Romance Scam/Advance Fee Fraud: EDWARD GREEN BAGGIO (South Africa)

Romance Scammer:


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Romance Scam
Advance Fee Fraud

Edward Green Baggio
(South Africa)



ISP:          Telkom SA Limited
Assignment:   Static IP
Country:      South Africa
State/Region: Gauteng 
City:         Pretoria


Phone number: +44 7012924931 (redirect number to Africa)

WU Money transfer to:

Receiver: Edward Green Baggio
Address: EC2A 2DT, 15 Worship Street, London, UK
Amount: 600 GBP 

Edward G (Green)   (Private)



Member Since: September 18 2012
Location: Denver, CO
Age: 51
Relationship Status: Single


YM Chats (

edgreen343: I am in Darien IL..Close to Chicago
edgreen343: My dad is from Malaga Spain
edgreen343: I am an architect working mostly as an interior design consultant
edgreen343: well i am single and tired of living this way
edgreen343: i wanna be happy with someone
edgreen343: dont you feel lonely or have the urge to wanna be with someone special?
edgreen343: Miss you more baby
edgreen343: I am still here in South Africa
edgreen343: i seek the same in my woman..not someone that will get divorce again..i seek a strong woman,we could be build a lasting love life with
edgreen343: my vacation will soon be here
edgreen343: Yes dear,would like to visit my dear
edgreen343: and relax with you baby
edgreen343: i need that in my life
edgreen343: we need to be together
edgreen343: so where is your nearest airport?
edgreen343: what state is that?
edgreen343: send me your full address..
edgreen343: what country is closest to you baby
edgreen343: let me stay in your home when i visit?
edgreen343: would you take care of me when i come over?
edgreen343: and i hope we will be happy together always baby
edgreen343: and promise not to cheat on me dear
edgreen343: cos my ex did that to me
edgreen343: and i dont ever wanna be single
edgreen343: well i am in London presently and its XX:XX pm here
edgreen343: I can come meet you from London hon
edgreen343: immediately i complete my job here
edgreen343: you wanna come meet me here?
edgreen343: oh would be good to have you here
edgreen343: yes would be great to walk down the mall
edgreen343: holding hands
edgreen343: can you pick me at your nearest airport?
edgreen343: so hope your child will like and accept me?? i am a very easy going man and i need a family i can call my own dear..
edgreen343: I am family oriented
edgreen343: cant wait to come over
edgreen343: i can work from your country
edgreen343: would be good to see you everyday
edgreen343: and sleep holding you close
edgreen343: its that special moment i have been waiting for dear
edgreen343: i will send you my flight details when booking is made
edgreen343: I am just waiting to complete paper work so my funds can fall in on tuesday
edgreen343: then i can fly to you next weekend
edgreen343: i will do just that
edgreen343: i will talk to the flight agent here
edgreen343: I like the day we met dear
edgreen343: since then i have been hoping to meet you face to face
edgreen343: my love
edgreen343: dont wanna grow old alone my dear
edgreen343: and know i have a new plan to come over to you
edgreen343: but tell me the name of your country again dear
edgreen343: wish we were together tonight
edgreen343: i need you in my life to be complete
edgreen343: all i need now is true love
edgreen343: i wanna share all i have with you and make you happy and be my best friend and lover
edgreen343: if everything goes well i will send you my flight details tomorow
edgreen343: +447012924931
edgreen343: baby you cant send sms because my number is roamed
edgreen343: you can only call i cant recieve sms
edgreen343: Love you
edgreen343: you make me happy
edgreen343: i am proud of us
edgreen343: still havent completed my siging and sealing yet
edgreen343: because i need to collect a certificate
edgreen343: you know i am non residential here
edgreen343: you know my card didnt activate here because the ip location couldnt be traced
edgreen343: but my bank assured me my funds will be transfered to me,just taking too long
edgreen343: and the issue right now baby is that i need an account here in europe where my funds can be deposited
edgreen343: thats my biggest eish right now
edgreen343: i need some one i can trust
edgreen343: i dont know anybody here
edgreen343: what i need now is trust
edgreen343: because i need an account my bank can transfer my funds
edgreen343: then you can send to me here through western union or i come meet you there in your country hon
edgreen343: i will tell you them you are my fiancee and beneficiary
edgreen343: But honey i wanted to complete my work here tomorow
edgreen343: and there is a certificate i need to obtain
edgreen343: so i can complete my work
edgreen343: it cost about 600 pounds
edgreen343: No baby,i cant wait for my bank before i get this sorted.I need to complete the signing by tomorow.
edgreen343: its important so i can aswell get ,my pay cheque here
edgreen343: you can send to me here in London
XXXX: ok – give me your account
edgreen343: i dont have account here my love
edgreen343: but maybe western union will be better
edgreen343: when can you send it baby
edgreen343: tonight?
edgreen343: western union is fine
edgreen343: you can send to my name baby
edgreen343: Edward Green Baggio
edgreen343: address..15 Worship Street
edgreen343: what you doing right now hon?it will be good if you can send tonight so i wont delay tomorow morning
XXXX: i think tomorrow morning
XXXX: what is the name of your company ?
edgreen343: Baby its a joint company actually,but what i do is.,i work independently
edgreen343: Its Hillchrest Archtectures.
edgreen343: so what are you doing tonight and how it the weather condition?
XXXX: and is 600 € enough for you ?
edgreen343: Yes baby,its just for a certificate my love
edgreen343: then i will have funds to book my ticket to you baby
edgreen343: what time you go to western union tomorow
edgreen343: you know it need to be in the morning
edgreen343: so i can finish the paper work early and get my funds before banking hour closes
edgreen343: oh ok good..
edgreen343: when does western union opens there?
edgreen343: ADRESS:15 Worship Street
edgreen343: ZIPCODE:EC2A 2DT
XXXX: o di aro o oko mi (in Yoruba)
XXXX: e mi na nife yin pupo o (in Yoruba)
edgreen343: what language?
XXXX: i think you know
edgreen343: what baby
edgreen343: <ding>
XXXX: <ding>
dgreen343: <ding>
XXXX: <ding>
XXXX: see you tomorrow
edgreen343: what is the meaning of that
XXXX: Yoruba
edgreen343: are you from lagos”? (*:D big grin)
XXXX: no
edgreen343: where r u from and whats the meaning?
XXXX: i am your wife
XXXX: bye for now


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