Congrats-your-busted-6: 419 SCAM /Phishing: Rick Gardner (South Africa)

Financial Scam


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Fast and furious, and we are bit short of information on RICK GARDNER so we get that down and also their pictures if we can. We don’t want them to miss out on our treats. We are nice like that. Hopefully life is a little harder for them and it will help save you wasting money sending it to Nigeria/Ghana/Senegal/Côte d’Ivoire/Benin/Togo etc. You have to remember if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and looks like a duck then there is a better than evens chance it IS a duck



419 SCAM
Financial Scam

Rick Gardner
(South Africa)


Mentioned phone number: +1 612-502-4398

Rick G



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Age: 53
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An old soul in a young body,hoping to find my soulmate,one to spend the rest of my life with INBOX:

Rick Gardner:

  • How’s it going? I’m Rick Gardner
  • Good morning ,hope you had a nice sleep
  • do you mind talking over the phone , mine +1-612-502-4398 I’m new to this things,how long have you been on this site
  • So what’s been your experience
  • Why haven’t you found anyone


  • this is a wrong number what is yours i just called

Rick G:

  • I’m sorry I was out and was not with my phone
  • I’m doing fine and you ?
  • Would really love to meet with you but not today , will look into my schedule and let you know
  • am only for this week
  • I did tell you over the phone about some contract I’m bidding for from the South African government
  • No it’s not all true about Africa ,you can google Cape Town on your computer and see
  • Have you ever had any experience with Africa
  • I will never ask you for money I don’t understand
  • Did anyone ask you to help open an account
  • So how many people have asked you for money
  • I asked if you ever opened a bank account for anyone or helped someone cash a check *(!)
  • You know after the divorce it got messed with so I won’t be able to open one till about 6 months from now
  • Looking for someone I can trust and who will also trust me that can open one for me,*(!) or even trust me with her own details,I don’t need money to be there
  • I just don’t want you getting it all mixed up but I see you are
  • Please I’m not trying to push you to do anything you don’t want to
  • Just asked for a little favor
  • I’m still interested in being your friend even if you can’t

*(!) In due course this will be phishing. The scammer is lying. He wants the victim to be mixed up. He wants her Bank details. He  wants her money. He will do his best to turn the whole scene around and con her into doing what he wants.


*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!

Please DO NOT tell the scammer he is posted here!


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