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Anthony Newton




ALEX4935: Looking for me?
Non-Smoker with Athletic body type
City: Ohio, Ohio
51 year old Male, 6′ 2″ (188cm), Christian – other
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Sagittarius
ALEX4935 is looking for a relationship.
Education: Bachelors Degree
Personality: Traveler
Profession: Employed
Marital Status: Divorced

About Me

i’m easy going,straightforward and honest with a good sense of humor,i like meeting new people and i treat others the way i want to be treated,i’m looking for a serious,loving woman who knows what she want and ready to go for it,someone who is not afraid to show affections,a positive and happy woman who is ready to love and beloved,someone who is ready to communicate because communications is the key to a successful relationship.

I am fundamentally a good-matured and honest man who enjoys the simple things of life. I can get along well with most people and i think that you should live life to the fullest and do all that you can. I am a very humble and giving person with a large heart. I don’t lie, play games with people, and always do my best to help every one around me… I want a woman in my life that wants true love, passion, trust, understanding, and happiness in her life. Someone that is true to her heart, and true to her word. The most important thing in her life is her man ,family, home, and future. That will stand by my side as my equal forever and I will be the only one by her side. That will let me trust her with all that I have inside my heart…

Conversation Starters (i.e. what you’d like to do on a first date…)

Anything a lady wants i aim to please……… I’m gentle and very down to earth! I love my life and it would be fun having someone to share it with….. I love the out doors and doing fun stuffs with close relatives and family! Would love to meet someone that is looking for something serious and not just a casual fling. Someone who is intelligent, kind and loving. I would love to meet a lady who knows what she wants out of a relationship, don’t matter if you have kids or not as I’m indifferent about that. I am not looking for nothing other than a good woman. Feel free to message me and we’ll see how it goes from there. Cheers

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Message N 1:


Love your cute smile,my name is Anthony,you are beautiful, have you found your match yet ?i hope I would love to know more about you. what is your favorite color, please do take a quick glance on my profile and hopefully you will find it interesting as i do love to hear back from you alright

Message N 2:


Nice to meet you,i’m new on the site and online dating generally,would love to know more about you,if you don’t mind you can write directly to me at on anthonynewton6838 at for better conversations as i’m not regular on here and we can share more pics,stay sweet


Message on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: anthony newton
Date: XX Aug 2018 

At our age I think we know what we want. We’ve been through enough to know. I’m a giver, I don”t think i mentioned that to you briefly in my last email. I give 200% – maybe too much.What I’ve always wanted from a relationship was equal sharing, my best friend, my partner in life, my lover, my family. When I make a commitment, I’m devoted and I’m a tiger when it comes to protecting my own. I need to feel the same from you. It’s terrible to be left out in the cold, on a limb, abandoned by the one person you thought would love and protect you always. That’s where communication comes in and truthfulness. Betrayal is awful.

I know. I want my relationship to be pleasurable, joyful, I want to be thrilled when you walk through the door and by the same token I want you to thrill me, too – if we don’t enjoy each other it just becomes sad and disappointing. I know it’s possible to sustain love and pleasure – it works because both make the effort to keep the flame alive. And let’s face it, that’s what it takes – both of us making an effort to be there for the other and keep igniting the passion. I can be quite playful and surprising. I love to surprise and make you feel good, and make you laugh. And I have to mention, I love surprises too.

I’m one of the good ones, no ego intended, or arrogance for that matter but I really am. I’m a quality guy. I had really good parents. I mean, good people, hard workers and generous hearted. My father was an avid Gardner and I shared his enthusiasm for creating natural beauty and peace in one’s immediate environment. It’s important to me now because I believe that what we create outward mirrors our inner selves. Truly, everything we do is a reflection of who we really are. I would say that I’m a good reflection of where I come from. I admired my parents, especially my father, he was honest, ethical, considerate, and compassionate. He taught me that when you give, you don’t hold on, you give whole heatedly and unconditionally. Dishonesty made him angry, I think – despite the obvious reason of deception or betrayal involved, he strives to make things better and if one is kept in the dark or lied to one is deprived of choice.

I’m inventive, I have very good coping skills and I’m a great problem solver. Not much rattles me but that doesn’t mean it can’t, it just means it’s rare.dishonesty has to be a deal breaker but you know, I would have to say disrespect is a deal breaker, too. Being disrespected just makes me feel really bad and it’s abusive. I think we need to treat each other with consideration and worth, and do no harm. It’s not just that we need to value each other but we have to be aware of our own innate value. I think true inward confidence and worth, nurtures and inspires treating others with care, value and respect. I think being able to conduct ourselves in such a manner is a reflection of how we are living up to the love of God. By loving each other and treating each other with dignity and honor we show our love for God. I trust and have faith that I am loved by God and put one foot in front of the other everyday to be a better human being. Life is too short to treat each other badly.

I miss sharing life with someone, that’s the bottom line. I’ve learned certain things that I think are especially important regarding men and women in relationships. First, I think, you have to really enjoy being a man, and a man who loves and appreciates women. And ditto for women. Otherwise you can wind up living with the enemy, and that sucks. I can you tell you, I truly enjoy myself – I mean, I appreciate and enjoy our differences as men and women, as well as our commonalities as human beings. If you don’t like or trust women, generally speaking, then you will always regard them with suspicion and mistrust. And the same goes for women who harbor secret dislike for men. We gotta like each other. Besides, enjoying each others differences is really what it’s all about.

Well, all I can say is, I think I’m a pretty well rounded and balanced person. I have many interests and can discuss a wide variety of subjects. I can keep up with the conversation or keep the conversation going but you have to like to talk. I enjoy being quiet, too, peace, relation but I can’t live with someone who does not like to talk. I want to be with someone who encourages me to be a better human being, and vice versa.

I get the impression that you’re a well rounded and balanced person also.I agree with everything you conveyed and what comes across loud and clear is that you are partner material – I really understand that.I am too.

Warm thoughts for you,Anthony.


Message N 2:

From: anthony newton
Date: XX Aug 2018
Subject: Hello Dear

How are you?Am really going to put a lot of effort into writing this letter to you in hopes it will provide you with a good understanding of who I am, what I am all about, and what has made me the person I am today. The reason I am going to write a letter rather than just send a message is because I am serious about wanting to establish a good quality relationship with you and because of the fact I rarely contact anyone on here, so when I do you can be rest assured I am serious about my intentions.

I believe writing to each other will really help to learn and understand ourselves better until we get to meet in person. I seek for a real and a serious relationship, openness is in my nature and am a simple man too. I’m a really affectionate man with a fragile heart. I’m really glad we can communicate like this until we meet, Its so amazing we can learn about each other without even meeting in person yet. I have seen the best of all places and apart from the fact that i love traveling so much my job also involves a lot of traveling but i haven’t seen a woman to capture my heart yet. I want a loving,caring sweet and intelligent woman in my life right now who will love and care for me like i will love and care for her also. I want someone who will always make out time to listen to me like i will listen to her. I love to hold hands and cuddle. I really miss walking on the beach with that special someone and making sweet and passionate love all trough the night.

I must say I am still single because I have not found any woman yet to capture my heart. Most women I meet are only after me because they think I am good looking, money and will just like to have sex with me without love being the main objective. I don’t want that in my life right now, I want a relationship with love and that will take me forever. I’m not a kid and am not getting any younger. I want someone that will love me forever. Sex is good and I love it, it keeps any relationship burning but love and trust is what makes a good relationship. I’m a one woman man and I hate cheats. I have been cheated on before so I know how painful it can be, so I don’t do it to people. My dear after reading your emails I know the kind of woman you are and the kind of man you want in your life, and trust me you are not asking for too much. we are looking for the same things, that is interesting to know.

I’m looking for someone who is Honest, Likes to have fun, Caring, likes surprises, someone who don’t mind age, straight forward.. practice safe jokes, doesn’t mind holding hands or walking arm-in-arm in public, be considerate of others, and knows when to hold and re-assure their mate. These are some of the traits that I have and would like to find someone with the same traits. I firmly believe that in order to a lasting relationship, There should not be a one way street between them. A relationship is always a two way agreement, there will be times that one will need to use the one way only for a little while, and the other will also have that same ability. There should not be any secrets from one another. And no matter what, there should not be any lie, if I understand you are the Only whom I am seeking, I want to share with you all your sorrows and joys, I will be your best friend and life partner. I’m a quiet, kind, loyal. A great meaning for me is a human’s soul. Circle of my interests is various.

My perception of an ideal, I would like to see near me a reliable woman. Which would require my emotional heat, capable to like and respect. I don’t have any girlfriend at present and I’m not in any serious relationship. I’m a great giver because I so much believes in the Multiplied returns and that’s why I doesn’t lack anything. I never speak negatively about people, I talk less and listen more to people and does not jump into other people’s affairs.. I’m very understanding, open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character, honest, sincere, kind, warm and intelligent with good look. I have fully decided to be a role Model too, loving and caring. But I doesn’t want to mess myself with the wrong person. Basically I decided to settle with a nice, good loving and caring serious relationship.

Do you really want someone like me..? Do you really want me by your side? I really want a woman like you in my life….Good relationship and everlasting love. Love can make you do things that you never thought possible! Well, I think this is how I can tell you more about me and how to express the kind of feeling am having to our new friendship. Hopeful to hear from you because I really want to Know more about you. I am an adventurous, risk-taker that’s chosen to live an uncommon life. I love great food, wine, good conversation. Travel to exotic places. Exploration. Sensual, sensitive, intuitive. Hopelessly romantic. I believe it’s more about who you’re with than what you are doing. I am a typical person and am probably looking for a typical partner. I believe life is short. Have few regrets. I am pretty transparent and am looking for someone who is also unpretentious. I believe I have another lifetime in front of me and I would like to meet someone with whom I connect physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually to share it with. Someone I can get very, very close to. Someone to share a bond and trust with. Someone I can be silly with. Someone I can play with. I bring out the little girl in you and you the little boy in me. I am not perfect, but I will be perfect for you and you will be perfect for me. I know true love, just like in the movies, exists. One of my favorite quotes about relationships…”You and your beloved are walking a path never walked in exactly the same way by anyone else who has ever lived. You do not take a breath, think a thought, have a wisp of feeling that existed before, and the intimacy you build together will never be known again..This friendship I want to build with you will be filled with substance, quality, spirituality and potential.

I Have some few questions for you, I hope you don’t mind…
1.How stable is your life over the past relationship?
2.Have you learned something about yourself from every past relationship?
3.Have you narrowed down your specific desires as to what type of person you want to meet?
4.How ready are you to love and beloved ?
5.Do you talk about your feelings with someone else?
6.How ready are you to share your families with the right man ?
7.How would you treat a man like me if you been given a chance??
8.What’s your greatest fear? What’s the craziest thing that you have ever done?
9.What’s your Fav Color?What’s your Fav Food?
10.Would the girl you were be happy about the woman that you have become?
11.What do you consider your greatest achievement?
12.Do you consider yourself average, wealthy or rich.
13.Where’s your Fav vacation spot?
14.What are you doing for a living presently and how long have you been doing that?
15.If your were to come to life as an animal, which would it be?
16.How long have you been doing this on line dating stuff and what are your experiences?”Good and bad”.

Now I will answer the questions

I’m over my ex wife,and I have learned so much from it,I’m a better person now,And i have learned that honesty is the key to every long lasting relationship,My greatest fear is actually not trying. the boy i was would be happy about the man i am now because i am still on my feet after the whole tragedy i went through,I want someone who knows when to laugh and when to cry. Someone who truly listens when i have something to say.Someone that’s there for me during the good and bad times.Someone who is caring,honest,romantic and loyal. Someone who loves me with all her heart and soul.Someone who is interested in reality and not as a fashion display.Someone who is honest. Someone i can trust.and also trust me.My greatest achievement would be my child and getting on with life even after the Blow(the death of the closest people in my life)Yes I talk about my feelings with God and the person which I have those feelings for I share it with her.My Greatest weapon,would be my Mind,as i think about things and try to work a way through.I have always fought to get almost everything in my life,well i guess there’s nothing free on earth.I’m more than ready to love and beloved,This is all i have always dreamed of and thought of. Life without Love is like a harp without strings.The boy I was would be happy about the man i am now because i am still on my feet after the whole tragedy I went through,If i was to come as an animal,I would come as an Eagle(beautiful and strong)craziest thing ever done would be making Love in a park,I was young then, I have more than necessary to enable myself live good, my favorite color is purple, Fav vacation spot would be the Caribbeans,i would love to also go to Mexico. Fav Food would be Mexican(very spicy).I would love to spoil a woman like you in every way I can,I just began on-line dating, but wasn’t really focused on it until I met you.

Sorry for the many questions I think it will help to know each other better.
Hope to hear from you soon.


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