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Romance Scam
Loan Scam

Robert Williams

 Robert Williams



Tagline: Serious Relationship only
Member Since: October 22, 2011
Gender: Male
Location: Sutton, VT
Age: 61
Relationship Status: Divorced
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight
About Me:
Music: Slow and Rap music
Movies: Action and comedy
TV: Comedy
Books: Novel
Sports: football
Interests: playing football…
Dreams: to become the most greatest man on earth
About Me:
I am an easy going guy caring and lovely always make people around me happy… INBOX:

David Williams:

  • good afternoon my love i hope you are doing great?
  • what for lunch sweetie can i come over so that we have lunch together?
  • sweetie i will be traveling to supply some art work to some hotels and they need africa type of it i need to get them in kenya
  • Hello sweetie i guess you are sleeping now…I am still in the US but i will be traveling of saturday i will let you know ok…have a wonderful night rest kisses and hugs to you
  • hello sweetie..good morning to you how was your night
  • are you there please talk to me
  • i miss talking to you…what are your plans for the day will you be going out?
  • sweetie dream my love talk to you in the morning also remember that i will be traveling on saturday evening..Kisses and hugs to you
  • Hello sweetie good morning to you i hope you are doing great?
  • i will let you know when i arrive there ok
  • i love you so much hope to see you when i am back
  • Hello sweetie i guess you are sleeping right now..I am very sorry to tell you this that i need your help, I am about rounding up with what i came for but there is a little problem i need to pay for the shipping and pay for some other expenses my card refuse to work i have been battling with this problem over 3 days now no way out i contact my bank in the US there is nothing they can do since is africa for security, my love please i need some money i will pay you back when i come over even with interest please my love
  • sweetie if you are able to help me let me know so that i can send you my details where to send it to, what i need now is $1000 i will be so grateful. you can send it to my name Robert Williams address 21A Ohuru keyanta estate Nairobi kenya. send with western union my love. I will be waiting to hear from you I love you
  • sweetie please check your email i have explain to you and i need $1000 i am going to pay back when i get home..i love you so much
  • Alright my love please let me know if you are going send it and i will truly appreciate
  • Hello sweetie good morning to you how was your night i hope it was great?
  • good morning where am i going to get 1000.00 dollars


Message on a mail box:

From: Robert Williams
Sent: November XX, 2017 
Subject: From Robert

Hello Darling,

How are you doing today i hope you are doing great and it was a beautiful day for you, My love i am very sorry for bothering you of help i never knew my credit card will not work here and i already gotten what i wanted what i need now is to ship my goods and some other expenses please if there is any way you can help me i will be so grateful i am going to pay back when i get home, Sweetie my credit card refuse to work here in kenya and i have to contact my bank they also explain to me that is not going to work for security reasons that i have to sort my self out or come back home and i can’t abandon my business and what i have already paid for. Please if you can help me my love i promise with my life that i am going to pay back when i get home i will never disappoint you with the love that i have for you.

Please let me know if you are going to send it to me as soon as possible i need to leave here for me to be able to deliver my goods to my customers.

send it to my name: Robert Williams address: 21a ohuru estate nairobi kenya

I will be waiting for the details, your full name on the receipt and the text question and answer.

Thank you so very much my lovely angel you are my everything i will always think about you love you forever.


A few scammer Profiles using the name “Robert Williams”:

1. Robert Williams




2. Robert Williams


Take notice: the scammer used photos of two different persons:


Photo of Vlastimil Picek (Chief of Army staff General, Czech Republic)

Photo of Glenn Michael Walters ( an American Marine Corps General)



Lives in Texas City, Texas
Joined October 2014

3. Robert Williams

Photo of Gustavo Lazo Oval ( Cuban writer living in Spain)


Take notice: the scammer used photos of two different persons..*;) winking



Went to The University of Texas at Arlington
From Texas City, Texas



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