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Romance scammer


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Romance Scam
Army Leave Scammer

James Wilson


His name is James Wilson on Facebook. He is a general in Syria, al Tanf. He is 63 years old, widower, with a son, lives in Chicago.

James Wilson DELETED

Photo of Stuart James (is a former 1st Sgt. U.S. Army Air Force)
This is an extremely popular picture set, one of the most used INBOX:

James Wilson:

Hello my love.
good morning to you and how your was night, i hope you had a pleasant good Night sleep. I am so much happy about you and i want you to know that i have also fall in love with you, i have been thinking about you all my day in my duty post, i have been so busy in my patrol duty, and you are always in my thought, i love so much, i can’t wait to be with you, and hold you in my arms. Kiss and hugs you and then ollkin (looking) to your eyes and tell you how much i love you, i’ve always wanted to create something unique to how much i love you. Now i’ve found the right place, and i am going to tell the world that i love you. It may sound crazy and corby, but i want to tell the whole universe about the true and sincere affection i have for you. I cannot tell you axactly how i feel, but hope that you feel the warmth of my love whenever you read my mail. I will be rigth here beside you any time you need me, and i will be with you until i breathe my last breath. I promise to share my live whith you no matter what tomorrow may bring,i want you to know that since the day we met i’ve fallen deepley in love whith you there are no words to express the gratiutude i feel in heart that you came into my life, and how you make every day so special. You are my. My heart, my soul. You are my best friend, my one true love, my one and and only. I love you more today than i did yesterday, and I’ll love you more tomorrow than i do today, bye for now, have a nice day sweetheart.

Your james

James Wilson:

hello my love
how are you sweetheart
i love you so much my love and you?
i miss you my love
you my pretty
you are my happiness
you are my everything that why i love you so much
sex, knees or something else tell me please details
but you are very fine that is most important for me
we will do everything that couple does my love
i know yours p.. will be so sweet
yes, I have here all the time, day and night, I can’t sleep because it blows me like that
i mean that i know that you are so cute
i see you so pretty
i mean that i know that you are so cute
And yet, tell me what you like the most, so directly, I want to know please
i like going out with my wife
do you like to dance?
James Wilson:
hahaha yes my love dancing in bed will be whenever we want it but going out fr party will be one in a while
we go down sex slowly, you feel it
in bed i will do it practical when i come haha
you like it slowly?
yes my love sometime we need it slowly and sometime it may be hot *(!)
i love you
first the face because i like pretty women
yes the beauty of a woman
but which mostly put together, or everything



*(!) The scammer is trying to discuss sex. He wants to do that so he can blackmail his victim later.


James Wilson:
my love i am having bad time since 2 day ago, i don’t know how to tell you because i don’t know what may be your reaction
my son call that he need money and you know here we don’t have to our money my salary they pay it in USA and my friend who is helping is have facial issue now
i am confused i don’t know what to do my love
I was waiting for it, maybe you cheat on me like other women, I don’t have any money and I can’t help you, unfortunately
James Wilson:
well i thought you may misunderstand me that is why i haven’t say it for long time
I will block you now in truth
James Wilson:
if you love me don’t but if you don’t love me you can go ahead and block me
i am not forcing you to help me never in my life to do that
I thought so, it’s not always the same person on Facebook, because you didn’t remember anything I told you
James Wilson:
you said you can not help me out can we forget about that and talk about our relationship?
I don’t know, I don’t trust you anymore, there were times when I didn’t believe you, prove to me that you are in Syria and give me this address to you
yes i was not interested knowing your work you are who i and stop saying that
James Wilson:
i forget what you told me please i don’t like that
for my address in Syria you requested it and i give you maybe you have forgotten
i gave you you search and you told me that you have seen it that i should be careful there this is what you said my love
Al-Tanf is where we are and i am sure i told you
That’s not an answer, i haven’t forgotten what i said and what you said to me
I do, I want the exact address as I can write to you
James Wilson:
i will give you know
already have the impression that I have already seen your picture, I will find out
James Wilson:
1007 clark street chicago
near Diplomatic hotel
It is not a Syrian address
this is not a proof
James Wilson:
what else do you want me to do
james wilson how he should be like he has money and would not have asked

prove me you are the one
Syrien address now
James Wilson:
i will call you but my pc camera is not bright is old pc that i am using here
you already know it’s not clear
I didn’t see you and I don’t want you to see me in this case
you saw me i know you did but you don’t want me to see you
James Wilson:
well if you don’t trust me i have done all to proof the love i have for you
send me a video
and your Syrian address now
you don’t want me to see you but i know you see me
I haven’t met you
James Wilson:
At Tanf “is an American military base in the province of Homs in Syria, 24 km west of the al-Tanf border crossing
you saw me and I’m sure you stopped laying, we are adults
James Wilson:
I didn’t recognize you
James Wilson:
I called you and did you see me? do you behave like that
<<the end of the video >>
I didn’t even see you
It’s still the same,
do the video and send it here
make the video I want to see where you are now and give me the address in Syria
this is your only chance
I need the correct address where you can receive my mail now
James Wilson:
I’ve done it all, I’m a man and you’re a woman, you shouldn’t be the one who commands me no matter what, though I respect you enough.
women have the same rights here as men, I don’t command I want evidence, if you love me then you understand where is the video
James Wilson:
your act here doesn’t show there is love any more but as a man i will endure what ever come out from you, what i am seeing here can never come between two lovers i am very disappointed
do what I am asking you, I will believe you again and it will be fine as it was, I want to know who I love, I do not want to put you down even though I should finish it already, so everything in your hands my love
James Wilson:
i have don it and never to repeat it any more
The matter is simple, I love you if you are and I don’t have to tell anyone, prove me please, I know you understand my uncertainty
you did not even show your face in video call no problem,
what you didn’t understand, please do this for me as proof that you understand my uncertainty
James Wilson:
the problem i have is that i believed you and i trusted you but i don’t know you are thinking different
i will not do it and i will never do it i am very disappointed that i called you and you hide your face for me
James Wilson:
I have trusted you too and would still like if I am sure that it is you, please, do and everything is fine
James Wilson:
you and you hide your face for me everything is good then it ends, i give you dis tomorrow time to prove your love to me, you have my photo with date so this is me
i don’t care what ever you may do block me if you want i don’t care
exactly, and i’m not the woman there is good, you must know that the money asks everything, i love you, i just don’t want to be bothered
if you really love me you don’t care
sorry but i can’t do anything else, i want to know, please do good for us and everything again, please james
you have already made my day ugly and my head hot now
James Wilson:
are you trying to label me a fraud? what did i do to you?
his video is so bright i couldn’t see if it was you, i still love you
no no, I don’t want that, I want to trust you, I don’t call you a cheater either, try to understand me, there is everything in the world
I’m just afraid that you are not, please, don’t break this with us
think about it and let me know, I want it with you even after what was now, but I have to be sure that I know who I love, you understand for sure, you are intelligent, if you don’t want it is your decision
James Wilson:
how much do you think i will get from you that will make me to lie?
i have already decided i know it will pain me for some days but i believe that i will see who will trust me because without trust love can bot hold
No, that’s not the case, I’m not saying that you are lying, but I point out that women will be cheated in this way, I hope it was really necessary to ask me, I want to trust you James
if you say that, i just wanted to know if you were the one i see in the picture and if you were in Syria if you were to protect me i could have understood that
James Wilson:
is my time to rest, if you block me fine if you don’t then tomorrow we talk
I want you and I love you, I don’t block you, think
James Wilson:
my head is broken now
i want you to know that women are being cheated on facebook, i am not saying that it is you but i have my thoughts, i have to be sure we never saw each other, i told you at the beginning because i was afraid of what is already there, please give me what I need to be safe
if you love me, then you protect me as you promised me whenever I need it, if everything is real, then I’ll apologize to them.



Message on a mail box:

From: James wilson <>
Date: XX July 2020 
Subject: Re: "BABY I MISS YOU - (Lyrics) 

Good Morning my sweetheart
Today a little pretty bird knocked on my window and told me a little secret. It was said that you are the nicest, most beautiful and most adorable woman on the planet. My dear, I haven’t slept all night because my son called me about money and I was very worried, darling. I promise that I will pay you back your money immediately. I go out here and come to you, do me a favor and protect myself Out of worry I love you so much


Fake scammer Profile with stolen photos of Stuart James and some info from another Informant:



I accepted someone on Facebook his name is George Morgan. I think he is a scammer but I think he uses alot of other names. He said he lost his wife 5 yrs ago and has a 13 yr old son. I’m not telling him much

2. George Morgan

Photo of Stuart James (is a former 1st Sgt. U.S. Army Air Force)



From Miami, Florida

Fake Profiles with stolen photos of Stuart James:

1. @stuartjames272 (Stuart James)



Stuart James
Joined August 2017


2. @Jamesst88439773 (James Stuart)



James Stuart
Joined July 2017

1. James Make



Birthday: June 29, 2003 (17?  *:-/ confused*:-? thinking *=D&gt; applause)

2. Martins Heinrich



Birthday: April 16, 1958
Current city: Kabul
Relationship: Actively searching
Studied at: New York University
Education: New York University


3. Charles Benard



Charles Benard:
my name is benard, I’m a military personal assigned to the united nation, I have worked for five good country, presently in malaysia, I love
Birthday: July 16
Current city: Bristol
Relationship: Single


4. James Scott



James Scott: Happy to meet
Birthday: February 2, 1959
Current city: Los Angeles
Relationship: Single
Studied at: University of California, Los Angeles
Hometown: USA
Languages: English
Education: University of California, Los Angeles
School: Westwood Charter School, Los Angeles






50, Man, Single
North Canton, United States
Looks for:
52 – 66 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship




Age: 64
From Hamburg
I will meet:a girl, 51 – 80 years old
Languages spoken: English
Zodiac sign: Aquarius




Jamselsfraser: love to see honest persons here…
Seeking: Female Age 45 to 68
Status: 58 Single Straight Male
Location: Ohio Ohio
Interest In: Long-Term Relationship
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Politics: Liberal
Education: Graduate degree
Religion: Christian
Income: $15,001 to $25,000
Occupation: United State Militar
Country: United States
Im meek and God loving man
My perception of an ideal mate are honesty mutual understanding similar interests and the countenance in different life situations I search a lady only for a serious relationship but first we have to be good friends I am looking for a lady who is looking for a real love without any fakes or role players
Candle light
Aim high and bring out the best from myself and the world at large



James Alfred Alvin




57, Man, Single
Washington, United States
Looks for:
50 – 64 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship

1. James



Age: 62
Location: United States of America, Florida Ridge
I’m looking for: a woman aged 40 to 99 for a romantic relationship.


2. Trevor James



Age: 57
Zodiac: Virgo
Location: United States of America, Manassas
I’m looking for: a woman aged 57 to 60.



Alex Johnson123 (Alex Johnson)



54, Man, Complicated relationship
Aliceville, United States
Looks for:
Single Woman
50 – 61 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship

Austin Charles



Age: 56
Gender: male
Location: Accra [Ghana]



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