education: College or university:
Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin
Status: PhD

2. Marcel Lecourt



Information not specified

3. Viktor Leo



Hey there!
Birthday: April 6
Relationship: Single
Personal priority: Personal development
Important in others: Intellect and creativity
Inspired by:
Am inspired by Mother Nature
Hi … I’m Viktor … I love nature, music, art, travel, sports, mature conversations, serious relationships, hanging out with loved ones, exercise and much more.



1. Alain



Age: 35
Location: Moscow
Zodiac: Aquarius
Secondary education
Professional status: specialist
Occupation: accounting
Foreign languages: Other
Marital status: not married
Children: No children
Religion: catholicism
My appearance: I look perfect

2. Gilbert



Age: 59 
Location: Moscow
Zodiac: Pisces
Education: Two or more higher education degrees
Professional status: business owner
Occupation: own business
Foreign languages: English
Marital status: widowed
Children: Grown up children, live separately
Religion: doesn’t matter
My appearance: I look perfect


Fake Profiles with stolen pictures of Mark Zilbert:

1. Mark Zelbert



Works at Facebook users
Studied at Mulungushi University
Went to Hosanna Christian Int’l School
From Canada, Kentucky

1. @PeterPloeger1 (D.r Peter Ploeger)



D.r Peter Ploeger
I am D.r Peter Ploeger,A medical doctor trained in orthopedic surgery,Currently working for the United Nations Flag of United Nations
Location: Germany,Frankfurt
Joined: September 2018


2. @BarryRichard15 (Barry Richard)



Barry Richard
Los Angeles, CAJoined November 2018


3. @MarrisBrian (Brian Marris)



Brian Marris
Am a free man lover of all searching for my lost joy
Born August 29, 1974
Joined: August 2017


4. @Daveogenedov (Dave Ogenedov)


Joined: April 2020

1. mayerbradon (Mayer Brandon)



Age: 54
Zodiac: Cancer
Location: China, Ningbo
I’m looking for: a man, a woman aged 47 to 54 for starting a family


2. Derrick



Age: 52
Zodiac: Pisces
Location: United States of America, Buffalo (State of New York)
I’m looking for: a woman or a couple F+F aged 46 to 71 for starting a family. Date as a couple F+F

1. Stanley Mckey



Birthday: March 21, 1955


2. John William



Birthday: June 10, 1963


3. John Bertoncin



John Bertoncin
Birthday: June 6, 1978


4. Mark Donald



Birthday: May 15, 1963
Current city: Toronto
Studied at: University of Toronto (UofT) ’06


5. Mark Donald



Mark Donald
Birthday: May 15, 1963
Current city: Toronto


6. Mark Jackson



Mark Jackson
Birthday: May 10, 1961
Current city: Yekaterinburg [Russia]


7. John Fletcher



Birthday: June 16, 1960
Current city: Toronto

1. SCOTTMILLER (Scott Miller)



58 – Straight
Toronto, Canada
I am sincerely and honest in what ever i am doing in life.

Mike James



Birthday: 10. October 1968 (52)
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Interested in girls aged from 30 to 60
I speak english.
I have no kids.
About me
i am athletic build, mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, a good listener, God Fearing, and a positive person.I am real easy person to talk to and a loving and outgoing man

1. Marcelo Andres



is researching.
Employee, Engineer, HOLEDECK
Location: Madrid, Spain
Current 9 years, since Sep 2012
Employee: Engineer
About the company: HOLEDECK
Headquarters: Madrid, Spain
Industry: Building materials


2. Mccune Scott



Board member, Forex/binary option trader, 24Option
United States of America
Current 17 years and 8 months, since Jan 2004
Board member
Forex/binary option trader
About the company
Headquarters: Cologne, Germany
Industry: Investment banking
3 years and 1 month, Mar 1978 – Mar 1981
University student
Financial management
Oxford University
Degree Grade

1. Ryan Andres



Management Consultant
United States
Independent Consultant
Washington University in St. Louis
Independent Consultant
Chief Executive Officer
Company Name: Independent Consultant Self-employed
Dates Employed: Sep 2014 – Present
Employment Duration: 7 yrs
Location: United States
Project Manager
Company Name: Seadrill Full-time
Dates Employed: Aug 2002 – Jan 2014
Employment Duration: 11 yrs 6 mos
LocationUnited States
Washington University in St. Louis
Degree Name: Bachelor’s degree
Field Of Study: Mechanical Engineering
Dates attended or expected graduation: 1985 – 1989
Skills & endorsements
Project Management
International Sales


2. Richard Austin



Business Consultant at personal
Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
Experience: personal
Business Consultant
Company Name: personal


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