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Romance Scammer


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Romance Scam
Army Leave Scammer
Loan Scam

Kelvin Richardson (Richardson A)
Robert Friedman

Phone numbers: +13148998053

Number billable as geographic number
Country or destination     United States
City or exchange location  Saint Louis, MO
Original network provider* Local Access Llc – Mo


Number billable as geographic number
Country or destination     United States
City or exchange location  Springfield, MA
Original network provider* Brooks Fiber Communications 
                           Of Massachusetts - Ma


WU/RIA Money transfer to:

Receiver: Rosa Dilma Pacas De Fuentes
Country: United States
State: Georgia
City: Atlanta Smyrna
Amount: 1000 USD


The scammer has also used the name Ryan William



Richardson A


Photo of French politician Louis Aliot



Member Since: January 27, 2018
Gender: Male
Location: Sun City West, AZ
Age: 59
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White INBOX:

Richardson A:

How are you doing? Rb

  • Nice to meet you!
  • I’m from ARIZONA but i live here in Yemen (*L-) loser) due to my job
  • I will like us to know more about ourselves,or what do you think?
  • I will be going back to my State as soon as i finish my contract
  • I registred my not qute long because my collegue was so lucky to meet his true love here,i have one my prince who is under my care,he is shooling in Qatar
  • I registred my account i meant
  • He choses to go there because he has friends that are schooling there,i have no choice dear because i have to make him happy,what do you think?
  • Alright maybe we will talk more about this soon,do you have gmail address so that i will add you on hangout?
  • Whats your hangout
  • thats my email too



Google Hangout:

I’m here dear!

I don’t really know what you think about me

But can we take this friendship to be more than friends?

I’m not perfect but i always do my best to make people happy and make them feel that they very important I do really want to come to you so that we can build this relationship and know about ourselves,what do you think?

I don’t know when i’m leaving here because i do really want to meet you as soon as possible to take good care of you but i’m a camp now due to my job,and they refused to grant me my vacation for me to leave here even to see my son also

Oh no! I’m not a military man

But i work under united Nation on humanitarian assistance

Can i call you my fiance so that you will apply for my vacation and tell them that i’m your husband to me and you need me home?

Because they are very cruel,they knew that we can’t leave here on our own instead they will terminate our contract,so the only way my vacation can be granted is when someone applied it for me and they will make they know the person i’m going to visit

Talking about the money they will require,i don’t think it will be much and i can pay the money if your country accept credit card because there is no bank here and i can’t leave this camp outside my job

Dose your country deals with credit card?

Do you know what will happen now,just apply for the vacation and see how much it will cost,i don’t think it will be more than $600,i believe you can pay that and i will pay you when i get there,i love to be in your country and see how it is ,i believe my son will be happy that i’m going to visit a woman and he will like to come with me,what do you think?

I understand dear,i like the way you are sincere and straight forward but the vacation price is not fixed,i think it maybe low this new year,just apply and see how much they will require,it may even be $500 if possible okay

All you must doing is writing email to

And you writing:

Good day United nation.

I am writing on behalf of my fiancé Dr. Richardson to Apply for his vacation holiday leave to join me here in (location removed).

Please in due respect I would like to know the cost of it so that my fiancé can come over to me as soon as possible thank you.

I look forward to urgent response thank you.

Mrs from (name removed)

My dear, if you are doubting my love and personality then i will allow you to see me on video call,i’m for really and i want the best for you,this is not my plans for you,i always wanted you to be happy

I promise i will never disappoint you

I love you please believe me,i want to come and take good care of you,i haven’t been myself since i know that you are not fine

Can imagine that i haven’t work for two days now because of the vacation? they have replaced my position with another doctor because they knew i’m going for my vacation,please i’m not talking too much,i want to come to you okay

Is there anywhere you can get the money?

I will pay back when i get there i promise

Okay,go and pay any amount you have for now so that they will start the processing of the  vacation certificate and write to them that is what you have and your health condition,i believe they will consider you okay

Honey i have told you that i can’t send any money to them,i will pay back when i leave here and i can’t leave here when the vacation is not granted,you can use Ria or western union to send the money,it is same money transaction okay,please i’m under pressure Please let’s not argue about this

Have a blessed sunday dear

I can’t give up on you even when you want me to,have a nice day dear

Your silent is killing me and i’m confused

I feel pain honey and i understand how you feel but you don’t believe me

I believed you honey,please i want you to trust me but i don’t like what you said that i’m fooling women for money,that’s too bad to my hearing

I’m a man of peace and i don’t want to offend anyone

I want to come and take care of you

That’s why i ask you to send any amount you have to them so that they will start processing the vacation certificate and tell them about your health okay,they need money little or big to start it,i don’t know if you understand me baby

 i don’t know if you can ask anyone you trust to send the money and don’t forget that i would have been there to take care of your needs if the money was paid before now,the certificate will to take 24 hours to get prepared and i will leave the following day baby.what do you think?

But you know what i’m talking about and as i speak with you now,i don’t longer work my file has been submitted to the head office

I have my phone not with me and is forbidden to use cam

You wanna leave me because of money?


 Messages on mail box:

Message N 1:

Date: February XX, 2018 


UN Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street,
New York, NY 10017.
Phone: +13148998053 +14132715871

Attention: Mr  / Mrs  Mrs (name removed).

Top of the day to you from the United Nations Vacation Office and we wish to inform you that we have received your email and have decided to reply you and also inform you on the conditions that has to be done so we can be able to release the Vacation Letter of your Husband Mr Dr. Richardson on time. As you know, he is a Orthopedic Surgeon, Here in Yemen, and for that reason there are certain things that has to be done urgently so that he can be with you in (location removed) as soon as possible.

  1. There has to be a payment of $1000 for His life Insurance fees and as soon as this is done, then his vacation letter will be granted and release as soon as possible because we have to insure his life in case anything go wrong in Thailand.(*:-? thinking*8-> day dreaming)

We thought he was in Yemen not in Thailand *;) winking*:D big grin


  1. Kindly fill the attached form and send back to us as soon as possible after the payment has been made so we can process the vacation letter immediately.
  1. A recent Identity proof has to be sent to us (drivers license, international passport or national identity card) *(!)

Kindly do this as soon as possible so that we can finalize his vacation for him to be with you as soon as possible. Upon your reply we shall provide you with the payment details for his life insurance before his vacation can be granted.  

 Thanks for your understand, and get back to us as soon as possible as soon as you get this.

We are approving a 6 months vacation holiday for him to spend wonderful time with you as well.

Yours sincerely





*(!) Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!


Message N 2:

Date: February XX, 2018 

We are asking what United Nations in IRAQ has to do with Yemen *;) winking*:D big grin


Good day madam

Here are the Payment receivers name listed below.

First Name: ROSA DILMA
Country: USA
State/City: Atlanta Smyrna, Georgia

Kindly go to Money-gram post office center that is closer to you and send the money over to the user name that is listed above.

As soon as the payment has been made kindly send us the payment slips.

We look forward to your urgent responds thank you.


Fake scammer Profiles with the name “Kelvin Richardson”:

1. Richardson Junior Kelvin


2. Richardson Kelvin



Engineer at New York Construction Company
From Hoboken, New Jersey


3. Richardson Kelvin

Photo of Pfc. Richard Bradley Powell


Read about Richard Powell here:


4. Richardson Kelvin

Photo of actor Lee Nicholas Harris



Worked at Kajima
Studied at Oxford University
Went to Nottingham High School
Lives in London, United Kingdom
From Manchester, United Kingdom

Kelvin Richardson

Photo of a model Kevin Rockwood (Maximum Talent Agency)



Location: Alhambra, Illinois



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