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Romance Scam
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James Dickey



Dickey James” was on The Account has been deleted from the site. I have 3 e-mails from him.
His Skype: live:millserveson7 (Dickey James)

Skype: live:millserveson7 (Dickey James)


Photo of USA Army military Allan Dickey



Skype name: live:millserveson7
Full name: Dickey James
Location: New York, New Jersey


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1 :
From: Dickey James <>
Sent: January XX, 2020
Subject: Re: Hello Dear (name removed)

Okay my dear,am General Dickey James and i have removed my account from,my junior colleague found his missing ribs and lovely wife there in dating site and he was the one that encouraged me to create an account there and by God’s grace i me someone special like you .I think dating online is manageable depending on the person that you are communicating with.
What are some of the trait that you are looking from your ideal man?. Where do you see yourself in the near future? What are your favorite types of music? Can you cook? Do you like to swim? Am sorry,
I’m very curious too. I ask a lot of questions, sometimes i think too many. You sound very interesting. Hope time will definitely prove as we continue communicating and getting to know each other better now.

This friendship I want to build with you will be filled with substance, quality, spirituality, love, faithfulness and potential.
Thanks sweetheart, You are so special i am glad you wrote,… i want to know all about you ok, please tell me something about you and lets try and chat on yahoo messenger or skype alright…? i have something special to tell you but before that, i would like to ask you a few question my dear.
1, Do you have kids?
2, Are you a christian?
3, What are your plans now?

Please pardon me my dear but i think i should know more about you because we are friends now and we both share something in common ,for me after years of my wife’s death i think i should move on with my life and i am ready to commit myself to any woman my heart chooses.
Here are some of my photos taken earlier before i was camp and situated / moved here in Syria for a peace keepng mission against terrorism .
Please i will love you to be open minded and sincere to me as i have vowed to myself that you are a good and nice woman .



Message N 2:
From: Dickey James <>
Sent: January XX, 2020

Hello dear (name removed),
Are you there ? I want you to create a gmail account so we can communicate on the hangouts there okay ? Hope to get response from you soon.


Message N 3:
From: Dickey James <>
Sent: January XX, 2020
Subject: Re:

Hello dear (name removed),
Why? You told me that you won’t send me a gmail account for we to communicate on hangouts .
Is there any problems with that please ?
I hope to hear from you soon
Dickey James


Message N 4:
From: Dickey James <>
Sent: January XX, 2020
Subject: Good morning Dear

Hello my dear,
I hope life is good with you?
You are a very beautiful lady, am sure the men out there in your city are telling you how beautiful you are ? i like you because you sure knows how to express yourself and cheerful too .Well, i’m having a wonderful day with my colleague why writing you this short note to tell you how special you are to me though we barely know each other,.. Let me tell you one thing about me is that am a very open minded being who loves making everyone around me happy, i am a single father with two wonderful kids.
I find you very attractive and i think you are an open minded lady who expresses herself with great humor, am i right ? I’m a fun loving man and very am stable in life, i don’t take life too seriously because life is too short and life itself is a risk so i wish to attract women that are like minded. I am a risk taker and love the thrill of new adventures. I am also romantic and tender hearted and am looking for a versatile woman with a great sense of humor. Someone that is fit, confident and loving… I will be retiring this year and will loe to spend the rest of my life with the woman who gives me Joy and Happiness above all Love just like i will do same to her too.
I tried to move on with my life after i lost my lovely wife Sarah, and then I met this young looking beautiful lady Matilda of 42 yrs. I thought everything is working out good for me and then i realize I was with the wrong woman,i don’t want to talk about it but I thank God I was rescued from her.
Finally am saying all this to you so you know my movitive and mindset towards you and i know we just met but i have this strong feelings that you are a nice and good grown woman and i want you to be mind so my heart can be in peace to settle down .
i am not a nutty guy but i wish i can be by your side all the time to cuddle and hold you close to my body to keep you warm at all times when ever you are cold.
I did enjoyed our conversation lately so far and i have not had fun and feel much relieved for so long not until you came into my life, …..
Thinking of you and the thought of you alone makes me feel relaxed even though i don’t know much about you but i can cope with anything about you .
Are you ready to move on with your life by finding a man to love or you have vowed to remain single?
Pardon me my dear but i think i should know because we are friends now and we have both shared some vital informations together in common now,after years of my wife’s death, i think i should move on with my life and i am ready to commit myself to any woman my heart chooses. What about you my dear ? You said you are divorced ? Please elaborate what’s your plan of moving on ? If yes,what kind of man will you love to be with ?
Please am really concern to know more about you .

Best Regards
Gen. Dickey James


Fake Profiles with stolen photos of Allan Dickey:

Dickey James



Lives in Alliance, Nebraska
From Alliance, Nebraska

1. jame.sbf (Dickey james)



5 posts
560 following
Dickey james
I’m from Newark New Jersey and I was born 1965


2. dickey1236 (Dickey James)



4 posts
1 follower
8 following
Dickey James


3. lopezjames.26 (lopez Dickey)



50 posts
984 following
lopez Dickey


4. dj706465 (Dickey James)



2 posts
90 following
Dickey James
This Account is Private


5. robmills123 (Robert Mills)



10 posts
2,557 following
I’m simple and honest

1. Jeffery



Age: 59
Gender: male
Location: New York
m a simple man with kid heart,am so loving and caring,i love to make friends and enjoy my leisure time with my friends going out and visiting the beach, a kind of busy man and don’t visit here on time, is my email,interested woman


2. Dickey



Age: 57
Gender: male
Location: Kassel


3. Timothy



Age: 54
Gender: male
Location: Kansas City
I am an honest and good christian who loves being surrounded by family, friends and holidays.I am ready for a serious relationship and I really look forward to starting that with the right person. I am an honest,loyal, passionate, generous, giving, affect
Interests: , Hip Hop Musik


4. John



Age: 58
Location: Elk Grove Village

Spencer Desmond



Age: 54 years old man
Location: GB United Kingdom, City of: London

Neil Wilson



Age: 10 months old man (*:-? thinking*:-O surprise*8-} silly)
Location: US United States, City of: Maryland

Dickey Cox



Works at U.S. Army
Studied at United States Military Academy
Lived in Kabul, Afghanistan
Dickey Cox:
I guess I’m a little shy and easygoing. I work hard and I’m enjoying my Job and proud of what I do. I’m interested in all kinds of music. I’m also good at sports and I like taking walks
Well, I believe negative emotions can be described as any feeling which causes you to be miserable and sad. These emotions make you dislike yourself and others and take away your confidence. Emotions that can become negative are hate, anger, jealousy and sadness. Yet in the right context, these feelings are completely natural
I believe the fundamental difference between art and beauty is that art is about who has produced it, whereas beauty depends on who’s looking.




Age: 53
Sex: Man
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Marital status: single
Education: university graduated
Location: United States, Massachusetts, Essex, Lynn

Justice Dickey



Age: 59
Zodiac: Scorpio
Location: United States of America, Union

Billmoon11 (Bill Moon)–491444.html



Name: Bill Moon
Data of birth: 05 March, 1963
Age: 56
Location: United States , Alaska
I am Bill at the age of 50 years old and,, I am a normal man, romantic, affectionate, worker and very cash..I like to live a healthy life style, exercise, the outdoors, beaches, mountains, picnic, plaining weekends, being at home in front of the fire place with my best friends, having to romantic evening talking and making plains for the future, driving through the country side enjoying the smell of nature and watching nature, like to play golf, go fishing and hunting, like short weekend get always for romantic weekends to have a good time.. I love to write poetry, and have for quite some time now. I love to read poetry as well. I’m a very laid back person, easy to get along with, and a trustworthy and loyal friend. If you read mine, I`ll read yours!…
Name: Bill Moon
Data of birth: 05 March, 1963



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