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Howard Jerome
Dennis Grey
Linda M LaForest




Jerome Howard



Lives in Atlanta, Georgia
From Washington, District of Columbia

Messages  off Scammer to Informant:
He is messaging on Facebook. He is  trying to send a shipment of diamonds

Jerome Howard
I got an email from the carrier, he said he is now in UK and that he texted you on your phone but no reply.I will forward his email to you.
He need some of your information. ( PHISHING! DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION)
I think this is needed by the customs in Heathrow airport where he is now.
A minute

The scammer fakes an email on Facebook messenger.


Jerome Howard
Hello Mrs Howard, good morning and how are you?
I’m Joseph Wilson from the Safe Speed Delivery in China. Madam it is 6:25 AM here in the UK and I just arrived at the London Heathrow airport successfully with your husband briefcase box. The customs officers here at London Heathrow airport want me to attached your information to your husband briefcase box before I can be able to pass through the Heathrow airport and proceed with the delivery to you in XXXX. Madam, please I need the below information of you right now.Sex:
Date of birth:
Marital Status:
Passport Number or Driver License Number:Thanks, your delivery carrier… Joseph.


Our informant is experienced at dealing with scammers and will not share any information. We do not recommend baiting scammers.


Jerome Howard
Hi XXXX, I just got an email from the carrier he said the customs are waiting for your information before they can allow him proceed with the delivery to you in XXXX and they are holding him.

Jerome Howard
I told you you don’t have to call them to prevent them from asking you a lot of question.
Of course they will want to know what is inside the box.

I will ring them myself to see why they are holding him. I have rung them. They are holding noone and didn’t ask any questions.

Jerome Howard
Yes and he just replied me, he said he will be in XXXX in 3 hours 20 mins.

The scammer fakes another email:

Jerome Howard
Madam the customs officer here at the airport just demanded for the legal back up papers to prove to them that your husband briefcase box is not related with drugs or guns and I have presented all the papers to them and they were very much pleased with the papers but there is a little problem with the briefcase box right now because the London Heathrow airport delivery ‘Tag Ticket’ is not placed on it and the customs officer has advised that we get the delivery tag ticket right now so that I can exit from London Heathrow airport immediately and make my delivery successful to you in Town, District. Madam please inform your husband Mr. Jerome Howard about the situation here at the airport right now, because I have other delivery to make in other countries. The customs officer has charged you and your husband to pay the sum of seven thousand pounds ( £7,000.00) to get the tag ticket placed on the briefcase box and that it will enable me exit out from London Heathrow airport to you in XXXXX successfully without any embarrassment or interference. Please madam, do fast to inform your husband about the present situation so that money can be sent to the customs to enable me get the tag ticket and complete my delivery to you.Thanks, Joseph.

Jerome Howard
He said the customs want us to pay the money to their head office in the united states and that they will fax them the tag ticket

Jerome Howard
You will have to pay the money to their secretary account

Jerome Howard
I will give your her account details now and when are you going to send the money to her?

Name: Linda M LaForest
Routing number: 063100277
Account number: 229054210216
Bank name: Bank Of America
Address: P.O. box 15284 Wilmington DE. 19850 (Bank account reported by SPG for closing)


HM Customs do not have a “secretary account”. Money is paid direct to the Government on an official website by secure transfers and not to some nonentity in the USA. NEVER SEND MONEY TO STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET

Jerome Howard
That’s her email but I don’t think there will be a problem.

Jerome Howard
Here is my E mail jerome.howard58@yahoo.com
I guess you are at work now.
Text me when you can.

We know the launderer lives in Zephyrhills, Florida. We sent a tracked bait IP Address.
Location. Florida, United States
ISP. Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless message. She opened it many times. She also forwarded it  several times to an unknown person who opened it. We now know  it was the scammer using a proxy IP
IP: Address
Location: Fremont, California, United States
ISP: Hurricane Electric, Inc.


This photo is used in hundreds of scams. The scammer did not go to Cambridge University:

Calvin David

Torrance, California
Petroleum/Marine Engineer at Exxon Mobile Coperation
International Trade and Development
Cambridge University  
Bachelor’s degree, Gas/Marine and Petroleum Engineering
Hamilton boarding school, Scotland   
College degree, Technical Science

Exxon Mobile Coperation   April 1982 – Present
Exxon Mobile Coperation   April 1982 – Present

The same scammer contacted the informant from another fake profile about the money, because the Howard Jerome profile got deleted.





I am a divorce am with one son i also work as and Engineer and i a British
Studied at University of Oxford
Lives in London, United Kingdom
From Liverpool

With a line like that he is obviously a liar and has been nowhere near Oxford University.  In fact that text is pure Nigerian.


Please DO NOT tell the scammer he is posted here!


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