Romance Scam/Advance Fee Fraud/Phishing/Money Laundering: DAVID NATHANIEL ANDERSON

Romance Scammer


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Romance Scam
Advance Fee Fraud
Money Laundering
with the names:

Bank of America
David Anderson/David Nathaniel Anderson

Phone numbers: +17074128604
                              +66091076437 (incorrect number, Thailand)



ASN:   37030
ISP:     Millicom Ghana Limited
Organization: Millicom Ghana Limited
Type:  Broadband
Assignment:   Static IP
Continent:    Africa
Country:      Ghana
State/Region: Greater Accra Region
City:         Accra
Proxy         No
Browser       Chrome 62.0
System        Windows 7
Mobile        No
Language      English (United States)

Skype ID:  live:a_david78_1 (David Anderson)  (DELETED!)

Skype ID:  live:adavid244 (David-Anderson)


The e-mail addresses and phone numbers below are also used by scammers using the same pictures:

Phone number: 563 289 7488


Money Transfer to scammer bank account:

Bank name: Bangkok Bank
Bank Address: Mark Plaza 3105(Bangkapi) Branch, Latprao Khlongchan Sub-Districk, Bangkapi District, Bangkok 10240
Country: Thailand
Account Holder: Panida TaengKeaw (the money launderer)
Beneficiary Address: soi 112 Latprao Road Bangkok 10240 Thailand
Account No: 9280281602 (This account is reported for closing by Scampolice Group)
Amount: 935 EUR


Skype: live:adavid244 (David-Anderson)
сreated with

Photo of Dr. Mark Smith (chiropractor, USA)

Photo of Dr. Mark Smith (chiropractor, USA)



Skype name: live:adavid244
Full name: David-Anderson
About me: Just want to be a happy man


Chat with Skype account

live:a_david78_1  (David Anderson)



Its David

Its my desire to know you better

Am from New York

and you?

Would you want to visit sometime in the future?

you will be my guest

I was married to a Philippines but its over 8 years now my wife passed on

Have a son, his name is Michael he is just 13 years old he is all i have in life

I had to join tagged many times he has cried either he needs a sister non a mum

i became so confused so a friend invited me on tagged that was how i joined few minutes ago and lucky found you

Am 50

will turn 51 Dec. 23

its divine do you believe?

our meeting here was not a mistake but i see it as God will

i have never though of tagged all my life just this hour and i met you, honest and sincere lady with a good christian heart

Am a Roman Catholic do you have an email and phone number? 


do you like hanging out?

most weekends

talking a walk holding hands

telling funny stories while taking a walk

end up at  a seat out open bar for a light drink

will make a change in your life style will you give me a chance

just seat out in an open bar listen to music and have a light refreshment

The tears of my son made me go down on my kneels this morning before i left for work

I said God you are the father to the fatherless and mother to the  motherless, with faith i cry to you show me they which my heart desire so together my happiness and that of my son michael will be fulfilled Amen

That was all i said then i drove him to school moved to work

i mean i would love to call you most morning and night before bed time so can i have a number I work with Belco Oil & Gas Corperation

767 5th Ave New York

Maintenance officer

i dont have anyone but you so if i dont chat you will feel so empty and michael would not be happy if i say i dont have contact with you any more

just want us to secure our relationship and look onto God for his mercy and love towards our future plans

but can call u here now so i can see you okay

happy i found you

Glory on to God for today its a blessed day

Honey we both love you so much

i see a happy and lovely family

am preparing a paper for a general meeting tomorrow at 9am

i have a presentation before all staff and the Director

so i want to put in my best and defend my proposal

i have to make it great so when i make my presentation will have a higher stand to my co-worker

All i seek from you is your prayers so i success and win the contract award

be my good luck charm and this will be a new beginning for us as a family

my love

i have to convince the management that an capable of handling the contract and deliver within a space of time with a positive result thanks so much for your love and concern towards me and michael

talk to you before i leave for work

you will wish me luck before i leave the house so you will be my charm

okay see you soon my love

kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss to bed


Hi honey good morning

just woke up

have to be up this early and help Michael get ready for school

am getting things ready for school will get back to you soon

ready to leave  home now

have to drop michael in school


just dropped Michael am off to work, babe will chat you immediately after my presentation wish you are here to wish me good luck

love you

you will be my good luck charm


2 hours and 30 minutes later:



oh my God

i feel so happy

Jesus Christ


this calls for celebration

honey i made it

i made it

oh Jesus

i made it

i won against my co-worker

oh my God

this is great my love

cant believe God did this for me

I won….. babe i won the contract

its a 6weeks contract in Bangkok, Thailand

servicing of oil pipelines for effective flow of crude from the cost to the distribution  power plant unit

yes honey its far from home but have to prove my skills my love

also have to work hard so i can give Michael and your son a sound life and better future

I go to oil lines honey not rig

just servicing am not digging but to service the existing once so the  flow will be effective

will be issued my contract appoint ment letter tomorrow with my plane ticket as my flight is for Saturday night to arrive sunday night and start up on monday the 30th

but have 2 more days before then i have to get prepared also get a maid to take care of michael while am away

Honey that would have being best as i look forward coming to meet you and your son after my contract in Thailand

Coz i know will really be difficult for him to get on while am away

just want to start a new life in a new place just to be happy then we all can visit New York on vocation coz i have a home here

will buy a home from my contract benefit tomorrow the benefit will be written so we have enough to buy a new house of ours and live comfortable as a happy family

this union was made by God and we live old and enjoy the rest of our lives as happy family okay

my word is my life and my life is my word okay

i will be your hero from now hence forth and you will be my pride and my smiles

honey i have to drive to the airline office to make a reservation for michael just got the information from my boss so we can have same flight

once am done will drive home and start getting things ready for the trip saturday night

will write you once am back home next 2 hours


see you soon



Photoshopped Picture!

The Original Picture:

Photos of Dr. Mark Smith (chiropractor, USA)

Take notice: the scammer used photos of two different boys below:


Photo of a deceased boy Bailey Gwynne

Read about him here:



honey am here now am getting michaels luggage ready

i got his ticket and some few things from the mall

yes babe that was our decision as a family right?

cant leave him behind

already he has a ticket

he was asking me when he saw me putting his things in a luggage

Dad are we going to meet my mum and my big brother?

I smiled and said yes but not at the moment first to thailand then later on to meet mum and big brother okay

He responded okay dad, thank you

he just want to meet you and your son

he actually asked that but i told him have to work first so we can get a good home for you mum and your new big brother

he said okay dad

we are having a full house Xmas

I love you sweetheart

coming home soon to have a taste of your meal

have to take a shower feel a bit hot

so we leave immediately after shower




going out now

see you soon my love

coming back home immediately after dinner


Chat with Skype account

live:adavid244 (David-Anderson)



Honey are you there?

Miss you so much

Being a bit busy since morning

putting things together for our trip tomorrow


Why are you using the new Skype?


its asking to resign so i did

think the other will go off

i really dont know how all these works

i tried talking with you at first but could not get in

David Nathaniel Anderson is my full name

its not strange okay you can guild me more on this dont know much about it

i came up this morning to chat with you could not get through so i had to get a new one

but will go back to my email now and see if i recall my password to my first skype

i just had to make new coz i dont want to miss

if i cant get on to my first passward then we get on with this

stay on honey

let me try

cant find it

tried it but could not get through

as soon as we arrive at the countries airport will look out for an internet provider so we can have an access for communication

love you

you are the best thing that happened in my life

honey i never imagined i could find true love again

its tells God is able to do all things and their is nothing impossible for him

are you still on tagged?

no coz i have canceled my account over there

its better we plan on our kids future and settle down as a family

honey you have my life and that of michael in your hands

hold it, take care of it and never let it go down


i love you for the rest of my life

i sent you a copy of my contract letter and my discussion with my Director

did you see it?

am trusting you with everything am going to work for

because i have faith and belief in you

we have to be comfortable in life okay

you will forever be my pride

you came into my life at the right time

that is the will of God for us and we watch our kids grow up in our sight

May God in heaven bless our union Amen

loving you is my pride

we shower together

eat in same dish

take walk together

seat out together somewhere and chat

go for shopping together

to the beach together and have fun at the beach

together we go places and we can have dinner out with our kids and also to the beach sometimes with our kids so we can have fun as family

have to check the luggage now then take a shower will join you as soon as am done with shower okay

holding hands while having shower and washing each others back

well either cold or warm

have to make lunch now michael need some fruits for lunch so have to get to the kitchen and fix it

will join you once am done okay

love you kisses

have less than 5 hours to leave for the airport

am missing you already

but have to get internet once i arrive the airport tomorrow

will arrive sunday 1:45pm thailand time

I cant never be complete without you

you have occupied a space in my heart

I feel new, like a babe

with new smiles and new feeling in my heart, new joy and happiness , new peace of mind…………………….I will make you happy for the rest of your life till death

soon you will bear the name Mrs. (name removed) Anderson

am already proud that i have a wife (name removed)

we have our wedding reception just by the poolside in our house not more than 30 persons

we go for shopping so you can have a new one and the recent design

babe do you remember in the bible when an angel appeared to sarah and told her she will have a child at her old age?

remember sarah only laughed and said how can she have a child at her old age, then the angel said hence you laughed over this word from God , you will bear a son and his name will be call Isaac, which means laughter

Now the reason for our love has turned to your laughter and everlasting joy, happiness, peace forever

yes thats true but this is a new generation we have to go to church okay and teach our kids how to go to church okay

you stay on while i get michael ready and get my self ready then will join you soon here while we wait for the taxi driver

honey i want to hold on a memory while in the plane

taxi is here i have to close my notebook now

will try and get online once i arrive

babe always be here and wait on for me okay



hello honey

Good afternoon from Bangkok

We are so grateful to God, we arrived this after

We are in a hotel now, and i got internet  service at the airport

am so tired wish to get so rest, michael is asleep

will talk to you when am up okay


hello honey

just woke up

was so tired

was a long flight

its 7:02pm

honey when did you receieve this mail from the Bank of America?



I received a few mails on my e-mail address from Bank of America and other companies mentioning your name and insurance claim. They said I must pay insurance fee in total of 985 Euros..? Where did they get my e-mail address? I have never communicated with them before…

(Read the mentioned messages N 1 – 2 below)


Honey whats this?

when did you receieve this mail?


honey when did you receieve this mail from the Bank of America?

their is an email to contact did you contact the Shell company?

because am starting work in the morning tomorrow at 8am

the Shell company asssigned a driver to me the driver was at the airport waiting when we arrived so he will also come in the morning to pick me to work

that is what you will write to them and tell them its needed urgent so you can get the benefit tomorrow by 12noon understand

contact them now okay

i will join you soon i have to take a shower now

so how was your day

michael feels wick just called the hotel management for his dinner

honey once you receieve the benefit tomorrow first take some money and go for shopping get some cloths and few thing you need and your son needs


Honey my boss should have informed them, did you send your information to my boss?


Never ever! I guess just YOU gave my email address to your boss without my permission!


honey you send that to them okay as soon as you get the fund tomorrow you can have it back okay? so you dont get late to the banks demands for 12 noon tomorrow understand?

oh honey why would you on earth have such thoughts its my deal my love i never knew such could come up okay, once you receive the fund tomorrow you pay for bills and we have enough for food

Are you trying to say am crazy or something?

Honey you are being rude to me wait so we can have a better understanding about this okay

the bank is making transfer tomorrow 12noon is that?

Does the bank has your bank details now?

send the 10% to them so you can get the letter and get the benefit by 12noon understand so we can be able to follow our dream

Honey honestly you surprise with your attitude if you feel something is wrong or you dont want to help in fixing the situation you are adult we can talk like adults and find a lasting solution to the problem

I felt so much pains in my heart last night could not even sleep, my heart was destroyed  by your words

babe i just expressed my heart to you without hiding words but that you never did rather you even called me name crazy….do i really deserve such from a woman i called wife?

God bears me witness all i wish for us as a family is happiness and peace forever

I forgive

I forgive because love over comes all things

am looking for a shop to pawn my gold watch and my ring and neckless so i can raise the money and pay for the document

You know am only new here and all the cash i had i used for my hotel for 5 weeks 5,150USD  for 5 weeks, that was why i asked for your assistance but you got me wrong, by saying its my personal issues and i should handle it

I was supposed to pay my hotel bills with my card but its not accessable here in bangkok, so all i had was what i used to pay cash for our stay for 5 weeks

I feel so frustrated about this situation

this sitaution wants to test my faith and trust in God so i will never say anything negative about God

God has being faithful and mercyful to me so i will never say bad of him at this situation

I know everything will be fine am almost at the pawn shop am with the driver

whatever it is i will let you know okay

honey i got just 556 for the watchm ring and neckless

its really late here and i have not seen michael since morning i felt for work, its 6:42pm

Am waiting for the money i have to get the 556Euros

am concerned we get a home before we arrive and the bank might be waiting for you to send the document

Honey i believe they were working on the total amount of the benefit because i asked the authorities here in bangkok when i got to work this morning that my wife showed me the mall from them for 985Euros they said yes the work on 10% of my benefit because without the acceptance letter the benefit cannot be cleared that was why i decided to pawn my watch, ring and neckless  just received the 556Euros now


am going back to the hotel now

the driver is taking me back

can i trsut you?

I have faith in you when it comes to handling our future

its left with a balance of 429Euros

Would you make up so by tomorrow we can be sure of the document so you cen send it to the bank

Bangkok is ahead of you with hours if you can send to the company today then when you wake up tomorrow you see letter then send to the bank

Honey so bank will see letter you send in the morning tomorrow and make transfer tomrrow 12noon understand?

so if you send to the me now you send copy to them and also send copy to me okay

so i show copy to them my wife pay and i give them balance i have 21,507 Thai Baht okay

okay so when are you sending to the company?

then send an email to the company now that your husband will pay 556 Euros tomorrow morning and you will send the balance of 429Euros tomorrow okay



Honey good morning how was your night? Miss you so much my pride, am at wor now i have paid the 556Euros which 21,507 Thai  baht

Honey please come and talk to me okay, i dont want you to turn off from me about of our present situation, love over comes everything thing on earth, please your love is what i desire most, if you cant send it dont worry okay just come to me love is all i seek. I feel so lonely since yesterday till now i have not heard from you, i dont know if you are well or not, please dont break my heart come and talk to me, forget about the money but show me love okay. What will i say to Michael if i lose you, he has asked after you this morning before i left for work, could only say mum and your big sister are fine and soon we be home to meet them, i dont want my michael to be disappointment. I love you so much.

I have pleaded to authority because i have sold my 2 watch for 200Euros thats 7716.98 Thai Baht

so i owe 229Euro

i feel bad you could not express your feelings

we are human what you cant do its simple you cant do my love i cant force you all you could have told me babe am sorry cant do it than making a promise and coz of that you want to destroy our relationship

it does not worth it my love As soon as the shell company send to you please forward it to the bank okay

I love you

we miss you so much

michael keep asking after you but i was short of words

i had to pawn my other watch got 200Euros so i paid in and plead for the release of the document so you can forward to the bank to start the process

though the sent it to yu but gave me time to complete the balance of 229Euros which i have to complete before they can testify to the bank to approve transfer

honey they gave accountant details for western union transfer , think that will be faster than bank

, loving, peaceful family where we all seat and have break fast, lunch and dinner

I love you so much

Will spend the rest of my life with you even at old age

we live and watch your son and michael grow up

one thing i play not with your feelings or emotions

you try to do that by me

I will treat you as a queen

I never want to loose you why you play with my feelings and emotion

you are the my wife and the mother of my kids Jessica and Michael

I just want a happy

thanks to God you are fine michael caried all through when i told him he was sick but back from the hospital

and he just wish to come home and be with you right away

I love you Honey

can wait to be home I love you forever

i just got a response from the company

hold on

Here honey-

Bank Name: Bangkok Bank

Acct Name: Panida TaengKeaw

Acct No:   9280281602

Bank Address: N Mark Plaza 3105(Bangkapi) Branch, Latprao Khlongchan Sub-Districk, Bangkapi District, Bangkok 10240.

Swift code: BKKBTHBK

Beneficiary Address: soi 112 Latprao Road Bangkok 10240 Thailand

so i responsed and told them monday my wife will make the transfer

you begin again you know what means when somebody say I go thinking about this


Hangout Chat  (the google e-mail address of the scammer is unavailable)


David Anderson:

Hello honey

I miss you so much

All through yesterday and today could not get access to skype seems the problem has started again

Just can’t wait to finish up and cone home with Michael to meet you and his brother Roy

What time will you ask your bank to make the transfer?

ask the bank to make transfer of 229euros from your account to the provided account

you can say you are sending to support family expenses

honey that is impossible

seems you dont want to help the situation

i hate distrust in a relationship

but no problem

you tough me a very big lesson

I was calm with all your explanation

prove your honesty

make a western union you have their information

you refused western union

also refused bank transfer with excuses

thats so childish

I cry so bitterly because i had to sale my valuable things just to raise money thinking we are in this together

you lied you want to help me all these where made stories

but its okay

Today is the most painful day in my life

will notify the company to place cancel on the document they issued you and should also contact the bank of America to disregard any document that might come from you bearing the companies name as false

Have you ever thught of michael even since we got to thailand

no you never did more concerned about money

whats is 229Euros its nothing before me

am totally disappointed in you

you have told me how untrusted you are

So think before you end up

what will be his faith in you

I never lie to you  (*:^o liar*:O) clown*:D big grin)

i felt bad about everything

229 euros keeping my benefit

but its okay i will find any means to clear it

even if i have to pawn my large Tablet

Am not after your money am after your love and care

Cant disappoint my son

coz he is involved in this

will go to the pawn shop in the morning with my large tablet

Am human i felt so bad but its okay

I love you

I was upset but my anger is calm now

i will pawn the tablet in the money and fix it i pray what i will receive for it settles it


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: info bankofamerica           
Date: October XX, 2017 

Bank of America, Brooklyn, New York

449 Myrtle Avenue.

Brooklyn, NY 11205

Remittance Department

24/7 Banking Operation

Date: 28/10/2017

Our Ref:- BANK REMITTANCE/09472/BOS-16301/17

Ms. (name removed):

We have received your Bank details from Belco Oil & Gas Corporation, New York, for an immediate fund transfer of 985,000USD to your Bank. Please

The Bank of America urgently request an acceptance document from your husband place of work in Thailand (SHELL PETROLEUM COMPANY THAILAND) stating that your husband (DAVID ANDERSON) has be accepted and admitted to take off his contract as agreed within both companies thus:- Belco Oil & Gas Corporation, New York and Shell Petroleum Company Thailand before we can proceed with remittance.

This document is needed urgently before 12Noon on Monday to facilitate remittance at 12Noon prompt.

Remittance will take place on Monday 12Noon New York local time, and you will receive a transfer notification through your email and your mobile number.

Ms. (name removed), we look forward to receive this document from you.

Below is the Shell Petroleum company Thailand email address.

Yours in Service

James Howard

Director Remittance Department, Bank of America, NY


Message N 2:

From: info bankofamerica
Date: December XX, 2017 

Our Ref:- BANK REMITTANCE/09472/BOS-16301/17

Ms. (name removed):

The Bank of America urgently request an acceptance document from your husband place of work in Thailand (SHELL PETROLEUM COMPANY THAILAND) stating that your husband (DAVID ANDERSON) has be accepted and admitted to take off his contract as agreed within both companies thus:- Belco Oil & Gas Corporation, New York and Shell Petroleum Company Thailand before we can proceed with remittance.

This document is needed urgently before 12Noon on Monday to facilitate remittance at 12Noon prompt.


Remittance will take place on Monday 12Noon New York local time
Bank of America, Brooklyn, New York
449 Myrtle Avenue.
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Remittance Department
24/7 Banking Operation


Message N 3:

From: BelcoOilandGas Corporationnewyork
Date: October XX, 2017 
Subject: Greetings from Belco Oil & Gas Corperation, New York

Office of the Managing Director

Belco Oil & Gas Corperation,

767 5th Ave, New York.

Date: XX/10/2017

Greetings from Belco Oil & Gas Corperation, 767 5th Ave, New York. My name is Mr. John Cambridge am the Managing Director of Belco Oil & Gas Corperation, New York where your proposed husband Mr. David Anderson works.

Actually am not suppose to get involved in your personal affairs but because of your proposed husbands honesty and sincerity,i was very happy when he told me about his relationship with you.

Miss count your self lucky, you have found a man of honour, an outstanding man of trust who has kept him self for this period of years after the death of his wife.

Miss i strongly believe both of you will make a happy and lovely home, he has informed me of his plans to move over to Amsterdam immediately after his contract in Thailand to start a new life and family with you, your son Roy with his little son Michael.

David has always being very scared getting involved in any form of relationship as a result of his emotions, he never wants to get hurt by any woman.

My kind advice to you is! Show him true love which is every mans desire and always cherish him.

I wish you both the best in life.

Once more best of luck and Gods blessings


Mr. John Cambridge

Director of Belco Oil & Gas Corperation, New York

Message N 4:

From: BelcoOilandGas Corporationnewyork
Date: October XX, 2017
Subject: Re:Greetings from Belco Oil & Gas Corperation, New York

Office of the Managing Director

Belco Oil & Gas Corperation,

767 5th Ave, New York.

Date: XX/10/2017

I have being directed by your proposed husband, David Anderson to accept his approval, as his wife and next of kin to his contract benefit.And that the benefit should be processed and transferred to you in (location removed) to enable him start up a prefect life when he arrives.

I am working on his contract benefit of 985,000USD through our companies  Bank (Bank of America) remittance will be made to your personal Bank account in your favour as his wife and Next of kin (Beneficiary).

Miss. (name removed) you are hereby required to provide the following information’s stated below to enable us start up the process without any form of delay.

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your House address
  3. Copy of your National ID and copy of International Passport
  4. Telephone Number
  5. Bank Name
  6. Account Name
  7. Account Number
  8. Bank Address
  9. Bank Telephone Number
  10. Bank Swift Code


We shall prepare an official file of his benefit and send to the Bank of America. The Bank of America will contact you and update you with the method of transfer.

As soon as we receive the above information we shall start up the process immediately.


Mr. John Cambridge

Director of Belco Oil & Gas Corperation, New York


*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!


Message N 5:

Date: October XX, 2017 
Subject: Shell Petroleum Company Bangkok, Thailand

10 อาคารเชลล์ ถนนสุนทรโกษา แขวงคลองเตย

Khet Khlong Toei,
Krung Thep Maha Nakhon
10110, Thailand

We received your husbands contract appointment letter from his office in New York.

Your husband will resume duties with our company tomorrow at 8am. The acceptance letter you are are requesting for can only be issued by our cooperate administrative department with a 10% issuance charges of the total amount of his contract benefit.

A contract benefit of a sum of 985,000USD will be transferred to your bank account as his wife and next of kin, on that note you are to pay an issuance charges of (985Euros) through our company accountant through western union money Transfer, thereafter we issue you an official acceptance letter which you will send to the Bank of America for your husband benefit to be transferred to you at 12noon tomorrow 30th October 2017.

See below our company’s accountant details.

Name: Miss Panida Taengkaew

Address: Bangkok, Thailand

Telephone: 66091076437

As soon as you make the western union transfer, send us a copy of the transfer slip via this email for confirmation.

Best Regards

Ning Kong

Director, Shell Petroleum Company, Bangkok, Thailand


Message N 6:

Date: November XX, 2017 
Subject: Acceptance Letter!

Ms. (name removed), kindly find attached copy.

Thanks you



A few Fake scammer Profiles with photos of the same person:

1. Alexander Culberson

Photo of Dr. Mark Smith (chiropractor, USA)



Contact info • Home
563 289 7488 • Mobile
Fremont, California • Home
About Alexander: A Romantic Man in Nature
I’m divorced 3 and half years ago and have a daughter who is 5. I love playing music, cooking, driving, reading books and writing poetry in my spare time. I hate people that discriminate, sluggish, proud, selfish, talks …
Birthday 20 March
Work history
CEO/Manager at Elite Telecom Construction Company
Telecom Engineering at University of Minnesota


2. Amuse Brimstone

Photo of Dr. Mark Smith (chiropractor, USA)

Amuse Brimstone

i am single looking for mu soul mate here  please here is my email:

Amuse Brimstone:

hello friends is another day again i am so happy to have you all here , i am singel never married

amuse brimstone:

hello friend i am amuse brimstione i am from usa live in newyork i am a widowe looking for my soulmate i have i son he is 14years old i am really looking for a very nice and lovely woman please here is my email

1. Ria Garry



From Frankfurt, Germany


2. Joshua Rico Mark



Project Engineering Manager at Wilcox Drilling and Pump Co.
Lives in Jackson, Mississippi
Joined July 2012


Original picture:



Age: 53
Date of Birth: 4 October 1963
Zodiac: Libra
Country: USA
City: portland oregon
Occupation: engineer
Education: Phd
Religion: christianity
Marital Status: divorced
Kids: Dauchter
Languages spoken: American English
My personality traits are: i hate insult
I like these kinds of music: yes
I usually read: bible
My favorite cuisine: late doctor macus
I like these physical activities: football
More about me:
Anyway i guess i should tell you all about me then, but where do I start from okay. My name is Frank Edmond. I’m 51 years old, i guess age doesn’t counts, I got a first degree in Petroleum Engineering.. But now presently work in the RIG Am the only child of my late parents of the blessed memory.I have a 11 years old Daughter I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who is friendly,honest, caring,trustworthy and God fearing.I find very much peace and tranquility here. I’m 6’1″ 190 bls with a athletic build , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, a good listener, God Fearing, and a positive person.I am real easy person to talk to and a loving and outgoing person….
Age group of a partner: 30-55
My perception of an ideal relationship: Good relationship that will end to marriage



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