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Romance Scam
Army Leave scammer
Sick Chilrd scam
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Den Torres
Smith Maupin
Edward Larry Maupin

Phone number: +1 (502) 547-4263

The e-mail addresses associated with this scam:

The names associated with this scam:

Alexander Owen
Edward Maupin
Hung Do
Hung Le
Jaime Shults
Joyce Montgomery
Lauren Clark
Peter Johnston
Phạm Ngọc Đức
Phu Nguyen
Ricardo Canas
Williams Leonard

The phone numbers:

+1 (209) 569-5706
+1 (210) 444-2760
+1 (347) 378 0293

+234 708 872 2322

Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination Nigeria
Original network provider* Bharti Airtel Ltd (Celtel)



The scammer with the name “Den Torres” The e-mail adress is: .The sick son “Smith Maupin” (e-mail address also sent me emails a few times.  He called me from the number +1 (502) 547-4263. We didn’t talk, but I asked him for a message. He informed me that his nanny Linda needed money for medicines.  I was told to contact the doctor to ask where I must to send money for son’s treatment.  The doctor’s e-mail address is
It has been happening to me since the beginning of March 2020: So on TWOO, I met a much younger man, from Birmingham, with an “unfortunate history”.
In his early childhood, he was involved in a car accident where both his parents and two brothers died.  He was raised by Catholics and trained as an accountant. Then, at the age of 42, he married an orphan who bore him a son and died in childbirth.  He then moved to America, now living in Morehead, Kentucky, USA.  He supposedly fell in love with me, he promises me marriage, even though I don’t want marriage at all. July is supposed to visit me on my way home.  Proceed as follows: He has been working in Aleppo, Syria, since mid-March, under a contract with the WHO. He allegedly received $ 75,000 for 3 months of work.  He is housed in a military camp in the same city, is supplied with necessities in a WHO store, does not pay them with money, but is then charged for it at the end of the deal.Once once, in the first days after arriving in Syria, we had a video call.  Shortly after arriving in Syria, however, his 9-year-old son fell ill.  As soon as he left, it seemed to him that something was wrong with him and he remarked that he just thought it was because he was leaving home for a long time, Supposedly liver disease.  He also sends me a picture of a sick child, but it doesn’t look like he had liver surgery … because he has tubes from his neck, across his chest.  After a while, he tells me it was a hole in his heart. He needs at least $ 3,000 for treatment. I tell him myself that I can’t help him because that I have a very small income and he still insists that I help him with at least some amount of money. I sent him $ 200 (he advised me to via Western Union).  The babysitter suggested two names: Jaime Shults or Joyce Montgomery. One is from Montana, the other from Oregon.  Shipment via Western Union did not work out, so I was the only one to offer him Paypal payment. The child’s babysitter provided the email address of the “doctor” who was registered at Paypal, Peter Johnston. One week after the transfer, he asked me for help again, this time $ 500.  I also sent this to the said doctor. It wasn’t over yet, he still needs the money he has more than enough in his account ($ 500,000), only in Syria it doesn’t help him at all, nor that he can’t transfer money from there to the doctor with his credit card.  I tell him I can’t help him with this anymore.  Well, when I somehow tell him that I really don’t have the money, he offers to send me a credit card in a package along with his clothes, his driver’s license, and for me that he has a ring and a pink dress in which that credit card is hidden.  When I receive this package, I can repay the amount I borrowed, even buy a car with it, and then send the money to the child’s doctor and babysitter with the card all the time. Well, I agree, he asks for my address, which he will communicate to the courier.  Then I receive an e-mail from the courier asking me if the information is correct. After confirmation, two days later, my lover asks me if I have already received any notification from the courier about the shipment.  I tell him no, and he encourages me to just check the email. And indeed, from the military courier Zikor courier company, Alexander Owen, e-mail, I receive a shipping notice, accompanied by shipping costs, a total of $ 1,500.00, of which for air transportation from Syria via Italy to (location removed), $ 1,000, for a package weight of 250 kg (?!) $ 300 and for shipping costs $ 200.  I categorically refuse payment, after which a lot of negotiation begins, and of course how his son will die because I will not help.  I am softening and paying this amount on Paypal, Email :: Name :: Lauren Clark, 7 days later. Because I did not immediately confirm the order on Paypal, the money was not immediately in Lauren Clark’s account, and thus the shipment was not sent. On April XX, 2020, Alexander Owen informed me at 4 pm that the shipment was already in (location removed), but that I had to pay the costs of the delay, which he had never mentioned before during the conditions of shipment, $ 750, which Lauren Clark on vacation, settle Name :::: Ricardo Canas PayPal account :::::::!  On that day and until May XX, 2020, I can’t arrange anything because of the holidays.  After paying this amount as well, Alexander Owen informs me on May XX, 2020 that our customs found a credit card in the shipment and wanted to seize it, after which the courier’s lawyer arranged for the payment of $ 900, so I have to pay more.  I resolutely reject this and inform him that I am only showing him the difference between the $ 750 he charged as the cost of the delay and has never informed me of that cost before, and the $ 900, i.e. $ 150.00. Immediately after that, I write a message to Paypal that I still have not received the package, I make a complaint. On the morning of May XX, 2020, Alexander Owen informs me that he wants to send the shipment, but that he will not do so due to my complaint, and that I should confirm it. He doesn’t mention to me in this message that the amount of $ 900 has to be paid beforehand. At the request of Den Torres saying it will be closed, I confirm again, and in the afternoon I already receive a notification that until $ 900 is paid, which must be paid by the sender, Den Torres ( He does not manage to raise this money, he has already sold the oven, clothes, in the meantime the terrorists destroyed their camp, so he moved with the army to Homs, from where he commutes to work in Aleppo every day.  Since I still hadn’t received the shipment, I sent it to the doctor twice more for $ 200 each, which I would then reimburse with the credit card I sent.  During this time, his sick son Smith Maupin ( also thanked me by email, and his babysitter Linda tells me how she still needs the money, $ 600, for injections.
Last week he was on his way home from work to Homs on the son of his son accidentally shot, he was very shocked, he rescued him and took him to the hospital. After all his big problems, I somehow promised him half the amount, but after 3 days I changed my mind and told him that I would pay all the required amount with his credit card when I receive it. Why I helped him at all: Mainly because of his claim that his son is dying and that he will actually die if I don’t help. He informed me last night that he would no longer ask me for money but that he would inform me when my son died. There is no way I can accept such responsibility! I had told him at least twice that he should be with his son this time, that he should return to America, and he replied that the WHO should return all the money. In my opinion, it is a stolen identity, no father would act like that but would be near the child. He sent me a message again today:

Please baby if I have offended you in the past please forgive me , don’t help me but help my dying son
The nanny have tried all she can but did not get help from anything body please my love , doctor said my son have only 25% of living , I hope you understand what that means please
You are the only person that can help my son now please baby
All they just need is $150 please baby

I sent money by Paypal also to these adresses: Nguyen
Here is the list of scammer contacts I delt with: (Peter Johnston) (Alexander Owen) (Lauren Clark) (Ricardo Canas) (Phu Nguyen) (Phu Nguyen) (Phạm Ngọc Đức) (Hung Le) (Hung Do)
Phone numbers:
+1 (209) 569-5706
+1 (210) 444-2760
+1 (347) 378 0293
+234 708 872 2322



The Profile “Den Torres” on has been deleted
We found a fake Profile of the same scammer with the mentioned e-mail address on the website This is not a dating site, however the scammer is trying to catch a victim:





It is not a Dating site, but he tried to catch a victim…




hello kathy can we get to know each other am new in these site can you please guild me on the topics

hello kethy can we chat privately if you dont mind

hello katty i understand you but i will like us to chat in private , is still on health issues, here is my email if you mind

yes that is true that is not a dating site but seeing your beautiful picture and heart warming comments get me more closer to you ,can we get to know each other if you dont mind?


Google Hangout (



Den Torres:
How are you doing?
My lovely woman, how are you doing and how was your night? I guess you are working now? I miss you so much and I want you to know that you are the best thing that happen in my love and I will love you till I die
Am at work a little bit busy , I will write you once am free okay take these from💋💋💋
How was your day baby ?
What will you eat?
Yes my love I will love to eat all your menu that you will give me when I come
What is the job like? Is it the one they pay you 7 euro per hour?
How much you get for your job?
Am happy that you like your job and I always want you to be happy
Am thinking of something my love , I don’t know if it will be convenient for you
I want to send some of my bags and my ATM card to you so that incase you need something or maybe the nanny and my son needs anything you can get money from my account over there and send it to them
I will give you the password to my account and I will call my credit card company to file your name as my next of kin
Yes my love I want to send my bag from Syria, because the nanny wrote me these morning saying that they don’t have anything money for up keep again and since I can’t make use of my ATM here if I send it to you , then you can help me cash the money and send to them
It will be possible my love, I will give you my pin code for the card so that you can help me withdraw and send to them
Remember you said the last time that you won’t help me send money to my son again and I don’t want to stress you on that okay
Like now they will need up to $3000 but I know you can’t get it and I don’t want you to go get a loan even if you get the loan you will have the card with you and you will pay them back
Am just so worried now
I don’t want to disturb
So what do you think ?
Don’t worry you can get the money from my account okay and pay all the bills
If possible, there will be no problem. Only, they will probably want my identification. You are my woman now and all I have is your baby
No my love all I just need is your full house address, your full name, and your phone number and email *(!), they will email you and tell you when they are bring it okay
For the rest of my life my woman , you will always be my woman
So can you give me all the information I need to know so that after my meeting tomorrow I will go and give it to the delivery company that will bring it to you okay
Yes you are now my woman , accountant general
No I can’t trust the nanny because if she happen to see the amount of money in the account she may want to harm my son and run away with my money
No I can’t trust just anybody, but I trust you and I know you won’t betray me
When money is involved you don’t just trust people
Money can change people do you know that ?
Now you can see the reason why am scared that I shouldnt entrust my credit card to my nanny , because she can harm my son
Yes my love any money that they need you will take it from the credit card and send it to them , since I can’t make use of the card here so you can do it for me there in your country
No problem my love any amount it is the. You buy okay , I just want you to be comfortable okay
I love you my woman and no amount of money that will separate us okay
I don’t understand what you mean by trial period?
But I swear with my life that I love you
Give me

Your full name
Your house address
Your city and state
Your country
Your phone number
Your email address


*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!

Den Torres:
So that I can give it to the delivery company tomorrow after our meeting okay
Yes I think that is all they will need and if they need another information I will ask you okay ,
Can you imagine a life without me? Now that we’ve met I cannot see my future without you in it. Every dream I have I see your face; every thought I have your name is in the whispers of the wind. You follow me everywhere, you are the reason I have a good day. You are the reason I smile when there is nothing to smile about. I know I truly love you when I look into your eyes and my heart skips a beat.
Love is born, lives and dies in the eyes.
Yes love is born , lives and die, but my love for you will never die
Kiss. But kiss her like salt water. The more you drink it, the more you thirst.
High heels were invented by a woman kissing her forehead.
there is so much I want to tell you, a lot has been running through my head lately. I’m having trouble putting my thoughts into words so you will have to bare with me through this.
I keep thinking about the future, about life, and what I want out of it. I keep thinking about us and what this relationship means to me. I keep thinking about these things and I realize they go hand in hand. This relationship is my future; it’s what I want out of life. I want to grow old with you. I want to experience this crazy love forever and ever, and I really think I’m going to get to. I want us to walk through new houses picking the one that would be just right for us. I want to see you walk around our house in a big t-shirt with your hair down and catch me staring at how gorgeous you are. I want you to pull the covers off me at night and then I have to get even closer, if it’s possible, to you to keep warm. I want to see you laugh like crazy at me when I do stupid stuff. I want to rub lotion all over your body because you laid out in the sun too long. I want to go through the experiences of parenthood with you. I want to hold you when you smile with you. I want to fall asleep every night with you in my arms. I want you to fall asleep on my chest listening to the beat of my heart and know it beats for you I want you to be the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. I want to see your bad morning hair; I think it will be so cute. I want to sit on the beach with you and watch the sun set, and I want all the people who pass us to envy the love that we obviously have for each other. I love you so much my angel. I LOVE YOU FOR EVER💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
What a thing, to be loved! How much more love!
I will love you for ever (name removed)
Love is the burning oblivion of everything else
So tell me do you love me the way I love you ?
I love you more my sweetheart, I need to go and eat now , shower and go to bed so that I can prepare very early tomorrow for the board meeting okay
I love you so much , good night my queen
After the meeting tomorrow I will go to the delivery store to send the bags okay
You know I can buy anything here but you can buy it for your self when you get the credit card okay
Yes let them open the bags , there is nothing that is bad inside, just my few cloths and my card
It is safe because it is not money , and beside my ID will be inside the bag
There is no money in side the bag and in fact I will but my card in one of my cloth and they won’t see it okay
I want to send you my credit card and I will call my credit card company to allow you to withdraw for your country and I will make you my next of kin’s
There is nothing bad in it , anytime you and my son or your son needs anything you can collect the money and send to them
And even if you want anything also you can collect it from my account , do you understand now?

How is my love doing today, no message from you since morning , are you alright ? Please talk to me because am worried about you
I love you
I have giving my bag to the delivery agent , so they are email you okay
Just be checking your email so that you will know when they bring the back to you
Just three big bags, have they message you yet?
The delivery company message you yet?
I will be in camp in 2 hours time baby
Have you check your email? Because they have suppose to have sent you email
Check your new message on email or you junk message or your spam message
I received message from Alexander Owen, Zikor courier company
Den Torres:
Am driving back to the camp now
Am at the camp now
So tell me do you miss me
How was your day baby
What do you have in the bags you sent me?
Den Torres:
I have my cloth , I got some female cloth for you in the WHO store , and the important is the gold ring I got from th WHO store ,
And in one of the cloths I got for you , I put my credit card in the pocket ,
My love you know I can’t do without you and I do t want to eat now until I finish talking to you
I believe the bag should get to you before Monday
Have you check your mail again ?
To see if they have message you?
Yes. Here it is:

This is Zikor courier company, I am Alexander Owen, we received a package from Mr Den Torres that is addressed to you, please kindly confirm if the information provided are yours and correct. Hello, yes. the information provided are mine and correct.»

Den Torres:
Okay is that all they sent to you , do t they tell you when you will get the bag?
OK. I’m sure, it will receive message tomorrow
There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart, that our hearts have come to dwell together, as one. You are my life, my heart, my soul. You are my best friend. You are my one true love. The day we will met is fate. Our lives intertwining will be fate. You are my destiny. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I’ll love you more tomorrow than I do today. Loving you is the only thing that makes life worth living.
I don’t now what to say… isn’t this our illusion… I don’t know… But, I like you so much
I love you my woman
I want to sleep now baby , can we talk tomorrow please
I saved your photo on my computer and I ‘m very hapy, when I see you in a blue shirt. This is what happens when I do
I love you baby , please check your email before you sleep okay👄👄👄👄👄👄👄
I’ve received. The weight of package is 250 kg? Cost of flight 1000 USA S. I should pay 1500 USD

«Hi Mrs. (name removed)
We received your confirmation for the information, our agent will get to Italy tomorrow by Noon, and deliver your package to you by Saturday
The weight of your package is 250kg
Cost of flight. ( $1000)
Weight of package 250kg ($300)
Cost of delivery. ( $200)

Our service is payment before delivery and the total cost is $1500( one thousand five hundred dollars)

Please let’s us know when you want to make the payment so that we can give you our banking account details»

Den Torres:
Is that what they sent to you ?
So how are we going to do it now?
My credit card is In one of the cloth I got for you okay , I have already call my credit card company and told them about you
What do you mean you won’t do anything ?
But their service payment is before delivery..?
Den Torres:
Then get a loan, when you get the card you pay back the loan
Or do you have $3000 that you can send to my son and the nanny?
Then get a loan and once you get the card on Saturday you will pay back the loan baby
Then if they hold the bag how will you get my card and send $3000 to my son? How can you pay the loan of $500 you sent to doctor
Please my love , get the bag and help me withdraw money and send to my son and the nanny
I’ll tell them it’s a hoax
Den Torres:
How did I messaged with you ?
I told you is 3 bags
My cloth and the things I bought for you
If there is anything bad In the bag they won’t bring it to you
My love love 250kg did not mean it’s heavy load, they have the way they measured there things, is just cloth, shoes and some documents that I don’t need here again that is just it
I have already told you that I will never do anything to hurt you , if not because of the flight , the weight and the delivery is not expensive
When they want to deliver my car to me in the state , I paid $8,000 then to them before they deliver it
And I feel maybe is because of the COVID19 that is why there charges are high
We both do not weigh 250 kg together, so what is it … ?
Den Torres:
My love I swear with my life , that is only my cloth, and the cloths I bought for you and my shoes and the files I put in my bag
You will see it your self when they bring it to you
My love I don’t know they will ask for much money and remember we just talk about it yesterday
You and I know that I can not cash any money from here ?
If I can get any money from here I won’t have tell you to help my son
I just don’t know why you don’t trust me , these is the time that I want to show you that I am for real
I do t like it when you don’t trust me and it hurt me, it I trusted you to even send my credit card to you and for you to help me use the money to take care of my son needs
Talk to me
Okay let me see if I can rise $500 or anything here from the workers here and you give them the rest of the money

Good morning my love, how was your night ? I did not go to work today , I feel sick baby, please write me once you are online okay
I love you
Why are you not talking to me my love, now you are getting me more worried , are you alright?
I told you am sick you don’ t even care to ask me why am sick? Where are you and what are you doing ?
You are making me worried about you
I am so worried as I haven’t heard anything from you, I pray you’re safe and God keeps you for me,
Be safe my love, I’ll check back on you soon, please respond to me to make me feel relaxed
Why are you doing these to me? Why are you not talking to me, you are hurting me and you are killing me in silent , please talk to me and let me know you are fine
My love i understand what you are talking about and I also want you to understand me, the reason why I send my credit card to you is for the comfort of both of us , you are I know that my son is sick and I also know that you don’t have much money on you that is why I send the card to you so that you can get money anytime you want for your self and even for our son
I did not go to work today because I was very sick, and the reason why am sick is because it hurts me that you don’ t trust me
I keep telling you that I will never do anything that will hurt you baby
Have you taking any medicine?
Have you eating ?
What are you doing now ?
My love , my credit card have a lot to do , like I told you that I have already called my credit card company that you are my next of kin , my password is 3425
It can work here but because of the crisis that is going on here that is why I can’t make use of it and why will I keep a credit card when I can’t use it here and my son is the hospital,
Or what is the use of money that is In the account and I can’t use it to help my son because of where I am
If you cash the money you can deposit it in your account and attach it with your PayPal
Okay what if I die here and my son is still in the hospital, how is he going to get treated
If you can’t help me to help my son you can write the company to send the bag back to me ,
I can’t attach it with PayPal from here , I need to do that when I get to the USA , the only way we can do it is if you withdraw the money from ATM , go and deposit it In your account and send it with PayPal
I wish you know how much I love you, you will know that I will never do anything that will hurt you , you are my life
You can tell me nformation from your credit card (just send me an e-mail after postmarking, credit card validity and CVV number, but I have a password and then I would upload it to my Paypal account.
They can do that by email, I will have to go back to USA before they can verify that, what they can do is just for them to make you withdraw in any ATM and which I have already giving them your name and country , so they will allow you to use It i. Your country
I am the happiest man in the world, because I met you, my love. You have become for me the most important person on our planet. Every day I fall in love with you more and more, every minute spent with you, makes me love you more
What you can withdraw from my card in a day is $15,000 and you can make do with the limit the ATM give you
Am not a thief and am not scam
Am for real
And if they send bag to you , can’t you receive gift of do t others gets package from delivery companies in your country?
The customer officer will check the bag even before it gets to you , so my love that is not a problem
There is nothing bad In The bag, just my cloth, the shoes and some cloth I got for you
Why so much is because, I want you to be sending $4,000 every week for my son up keep and you should take get what ever you want for your self
Why I don’t pay the shipping cost is because I can’t withdraw money from here
I pay the nanny that is taking care of my son $2000 weekly and he should get groceries and anything he needs for my son
Till I come back
Baby I only have one card
I don’t pay in WHO stores
They have deducted the money of the things that I will need from all the money they will pay me before they deposit the money in my account
I can’t lie to you
Every body that is working for WHO here don’t pay and even the military officer they don’t pay
They have pay me for this contract that I working now and they can’t give me any money , here , if they can give me is the package important than my son life?
‘m going to make dinner, I’m really hungry and you think about my suggestions (like my attempt to enter your credit card into my pay pal account or agreeing with WHO to pay for the package
Baby you are just trying to be difficult,
No bank or credit card company will allow any of there customers to make use of there cards here because of the crisis and
WHO can’t do anything for me because they have already pay me and the money is in my account
WHO can not pay for my package because is not there package it is my package
I know you don’t trust me , just please just give me 20% of your trust please , you are hurting me when you do t trust me
Trust me my love , I will never hurt you
Have you write the delivery company and what did you tell them?
I don’t even know what to eat at all
Am tired of all there foods here
Can your insurance company give you loan?
My love I want to ask you a question I hope you won’t be angry
Do you know that I love you?
I’m afraid to open up to you because I don’t know what awaits me then
My love open up to me , I am open to you and I don’t have anything to hide for you , there is no need of you hiding your feelings for me
I love you ,so tell and I promise you that nothing bad will await you
I can’t send my card to doctor that I did not know and I can’t even send my card to the nanny and you also advise me not to do that , you are the only person that I can trust now
It will work okay if you listen and ready to help my son
I love you
…..When you get my card you will go to your ATM machine around you and withdraw the money from the ATM then take the money you withdraw from the card with your ATM machine and take it to your bank and deposit it in your account that you attach to your PayPal
But I can’t do that online here because am still in Syria and you can do it that ,
When you get my card first , then I will ask them to give you approval for you to attach with PayPal , then once they give you approval they will let you attach with PayPal ,is that okay with you now ?
And beside even if your bank see all the money in your PayPal and you just give them my card and even my drivers license is inside the bag I sent to you , show them and tell them to call my bank , you don’t need to be scared of anything okay ,
However, if they give me their bank account number, it will be fine, at least I hope so. But Paypal would be better, I don’t know depending on them.
Since they want the money before they will deliver the package , tell them that you can only pay with PayPal so that they won’t be stressing you to pay with account and you let them know that PayPal is your choice
Because if they give you account , it will start giving you stress of finding how you want to send the money to them , but you are use to PayPal so you tell them that you can only pay with PayPal
There are not much food here to eat because of the crisis
And I can’t eat there bread or burger
Everyone is looking for happiness, which is inextricably connected with love. I found the source of life, joy and good mood with you. You are my inspiration, the meaning of existence, the embodiment of a dream.
The most important feeling in life is love. Sometimes love does not need beautiful words, but only your gently and affectionately look. This is love at first sight. And so, when I met you for the first time online, I fell in love so much, tremblingly and gently that I simply can not live without you.
Like I said to you before age is just a number my love
I love you hope you know that 💋💋💋💋💋

The insurance company did not make calculation on what? So are they going To give you the money tomorrow
Have you also mail the delivery company ?
I asked God to send me the best girlfriend in the world, but He sent me a wonderful woman, who has become my true friend, a passionate lover, a caring partner and the one, without whom I cannot live! Thank you for being in my life.

Have the delivery company giving you there PayPal address that you will send the money to tomorrow ? Since the insurance company is giving you the money tomorrow
Am in Aleppo now but I will be going to Hama tomorrow and return to the camp tomorrow again

Do you want us to get another apartment when I come ?
But I thought you said your apartment can’t take us all ,that is why I ask if we should get another apartment
Smith needs you more than you think.
Yes I do message him but he is still in the hospital
Don’t worry when I come we will see how it will work for us and smith okay
If I could give you one thing in life, I’d give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me.
You are the reason I wake up with a smile on my face every morning. You are never off my mind; You are in my dreams, and even then, you are still perfect in every way.I love you my sweetheart, good night👄👄👄👄👄
Please take care of your self okay and don’t stress your self too much

Am now back to the camp baby
I miss you baby , are you busy ?
Which documents are they telling you to get?
So let’s hope that the insurance company will give you the money tomorrow
Have you tell the delivery company that you are paying them with PayPal and what did they say to you ?
They answer me:

“Hi Mrs. (name removed)
Compliment of the day, we received your messages, we will keep your package for the one week that you promised, please note that your package is secured with us.

Thank you

Den Torres:
The WHO store is close now and I don’t have anything to eat
You should have something in your room. At least some chocolate … honey
Still have coffee and bread maybe I will take that for the night
There in no any fruit like apple
My sweet, what can be better than looking into your eyes and seeing there the reflection of your soul and a boundless love for me? You made me the happiest man on Earth.
I will chat with you my love, you said if I take coffee that I won’t sleep then I say if I won’t sleep then I will have to work on some files
I could say to you a thousand words on how much I really love you, and how absolutely wonderful you are, but still then it would not be enough.
Your love is my inspiration. Without you, I just can’t imagine how my life would be. I’m glad God gave me as special as you. I love you, sweetheart.
I had such a wonderful dream that you were mine, then I woke up smiling because I realized it was not just a dream.
Wow I can’t wait for my baby to take care of me
When I come ,are we going to sleep in the hotel together that day,am I right ?
I should invite me home
will you like us to do a wedding?
Will you marry me?
I will marry you my love 💋💕❤
Beloved, my love for you is unconditional, it grows from the depths of my heart, and without your affection and warmth my heart stops beating, all I ask for is you by my side forever.👄👄👄👄👄
Our love is unconditional, yes, I’m ready to overcome any obstacles, if you are too
My perfect day has nothing to do with the weather or what I’m doing. My perfect day is whenever I’m with you.
I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we’re together and the hours we’re away.
Love is a miracle happening inside the heart; The miracle happened to me too, I have fallen in love with you at the moment when I saw your picture on Twoo for the first time. I love you!
Please my love write the delivery company tomorrow and tell them you will be sending the money on Friday so that they should get the bags ready for delivery ,do you understand
I’m amazed when I look at you, not just because of our looks, but because everything I’ve ever wanted is right in you , good night my sweetheart,I love you baby 👄👄👄👄👄 👄👄👄👄👄❤️💋💋💋❤️💋❤️❤️💋💋💋❤
Love is like a fever, it appears and disappears without the will to do the smallest part
I will come and because you agree to be my wife ,I will be with you soon
So tell me how do you want our wedding to be ?
How is Smith? Did you talk to him?
Den Torres:

He had an heart surgery
You told me first about his liver.
Den Torres:
Yes I thought it was liver but after all the test they carry out they found out that it was heart
I just pray he get better real soon
Baby I need to rest and shower now baby
I love you , am very tired
I love you my sweetheart💋💋💋💋💋
I miss you so crazy y love
It would be very cute shower with you
There is three things in my life: the sun, the moon and you. The sun for day, the moon for night and you for all my life.
with wine and chocolate
When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open my eyes, I see you. There is nothing I can do without thinking of you.
Love is special when it is true. All I think about is me and you. You are always in mind. All the worries and sadness are left behind. I love you, my lady ,You will always be in my heart.
Did you write the delivery company today ? And is your PayPal still writing processing?
Okay your PayPal has finish processing?
They said they money is not yet in there account , maybe they are not sure how many days it will take that is why they did not give you number days or what do you think
I hope it will be on their accoung. If no, I will send a notice to Paypal
Let’s wait for he 3-5 days first okay
But it so long…
Den Torres:
So what do you want to do? There is no other way of sending money in your country unless you use PayPal , so there is nothing we can do , all we can do is to wait for the delivery company confirm that they have see the money
Now let me tell you about my past
I could lie to you about what I was hiding, but I don’t want to. I’m ready for the consequences
I was born in a family where my mother parents did not like my dad and my dad parents did not like my mom ,but because of the love my mom and my dad have for each other they marry them self , so my dad and my mom was the only family I have ,
My dad and mom get into an accident when I was 7 years , and the accident took there life
I was picked up my a rev father who train me, take care of me and send me to school till I get married and started working
My wife was an orphan, she as no family, I have the only family she as, we love each other so much , she die on the day she was giving birth to my son smith , she just kiss my son and then die
And since then I have never be in any relationship until I found you
Well the reason why I ask for your past is not for me to judge you , I believe any mistake you and I made in the past is a lesson, I love you (name removed) and when I say I love you , I love you much and I want you to believe that there is love, and don’t use the part of your parents to judge any man
I’ve already cleared that up. I did not like my father before because my mother was forever posing as a victim, but the truth was that she married a man who did not love him. I still understood my father after his death. It wasn’t all his fault.
There are so many things tied to marriage , it only takes patience and understanding people to get into marriage
Some people just get married but they don’t know the meaning of marriage
Marriage is a cross and the cross there is anything you see in the marriage you should be able to take care of it and breaking up in a marriage is not the solution best is any where you see problem solve it
You are my life, all I beg you is just trust me
Believe me I loved you very much, I wouldn’t want you to not be happy with me.
I will never disappoint you
I am always happy with you my joy
I love you.

That are the pictures I took today
I love you more honey
That is Syria my love
I can’t believe, that is green in Syria…
Den Torres:
Remember I told you I drive from camp to work
There is still places that war did not reach like where I am now
With you in my life, the world seems much happier, the birds chirp a little louder, the sun shines just a little brighter, the grass grows a bit greener, and my heart beats a little faster.
Well they need $450 and I don’t know how to tell you that , because am ashame to tell you that smith needs more money for treatment, and I also want you to get my card first , I just have a lot to worry but once you are with me I am fine
Do you have $250 now ?
Let me ask the nanny if they can still work with $250 till you get my bag or what do you think?
Am not after the bills am just after my sons life baby
Can you help me send the $250 to the doctor now my love ?
Let them work with the $250 and when you get my card you can send the rest to them
I will kill my self if my son die
Let me ask the nanny to give me the address that you can send it to okay
Give me few minutes okay let me write the nanny to give me the address okay
She said to the same doctor
Now I ask you: Is this for Smith or. it is all a hoax. In fact, I no longer believe that I will receive your shipment. I think I’m buying my mind
Den Torres:
Why will I do that to you ?
Is for smith I swear with my life
Fine don’t worry if you get my bag you can send them the money
I don’t like it if you don’t trust me
I am your husband
I told you that it hurts me when you don’t trust me
My love you will get my bag , I believe you don’t know how much I love you
I can’t even do anything that will hurt you
Have you see the PayPal address that I send to you ?
My love I want you to understand something
I can never do anything to hurt you
Why don’t you trust me ?
Why won’t you write the delivery company ?
Do you think I will lie to you about my son to get money from you?
Do you really love me ?
Please answer the two question
Let me explain something to you , the delivery company that is coming to deliver my bag to you are the delivery company that the military men here do use to send there things to there families in any part of the world , I was lucky they allow me to use it to send something to you ,I have my life savings in the card that I send to you , if I can trust you with that so why don’t you trust me ?
Write the delivery company tomorrow and ask them if they have received the money in there account please
Zikor is a military word , I told you that is the delivery company that the military men use here, maybe the Alexander Owen is there delivery agent , and Lauren Clark is there account , you don’t expect one person to run a company , and they even tell you there name to show you that they are real, do they mail you ?
Honey my card is in that bag I can’t give out my bags if am not sure of the delivery company
I love you so much my sweetheart👄👄👄👄👄👄👄
Name ::Lauren Clark
Okay wait let me ask dome military men here about these person
Give me two minutes
Now , PayPal takes 3 to 5 working days before the receipt receives money in there account
Secondly you don’t have to write Lauren Clark because Alexander is the agent that will bring bags for you and also he is the person that gave you information that you will send the money too
These is not Lauren Clark fault or Alexander, it is PayPal that is delaying the money
Do you understand me now?
Zikor received the payment receipt…
These was the message you send to me:

From: Alexander Owen <>
Date: XX.4.2020
Subject: Re: Fw: You sent a payment

Hi Mrs. (name removed)

We received the receipt you sent and the delivery will proceed (immediately we confirm the payment).

Thank you

So they have not confirm the payment in there account yet , and PayPal takes 3-5 days before it shows on account
So my love you don’t need to worry okay you will get the bags
Did you get to check your email again to see if PayPal sent you email?

—– Forwarded message —–
From: <>
Date: XX.4.2020
Subject: You sent a payment

(name removed), here’s your receipt

Hello, (name removed).

You sent 1.500,45 USD to Lauren Clark.

Transaction Details
Transaction ID: 1BV12186VX9

X April 2020

Amount sent
1.500,45 USD
1.447,00 EUR

You paid
1.500,45 USD
Conversion rate:
This rate includes our currency conversion fee.
1 EUR = 1.0369 USD

Den Torres:
I’ll copy you Paypal report
Have you received this order?Confirm ReceiptTransaction ID1BV12186VX9
Sent to Lauren Clark

Okay military man here advice that you should add Lauren Clark to your family and friends on PayPal that it will allow them to receive money fast
Am back to the camp now, let me know when you come back back
I went to the delivery company and they explain to me that the money was hold
Wait let me send you the screenshot
Wait they explain what you will do for me

That is the money you sent that it is on hold

«Confirm ReceiptTransaction ID1BV12186VX9
Sent to Lauren Clark»

Go to these message:

Den Torres:
Tell me how much you love me baby
I saw on TWOO, that you are from Kentucky
Den Torres:
I live in Morehead Kentucky
Yes am sure that I love you my angel
You are my woman and you have already told me about your past
Let we go to bed together, in one bed
I won’t even touch you if you don’t want to. I ‘ll only look you
You are my wife so anytime you want sex I will surely give it to you baby
I need to rest now my love , we will talk tomorrow okay, I have a lot to do at work tomorrow
I love you so much

Did you send the 1,500 for my son treatment?
They said the bag is in your country now , please all you need to do is to get the bag and stop making me look stupid
I love you
Well, you have to admit, there were quite a few surprises. First, the ransom of 1500. When I paid this and after you told me that they will deliver the package to me
I asked you what the price would be. You didn’t mention anything to me.
I returned my son’s money a little earlier, 1500 euros, then I would have to pay an additional 750 euros again. I really began to suspect that paying for the packages was a payment for your son’s treatment, not for the package,..
Den Torres:
How will I know that you will be paying additional money? I don’t work with them and I don’t know how they do there work okay,
You have there email with you ask them any question you want, why do you want to pass all these fight on me
My son treatment have nothing to do with these okay , you did not send the money to the doctor, you sent it to delivery company on the address they gave you ,so don’t insult me or my sons health okay
You are hurting me again .
When I get to the camp we will talk about these
And how am I supposed to know this when I really have no idea about their practice?
All I know is that it’s not that expensive.
I don’t think we can go on like this: I always hurt you, but it’s always the result of everything I did before.
Am just coming back to the camp now
Let me tell you something , when you are upset you don’t need to pass it on me, because when you are upset it hurts me
I want you to know that I don’t know anything about these,
And I promise you that once you get these card , all the loan you owe will be the first you will pay back okay
Let me know what Alexander Owen reply you okay
This was their message:

“Hello (name removed)

I see that my fellow admins have flagged this profile for fraud. It looks like it was a fake and also a profile that used abuse. I hope you were not the victim of this person’s scams either. I hope you did not share personal information or money with this person.



I don’t know how to tell you:
Today I’m researching Alexander Owen’s Zikor online. Interestingly, it cannot be found at all.
If it was an official like Chief Zikor, he would certainly be online.
Also, when I enter Zikor, it’s not. It’s Zikir.
So what to think.
I have a big problem that I can’t increase my Paypal limit, so I’ll give up your three bags.
Den Torres:
First you are having trust issues, and that is a big problem with you ,

Secondly I told you that these is military delivery company that helps the military men send there bags to there family ,so how do you expect to see it online

Third write PayPal that you want to increase your limit, because the last message you sent to me on PayPal , PayPal said you should contact them that you can increase your limit on PayPal

Fourth, you now what to give up the bag now that is I. Your state ?

Log in to your PayPal account and click Wallet at the top of the page.
Follow the instructions to link your card to your PayPal account.

Can you start again now ?


We can’t publish all the chat because there was too much, so we took out a lot and only used some of it:


How is Smith?
Den Torres:
He is getting better baby , I don’t want to border you with smith conditions
It’s fine he is getting better.
He is not getting any better but I don’t want to board you so that you won’t hurt me with your lack of trust issues
No he can’t talk yet

Den Torres:
He will be fine ,I just don’t want to loss him, I want you to get my card so that you can get money and send to the nanny so that they can take him to another hospital
Did PayPal let you know the money will reflect in there account tomorrow
I had to sent money another person, not to Lauren Clark.
He gave me the name:

“I just want you to know that you won’t be making the payment to Lauren Clark again because she stated her holiday today and you will be making the payment to Ricardo Canas

Name :::: Ricardo Canas
PayPal account :::::::

I sent to



“Hi Mrs. (name removed)

Compliments of the day ma’am, your country customer office search the bags and they found credit card in the bag and it is not allowed in your country , you should have told us that there is credit card in your bag, but our company lawyer have handle the problem and your credit card is now with me so I will give you the credit card with the bags , but first you have to pay the lawyer fee which is $900

Once all these is paid your bag will be delivered to you and the credit card also

Thank you

Already paying $ 1500, then a late payment, is more than too much.
Den Torres;
My love are you there
First my love , thank you for the way you are handling these ,at least you are not blaming me these time around and I appreciate all you have been doing , I love you more
Secondly, WHO can’t help me because they have already paid money in my account and which without that card I can’t do anything

Thirdly , if you want me to leave WHO job that means I have to pay them back the money they have already sent to my account ,

Fourth, I went to there delivery company office and I talk to them, they said you can pay the money twice and the card is no more with your custom because the delivery company lawyer have already talk to your country custom ,so the care is now with Alexander Owen
Please my love they won’t charge you for any late delivery these time , all we just need to pay is $900 and we can pay it twice , maybe $500 first and when you have the rest of the $400 you pay them , so baby you don’t need to rush your self or stress your self okay
I know my son will tell me to stay at work that he will be fine
Or see what we will do , when you get my card , I will tell my credit card company to credit your account with $100,000 , then you will send $50,000 to the WHO account that I will give you
That means I won’t work for them for the rest of the 2 month and come to you and you and I will go to the state together and see my son or what do you think

Before I pay the lawyer fee which is $900, I want to see the customs clearance record, of seizure of the credit card and the intervention of a lawyer .
I ask for proof.
I reported my transactions to the Police Office, which is now investigating all my transfers to you and customs clearance, card seizure.
Den Torres:
And now they will implicate my card and now putting the delivery company at risk
Now you see that these is getting worse now
And my son is dying
My son is dying please
Baby please do you know that my sons life is at risk ?
We have been waiting for you to get these card so that you can get money and send to my son for treatment please
Just trust me for once I beg you
I went to there office these morning and I explain to them all you explain to me , baby you just have to trust me on these
They said if you can’t pay the $900 at once that you can pay it twice
Let him send me a shipment, and I’ll pay $ 900 to withdraw money from your card. Let him make an exception once,
Honey I wish you are here with
Please unless you want me to get arrested here
There is no consequence okay , I promise you that you will get the bags and the card
I will pay the $900 , i know what you are going through okay and I will find a way to pay the $900 and make sure you get your money back please
Just trust me okay
I’ll pay $ 900 with your card, too, if the card is valid, we’ve said that before.
Please can you do that now? They have already sent some military men to come and arrest me , but I told them that I trust you that you will reverse the money

Den Torres:
My love please I will write you once I get to the camp okay, I am still in the hospital
I’m not very well
Sorry my love, I am just coming back from hospital
Remember that I told you that they are shooting and throwing bomb on Tuesday
So I broke my knee when I was running
So, now you can’t to work
And in the hospital when treating me , I told them that I have headaches
I think maybe is when I hit my head on the stone , but am fine now baby
You will be better soon
I can work but not very well baby the doctor said that very soon that I will feel better
How are you my love, I miss you so much my love,
I was so sad, when we didn’t talk
They are supposed to send me to USA for treatment but I told that I want to come to your country
And again the delivery company did not allow them to send me to your country because you try to call back the $750 again
My love , I can’t go home for treatment or even come to your country, because the delivery company thinks that if I come to you that you will call back your money since they have done there part
Please my love write PayPal like you did the last time that you have resolve the issue okay
And I’m sick also, becaue I can’t pay my bills
Baby write PayPal now that the matter is resolve , then I will pay the $900 then the will bring the bag
I understand what you are going through my love , please you need to trust me on these okay

Can you see my knee?
Please write PayPal now okay I beg you
I lost a whole 5 kg
Be nice, I pray for Smith.
My love love, I have giving the delivery company $250 today to more $650 to go
Please my love even if is $200 that you can send to smith treatment please my love you can do that for him please don’t let him die I beg you please
Please talk to me my lady
I love you so much baby

Are you still in hospital?
Or in fitness club?
Den Torres:
That is the room that I need to sleep because they have destroyed our camp
I can’t even cook
What am I going to do? I have already accept the contract and I will finish it baby
I will soon be done with there contract
All I want is you
My love am at the camp now where are you ?
Where are you my love

Den Torres:
That is smith and the nanny

Den Torres:
These was before he dye his hair and cut
Okay these was the picture they sent to me last week

Den Torres:
Let me see if I have another one
Because I told the nanny to stop sending me his pictures because I feel hurt when seeing my son on sick bed

Den Torres:
He is a funny boy
I will kill my self if anything happens to him
I miss him so much
My love, I know that you son did not trust me , but I want you to understand that you are the only person that I have in my life and the woman woman that trust me is you , don’t ask money from your son again okay ,I don’t want anything that will bring problems to me here anything that affects me affect you and my son ,I hope you know that
Am sorry my love, I just rush a boy that is just as smith age to hospital
He was shot accidentally
All my cloths are full of blood baby
These is painful , when will the world be at peace ? The mother of the boy was just cry and I was crying also
My sons life is Important, what if we pay the balance and they ask more money , am just confused right
So let me find there balance okay ,I don’t anything that will make them arrest me
Because I know that if they ask for another money you will be angry and try to want to get your money back and then they will arrest me
I hope you know you are my life
Just crying baby I won’t lie to you
Because of the boy that was shot
Everybody was just running, so I just do t care if the bullet touch me when I saw the boy on the ground, I stop my car and rush to carry him , I save his life
If he will be alive when I get there tomorrow I pray so
That it will help my love , I can’t just remove they blood and the memory of the boy from my head
I hope am not getting you angry
So tell me what are you going to do to me when we first meet at the airport or when you see me in the front of your house
kiss me or jump on me
The nanny said the doctor want to transfer smith to Australia or India or he will invite the doctors and that will cost a lot of money and all they can do is to wait for me to come buy and why they wait that they will give him a medicine that he will be using to sustain him till then
I paid her $15000 for the 4 months
But she as use all the money for her bills and some for smith treatment
Am here saving another person son and I can’t even save my son from dying
Baby please if you can help with $350 or $400 please , I don’t know who I can turn to my love just you baby
I know that if you have enough you will do more for our son, because smith is now also your son
That is why I said if you $350 or 400 baby
Yes I know that you said you don’t have money , and I told the nanny that there is nothing I can do, that you are the only hope that I have and I can’t force you to help my dying son
And she said that they can give him the medicine if we pay $300 and then pay the rest of the $300 later
Baby I don’t know what to check any more because I don’t know what to do now , I just leave everything to God
Baby do you have $250? To help with ?
So you can help my son but you thought I was lying to you , do you know what , don’t help my son anymore okay
I know it will turn to these because you don’t trust me , but the truth is I love you
I will get you the confirmation letter that I work with WHO by office on Monday ,
Just say that you are sorry , you don’t need to be silent on me baby, I love you and I have forgiven you for not trusting me


Den Torres:
My love here is the address you will send the $200 to okay
Once you send it please send the receipt to my email okay I am still at office my love ,
I love you baby (the money launderer)

I think that is the doctor that is on sit now not peter Johnston
Remember to forward the receipt to my emails so that I can send it to the nanny and they can give our son the medicine okay
I love you baby

My love the nanny wrote me again today and these is stressing me much but I have to tell, she said smith condition is getting worse

That the doctor said his kidney is having issues because of his urine is not flowing very well , please all he needs is $150 please 😭😭😭😭😭

So you still think or thought that I am a scam? And again I did not trick you to pay for the delivery company , we both thought that will be a solution
You just hurt me again
I don’t need your money any more
If you still love me then let me know
I thought we can share our problems together but I think am just forcing you to love me or to help my dying son
Until you know that am not a scam that is when our love can be strong
I am on tears and in pain and all you can do is just to call me a scam
I pray you won’t be in a situation where your son will need you and you won’t be there , then you will know how it feel
I will find a way to send you back your money
The bag and my card is still with the delivery company and I don’t want you to feel that if I get to the state that I won’t remember you or come back to you
Baby all I can do now if to find a way I go to the state as you wish and I will return there money back to them and send you back your money but I don’t know how long they will let me go
But the problem now is what they need today at the hospital
Baby after these $150 I won’t ask you for any other money okay
I just want them to treat my son that is all
I will go home but what can solve the situation right now even before I can go home is the $150
It takes process before I can go home, I will mail them first, they will tell me what they want me to do before I can go
I ‘ll ask Melania Trump to help you (*;) winking )
Tell me the adress of hospital
Den Torres:

Who is Melania trump? (*:-? thinking *#-o d'oh!*=D&gt; applause)
Baby don’t worry I don’t need anybody’s help if you can’t help me okay
She is your president’s wife (*;) winking)
Den Torres:
And so what?
My president wife to help my son with $150?
Or evem more (*L-) loser*:D big grin)
Den Torres:
Don’t worry is like you are taking my son health for a joke
Forget about okay
I need to think of what I can do
I don’t need her help , he should help with the family they killed
Do you know that trump as withdrawn from WHO?
So why will you tell me that trump want to help
Please you have said a lot and I agree with you , if you want to help me I will send you the email you need , but I don’t need trump or who ever to do anything for my son okay
How will my son even feels, do you think is every American that love trumps family
If you want to help me you help and please don’t give me suggestions that will get me angry okay
If you want to help me let me know
How much have you spent on my son?
Den Torress:
Is if for the delivery company or for my son?
So you want me to pay you back for all you have done for my son ? Right and for the delivery company
I will give you back $7000 once I get to the state
But remember that my son that you collected the money for his treatment from me back will soon be your son
Or don’t you want to marry me again ? Should I tell the nanny to send me address that you will send the money to?
So am giving you the extra $3300 for interest , is that not enough for you or you want me to send more when I get to the state
So you don’t want to marry me anymore right ?
Even my son treatment was a loan? I thought you said you are doing it for my son
But not to worry I will pay you back okay
Here is the email the nanny sent me that if you want to help my son (the money launderer)
You love me and you don’t believe I love you ?
Yes what is wrong with you ?you always think negative of me
Why what did I do wrong ?
You just don’t trust me
Maybe the person you send the money to yesterday was not on sit and the nanny gave me the address of who is on sit and now again you think is a scam?
We are building a stronger foundation am story that my son issues came up
Baby America is not like your country , they use account in the state not everybody uses PayPal
You don’t want to give our relationship a chance
Send the $150 to the address I give you ?
You need my documents and you want me to make a video with you before you can trust me that I will give you back your money
Well I can’t make a video here and secondly I can’t understand your language even if I call you
Thirdly I am a man of my words I will give you back double of what you help my son with
I swear with my life that I will give you back your money
And I swear with my sons life that you will collect your money
And I want to give you back $7000 so that you can pay all your bills
Send it to these address and send me the receipt okay and once they WHO approved my doing to the state I will let you know
Thank you my love
I will pay you back once I get to the state
We will see each other when I come to your country baby
Are you receiving my messages?
You thought I am a liar , scam, stupid father that don’t care about his son, so why do you miss me now or is it that you want to call me names again ?
We can’t see each other unless I come to your country
And I will come to your country and see then go back to the state
The reason is to show you that am for real
And that I am not like any other men that you have meet
So you don’t even care if my only son is dying , you just show how much you hate me
How do I think? I don’t need to think anything (name removed), you have said it all that you do t trust me after all I have been doing to me sure you understand me
So you do think I am bad ? And what makes you think I don’t know what is going on in the world ? I do send you my current pictures even my son hospital pictures but you don’t still believes me
Like I said because you think am a scam right ?
The WHO said I can’t go yet until they find a replacement for me here or if I want to go on my wish that I should fund my flight back to USA and I can’t access the funds for flight
So my dear I can’t do anything and I don’t even know when they can get replacements
I can’t even go to both right now unless I have the money
They will pay more when I finish the work total
Contract for 75.000 dollars, not monthly, 3 x 25.000?
I don’t know yet if there is any where I can go work after all these stress
But I intend to stay with you but you send me off
What if my son is dead before I get home because there is nobody to help for the medicine, I need $150 for him please
So can you help my son?
That means you have the $150 but because I can’t do a video calls here that is why you don’t want to help my dying son
Now I understand
And I’ve already told you that I have everything I have, just to raise $ 900 and all I can get is $ 500 and I have nothing left to sell to raise the remaining $ 400, so what do you want me to sell my dick?
Please help my son, not me, mine can die when I make all these arguments, and what will be your profit if my son dies after everything you sent him and dies for $ 150
But it’s not my fault that I keep asking if I have a way of not asking you, I won’t, but I don’t want to regret not asking you because if something happens to him I will blame myself for not asking you
If you want me to send money, you somehow get that amount


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:
From: Alexander Owen <>
Sent: XX May, 2020 
Subject: Urgent

Hi Mrs. (name removed)

Compliment of the day ma’am,I was on my way to bring your bags and the cards to you but my office sent a notification to me that you call back your delivery fee from PayPal( $1,434 )ma’am please you need to resend the money back to Lauren Clark if you want your package to be deliver today . Please if these is an error let us know please .

Thank you


Message N 2:
From: "" <>
Date: XX May, 2020
Subject: Case ID PP-D-65042298 has been closed


Message N 3:
From: Alexander Owen <>
Sent: XX May, 2020 
Subject: Re: Case ID PP-D-65042298 has been closed

Hi Mrs. (name removed)

We want you to know that you will receive your package , Mr Den have already promised that he will pay , so once he pay us we will deliver your package to you.

Thank you

Message N 4:
From: Smith Maupin <>
Sent: XX May, 2020 
Subject: Hello

Hello my name is Smith Maupin Torres, dad gave me your email address ( Den Torres) I try to call you on phone but I dont know what happened ,thank you very much for all you did for me ,although am still in the hospital, I just want to use the little time I have to thank you , and dad told me that you two are in love with each other is that correct ? Can I call you my mother? Hope to receive your reply soon



Message N 5:
From: Smith Maupin <>
Sent: XX May, 2020 
Subject: Hello

Good morning mom, how was your night and how is your health , hope you are doing good? How is your country like dad said I will come to your country once I get better and I hope I am welcome when I come

Am not still feeling better because the doctor said I still need more medicine,I don’t told dad about it he said he dont have money on him ,

I can’t wait to see you and meet,have a nice day mom

Message N 6:
From: Smith Maupin <>
Date: XX June, 2020 
Subject: Re: Hello

Hello ma, these is the nanny that is taking care of smith , please smith needs your help with $150 , I don’t have any money on me please we need your help , I have try all I can but there is nobody to help please ma , smith is dying.

Thank you


Message N 7:
From: Smith Maupin <>
Date: XX June, 2020 
Subject: Re: Hello

Hello Ma , is me the nanny,I have been writing Mr Den but he is not replying me, please tell him that my work is over with his son and the doctor needs his attention because there will be nobody to stay with his son if I leave here ,please tell him I will be going on Saturday 27th of these month .thank you


Message N 8:
From: Smith Maupin <>
Date: XX July, 2020
Subject: Re: Hello

Good morning from here Ma, these is unfair ,I don’t know what to do here any more , he said he will be coming by Monday now is Friday , now the doctor is asking for $150 for smith health, I don’t know what to even do or say to them , tell him that am going and the doctor is asking for $150


Message N 9:
From: Smith Maupin <>
Date: XX July, 2020 
Subject: Re: Hello

Hello Ma ,am just receiving your message now, I have been in the hospital and I also show the doctor your message to know that you don’t have money , I don’t also have any money , the doctor said that if they don’t have the money by Monday that they will remove the oxygen that smith is using to breath and he will die and once he is dead there is nothing am doing here , I have try my best and I can’t do anything anymore , so if Mr Den love his boy he should send the $150 that is need before Monday so that he will meet his son alive, thank you Ma


Message N 10:
From: Edward Maupin <>
Sent: XX July, 2020 
Subject: Re: Smith Torres

Hello, I received your message about the health condition of smith Torres, the nanny that is taking care of him received a call from home that the nanny father is dead due to the COVID19 pandemic,so he left smith here saying that his dad will come and take care of him and his dad is not here to be found

Yes we took an oath to take care of the sick people but not to pay for there medicine, we do get the medicine from the pharmacy and which we need to pay first before they can give us any medicine and that is out of oath , so that is why we said that the nanny should get $150 so that we can go to the pharmacy and get the medicine that smith needs, so the earlier the better they get the medicine before it start getting worse because he need that medicine urgently,he did not have the strength to breath by him self that is why we still put him on oxygen, if we remove the oxygen without the medicine he will die and you know is not right for us to put kids on oxygen for long , so is better to get the medicine as soon as possible , thank you


Message N 11:
From: Edward Maupin <>
Sent: XX July, 2020 
Subject: Re: Smith Torres

Hello My name is Doctor Edward Larry Maupin , am the senior head Doctor in the providence hospital ,Lexington Kentucky, I don’t think my date of birth is relevant to you , because I can’t be exposing my details on internet, due to fraudulent activity, so you have my name and the name of the hospital, what is relevant now is how to get Smith’s medicine. Thank you


Message N 12:
From: Den Torres <>
Date: XX July 2020 
Subject: Re: FW: Smith Torres

So since you block me , what is going on with my son? What did the doctor say, please can you just unblock me so that we can chat please, you did not allow me to know what is going on , I love you baby


Message N 13:
From: Edward Maupin <>
Sent: XX July, 2020 
Subject: Re: Smith Torres

Hello Ma , I want you to know that by Friday they will remove the oxygen that your son (Smith Torres)is using to breath , since nobody is showing up to take responsibility of him and if that happens , I don’t know if he can last 1 hour if he is out from oxygen because he did not have much strength to breath by him self , but I believe if we can get his medicine he will make it that is if you don’t want the little boy to die . Thank you


Message N 14:
From: Edward Maupin <>
Date: XX July 2020 
Subject: Smith Torres

Hello Good morning , I believe you received the address that you will transfer the money now, please kindly send the receipt after payment so that we can proceed wi5h the treatment of your son ( smith Torres) thank you


Message N 15:
From: Smith Maupin <>
Date: XX July 2020 
Subject: Hello

I will send you the address once I get to the office ,and is $200 not $150 , thank you


Message N 16:
From: Smith Maupin <>
Date: XX July 2020 
Subject: Hello

Hello Ma, here is the email you will send the money to ( and please send the receipt once you send the money ,

Message N 17:
From: Smith Maupin <>
Date: XX July 2020
Subject: Hello

Hello Ma ,is me the nanny ,the doctor just mailed me and said that he as already sent you the address that you will send the money to, did you receive it Ma ? I lost father , but anytime i finish what am doing here I will go back to the hospital or is Mr Den back yet ?

Thank you


Message N 18:
From: Den Torres <>
Date: XX July 2020

What have I done wrong to all these you are doing to me? Please am still in Amsterdam and all I want you to do for me is to take care of my son for me before I get to the state , so I guess the reason you are no more talking to me is because my son is dead or is it your prophet that told not to talk to me or to let my son die, I told you that I will never scam you or do things that will hurt you but you don’t care to listen to me , please just talk to me and let me know if you are fine please , I miss you I just want us to talk okay .i love you


Message N 19:
From: Den Torres <>
Date: XX July 2020 
Subject: Why are you doing these to me ?

Please can we just talk ,or why don’t you want to talk to me, are you scared to tell me that my son is dead or what?or is it because you are getting your pension on 28th July that is why you don’t want to talk to me? Or did I do anything wrong? Please talk to me and let know what is going on okay


Message N 20:
From: Edward Maupin <>
Date: XX July 2020 
Subject: Re: Smith Torres

Hello , I think you and Den Torres are not interested in your son ( smith Torres) , if I did not receive any message from you today or tomorrow, by Wednesday I will remove the oxygen that your son is using to breath,and send you his pictures of him when is dead , since you want your son dead , I don’t understand the kind of parent you people are. Thank you



The scammer is trying to make the victim guilty. His whining over it might be endless… The victim should block him.


Fake Profiles with stolen photos of the same person:

1. Jonathan



Age: 55
Zodiac: Aries
Location: United Kingdom, London
I’m looking for: a woman aged 48 to 55 for starting a family.


2. johnwilson53 (John Wilson)



Please note: Scammers will put a large sign, such as “LEVI’S'”, on a picture to distract image searches. In the example above note that the top of the image is cut off to fit:




Age: 55
Zodiac: Gemini
Lcation: United States of America, Henderson (State of Nevada)
I’m looking for: a woman aged 49 to 56 for starting a family.


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