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Romance Scam
Army Leave scammer

Jefferey Snow




I have been texting “Jefferey Snow” on Instagram for two weeks now. He hasn’t asked me for anything. Also, he is actually texting me, asking questions and answering my questions.
This man says he is a 57 years old divorcee who lost his wife to breast cancer 14 years ago. He found out after she was gone that she had been unfaithful while he was in Iraq. That was 14 years ago. He has a son, “Mark” who is also 14 years old. “Mark” is in some sort of royal academy in the U.K. He said he had to send his son there for his safety.
He says he was raised in Portland, OR, but has a house in Houston, TX where he lived with his wife.
“Jeff” says he is in Korea on a level 3 top secret mission. He doesn’t want me to talk to anyone about him because he is on a Classified mission and is not supposed to be on social media at all.. He even asked me to make my account private. I refused because my friends and family contact me on Instagram too.
He said his mission was for 8 months, and he has been there for two months.
The Instagram account we text on is jeff.5now
He has not asked for any money yet. BUT, he is talking about talking to UN lawyers about getting an emergency leave. I asked him if he would have to go back and he said he would be retired.
He has also asked how much money I make. I got away without telling him, but he did not like it. I feel like he is about to ask for my banking information. I think it is time I let him go.
I thought I could get him to give me his email address, he mentioned it to me at one time, but he seems to not want to tell me now.

1. jeff.5now (Jefferey Snow)

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Jefferey Snow
US Army
This Account is Private INBOX:


Hello beautiful
You have a lovely voice
Where are you from ?
I hope I am not intruding
Have you met anyone new here before
I hope it’s safe to talk to you because of the nature of my job
This is my first time of meeting someone new here as well.
I don’t come here often because I am on a Classified mission here
You have any friends with the US military?
I am serving with the US Army
I currently here in Korea on a level 3 top secret level I Thought you saw my picture with uniform
You are married? You leave alone ?
I lost my wife to breast cancer, it’s been 14 years now
Probably we can get to know each other better
When you are done with it all we can talk more before you go to bed
Can you promise that ?
Your voice sounds like a 17 year old lady

You are the first woman I am talking to in so many I am so happy to meet you and I never thought of meeting such beautiful woman like you and I am glad that you have a good heart and your honesty makes me feel so much relaxed and I must confess you look younger than your age I just needed to talk to someone because it can really get lonely out here you know how Classified military missions can be and I am not supposed to be communicating with anyone from the outside. What do you mean when you said we would probably never meet I don’t know so much about you yet but I would be glad to have dinner with you and just the two of us I sure would love to see more pictures of you and I hope we can be friends. You don’t have any friends or family with the military? I hope I can confide with you dear you know how military informations can be top secret and Classified. I don’t want you discussing this with anyone else.
I wish I could express myself more about how happy I am to be able to communicate with you it can be so sad not talking to someone here I am 57 years I don’t understand when you said you answered my message out of curiosity. I am a very jealous man I am sorry about the way your husband treated you and it really touched my soul and my heart felt so sober I must confess too, my wife had been cheating on me while I was away in Iraq and I didn’t find out until she died it was tragic for me and I was so disappointed in what I thought she had loved me all my life and the times we had spent together I have a son too name is Mark he his 14
I can’t remember the last time I typed for so long like this please pardon any mistakes you might come across
Do you have a Facebook page?
I don’t
Been e while since I used social media I told you before I am not supposed to be here because of the nature of my job
I grew up in Portland Oregon
Before I joined the army
I had assumed you were seeing someone else probably another man
You are beautiful just the way you are
You can’t imagine how happy I am being able to communicate with you here
We have a chaplain here on base
It’s a Classified base
(name removed) I hope you understand everything I explained before concerning the nature of my job I don’t want you discussing this with anyone else. I believe I can trust you and anything I tell you should be kept as secret, you say nothing to anyone about me or us it’s a matter national security
Feel free to ask anything dear
You re the only woman I am talking to
And it has been a very long time for me associating with my woman
I need you to put your account on private
Your Instagram account
The mission here is for 8 months I have been here for 2 months now

You have an email address

Why do you prefer sending me voice messages? Is it easier for you? I am using an old version computer here and I wish I could send you voice messages too
It’s part of the restrictions here, no phone calls no video calls no form of any communication with family, friends and the outside world
I don’t usually type this much but you made me
Can’t remember the last time I had intentions of coming to be with someone
I like talking to you so much I wish I could bring you out of the screen and just give you a peck on your cheek
I have my own house in Huston Texas
My parents raised me there on the farm in Portland i lived there on Texas before with my late wife
Just a peck ?
You want more ? Lol
I am interested in you (name removed)
No one else knows I am communicating with you and I hope we can be friends (name removed)
I prayed a lot for God to show me the way and I know God lead me to you
You make me happy
What church do you go to ! Are you a Christian?
Are you shy ?

Just got back from a patrol routine
I miss talking to you
Can I see what you are wearing today
You are so beautiful (name removed)
Just let me know when you are free
Going crazy!!!
Beautiful eyes
It’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to talk to you and the way you comprehend is so amazing I wish I could be with you physically right now

I hope you slept well beautiful I sure did miss talking to you
I was thinking about you all through the rough drive we had an emergency call about some terrorist who were trying to smuggle high grade uranium weapons through the restricted area and we had to engage with force and we lost 3 men. I hope you are having a great day today
Please be careful and I hope you feel so much better and comfortable talking to me about yourself I never wanted to trust any woman again after what happened with me and my wife. You are the only woman I have expressed my heart to and to be honest I have never told a soul about what happened with my wife we have not met before and yet I feel so amazing talking to you

I miss you so much dear
Just got back from the patrol routine
I am in bed, but I heard my phone when your message came in.
I just had to check and see if it was you.
I will try as much as possible to keep up with the timing
I miss you so much dear
We don’t work here like your normal days. Anyone soldier can be called upon at anytime anywhere any day wish I could talk to you face to face
You look so amazing
I wish I could touch your hair
You own the house ?
I enrolled my son with the royal academy in the United Kingdom
That was the safest place
I don’t know if you understand what military life is about is totally a different side sometimes my son asks me why I would leave my family to go to war and fight when we can be at home and be happy
How would you feel if we met face to face
My job is not the normal way of life (name removed)
Sometimes you have terrorist eyes on you and your family and you don’t even know it
I need you to listen to me carefully
Do you trust me ?
There was a report on base today about an intrusion into the main server
They have noticed someone had been communicating with the outside
I have clearance now
I had to sign some undertaking
That I trust the source
And I said yes
I need you to put your account on private so no one else can have access to you without your consent
I will have to open another account then.
Also I don’t want you to talk to anyone you don’t know at all on Facebook or here as well
God has a way of bringing people together
That is true
I know God lead me to you for a reason
Only God can keep one alive here (name removed)
I so much appreciate the way you talk to me and administer our conversations you make me feel like we have met for a very long time even my How exactly do you feel about me ? (name removed) I feel so glad like I found the one for me I hope this feeling is mutual
Well I can’t say I am in love with you. I really enjoy texting you and I get excited to think we might meet and have serious feelings.
I must confess (name removed) these feelings are really strange for me I have never felt (name removed) anytime I want to confirm it’s you I say BRAVO TANGO ! and you response would be EAGLE TANGO!
Do you understand me??

I would have loved to give you a phone call but that would be way of line. We only have a direct line to the pentagon

I like you a lot (name removed)
Feels like we have met for a very long time
That feeling is mutual..
You asked for my email address. Are you gonna send me a message or something?
Yes I am hungry
We survive on mostly can foods here o can’t remember the last time I had a good coffee
Yes I asked just in case I couldn’t reach you here
You really look beautiful and younger (name removed)
You are amazing just the way you are
So no men are trying to even get close to you around you there ?
Lucky for me..
I did not answer when you asked how long I would be serving, I did not respond Because it Gabe me a flash back to when I had thought of resignation a long time ago. I had assumed I would I find a woman that will be there for me care for me and I would start a new life and have a normal life no more war
I open my heart to you and I feel so safe with you (name removed) I believe God has a plan for us
How do you really feel about me
I want you to express yourself
God will see us through
I don’t think you would want me to lie to you
It would be such a wonderful feeling to actually be with you physically

Hello beautiful
The internet was shut down while we were talking, I had no authorization to put in back on for my personal use and because of that I had to wait to till it was turned on again
I found everything you said interesting rather than boring. Like I told you before I never thought I would find such woman like you not even here and now here I am always rushing down here to see if I have messages from you. You are the reason I come here now probably if we had met three months ago I would have changed my mind about accepting to come on this mission. I want a normal life again (name removed) I want peace of mind and o would be happy if I could come back home to be with you physically and experience this feeling that feel for you for real
There’s so much that you have changed about me in just days and I find it unbelievable I am surprised you can make me feel this way and we have not even met before. It’s like you cast a spell on me
I miss you so much
I am getting to know more about your lifestyle
You are a wonderful woman with a good heart
What time is it there I had thought we would have more time to talk today like you said i hope you don’t mind if I use the word honey? You are such an awesome woman (name removed) and I wish you could be my woman
I couldn’t stop thinking about you
I was trying to get authorization to get on a video call with you but it was thrown out
I might jeopardize the location of our base
That would be nice, but we have to make sacrifices.
Yes I am glad you can comprehend with all this regulations
I pray for you (name removed)
You are part of my morning prayers now
I pray God protects you for me and makes it possible someday that we meet face to face
Anyone can be hit
We have lost so many men
You are the only one I come here to pour out my heart to. You make me happy and cared for I will never forget the day we met
Believe me there are no time for love talks here with anyone
How would you feel having another man in your life
How would you feel living or probably starting a new life with another man in your life
I am glad you are still committed to being a faithful woman I want a new life (name removed) and I hope it’s not too late to start a family that can make me smile once again you give me this wonderful feeling that makes me feel like a man again
I would be happy to that man that protects you and makes you feel loved and safe again
I feel feelings I have never felt before
That is what I want.
You want me to be your man
I would be glad to be able to be your man
But believe seeing you face to Face will be a dream come true for me
Will you still be in the army when you come home?
My feelings for you are getting stronger and stronger everyday
I believe in you (name removed)
God lead me to you for a purpose
And I hope I can fulfill
I started our shy and scared, but my job has caused me to come out of my shell and hold my head up high.
I am very good at what I do, I must admit…no brags, just facts.
I can tell that you are a wonderful woman and you have a good heart I don’t know how to ask you to be my woman but I am not asking you to marry me now but I want you to be my best friend and (name removed) I would be happy to be the man that holds the key to your heart if you give me the chance I will try as much as possible to make you happy and be the best man you have ever met

I am preparing for patrol
God has a plan for us (name removed)
I started trying the dating apps, but could not continue
I wish I could just hold you right now
You are a righteous woman
I admire your humility and honesty
You are a smart woman
I wish I could be there with you physically (name removed)
Look into your eyes
I really like kissing
Whisper your name slowly into your ears
Sexy lips you have there
With the pretty smile
You are a very special woman
God is so wonderful I have been praying for so long and now you are the answer to my prayers I know God has been preparing you for me
God brought us together for a purpose and I pray
God is with us
God brought you into my life in a miraculous way and I still can’t stop thinking about you
You are so sweet
I wish I could send you some flowers and chocolates
I sure would love to kiss you right now
I think I would like that
I try to say as much as I can when I am here
I cannot be there physically for now and I pray God protects you for me This is the only way we can communicate right now and o would be happy if you would tell me everything that happens to you there
You are my sunflower
You make me smile.
I am always thinking about you (name removed)
I believe in you (name removed)
You make me come alive
Just finished debriefing
With my superiors
Yes weapons are signed in and out every day
We have to report back to base every move that we make
There recording for everyone

I always wanted to travel, but never did.
I would love to travel with you
I would be glad to meet you spend more time
We are here because some parties don’t want to be at peace with the United States
We are here to keep the peace mission
Our men are all on designated duties
I never thought I would see this happening
You casted a spell on me
You are my woman and my everything
It would e a dream come true for me when we finally get to meet
Maybe I should just leave you to rest
I hope my dreams will be of you….
My feelings keeps getting stronger
I will meet you there then
Good night Sweetheart

Hello and how are you beautiful
I miss you beautiful
I miss you so much
What have you been doing all day
I can’t just stop thinking about you
Let me see what your picture looks like Today
My queen
Do you have any other pictures of yourself that you can send to me?
Your smile is so adorable

I was warned about my communication with you
I trust you and you don’t look like you would even do any harm with the information I share with you
They had assumed it was an intruder
Communicating with the outside world form this Classified base
Is dangerous and I had to just be careful with my trust for you
We’re you warned about me specifically or just talking to anyone?
Honey everything thing is monitored I can’t just pick my bags and leave There’s nothing to be scared of I just felt I owe you respect of honesty I would not have said a word if I had not trust you but at the same time I am trying to be that man that makes you happy
Sometimes I feel like I talk too much
Honesty is VERY important to me
Yes I do. Do you have any family at all?
Besides Mark
My mother was one of 13 children, and some of them had large families, so I have cousins galore!!!
Dad was eldest of 7 , but that side of my family had dozens of second cousins
I grew up with my grandpa and I thought I thought you my parents were late
You make me happy and feel alive
Soon Babe we will see ourselves together
Step by step we will follow
Day by day…
Women like you are rare
I love this feeling that I am feeling about
You make me feel things I have not felt in a long time…

Hello beautiful
I miss you so much
The internet was shut down once again
Will you still be able to handle being in a new relationship? I mean starting from scratch a new life (name removed) with me and under one roof under God
This is way too soon to even think about, but I need to know.
I would be very glad to come
You turned my whole life around in just few days
My sunflower
Don’t worry soon
I am always very happy to be here with you
I know you are virtuous woman and I believe sometimes I think too deep that He brought us together for a purpose and I pray we can fulfill that and put that joy in your heart and I hope you know and think about it that being my woman and being with me means you are going to be there for Mark as your own son. Yes I know this might be hard to digest but I keep thinking about you and I ask my sled is this really true am I actually feeling this feeling that I am feeling and as you know God will make a way when there seems to be no way
I told my son about you already
I miss him so much
I am always here for you I want you to always remember that
You are beautiful
You look like a fine girl
I was trying to compose a mail so I can explain and answer all your questions like you asked please bear with he situation here can be quiet frustrating
The last time i was looking at your pictures that you sent early in the morning and thoughts of being together with you just kept coming up in my i want to me with you (name removed) I am seriously spending out my mind
I wish I could just pack my bags and leave but that’s not possible for a while
Babe i really want to start a new life a new beginning (name removed) I am working on being there for my son as a father once again be a better father and I know you are the perfect woman because God saw how felt and I feel so sad sometimes that I can’t do as much as I would have loved to seeing physically would have been way better o want you to believe me and my mind tells me a lot about you it’s like God sent you to fit it and make this all work out for good your were the only one missing on the puzzle and I found you
You drive me crazy (name removed) I can’t wait to hold you on my arms
I want to express my feelings any chance I get here
I am really crossing the line by communicating with you but I am not letting you go
You are my sunflower
you indeed a remarkable woman
It’s been years for me (name removed) I have touched any woman for 15 years now What would you do if it was just me and you alone
Just the two of us
We are not kids anymore
I would kiss you all day long if you want
You want more than just kiss
When last did you sleep with a man
I want to have such fun with you (name removed)
(name removed) i want you to disconnect any form of communication you have had with any man recently I don’t want you to have any form of any relationship with any other man I am planning on how to start again if you are willing to start with me iya going to be tough but I know God will see us through
You promise me
To always be there for me and tell anyone who approaches you that you are taken

We have some auditors and US attorney lawyers will be here for intensive forensic weapons audit and finance management too
(name removed) you are amazing just the way you are we all have what we want and I am a go getter and I promise to put a smile you will live to remember about the UN Attorneys I am looking forward to speaking with one of them to get inquiries about an emergency leave the process is quite impossible but if we play our cards right and if it works out I might be in (location removed) with you by the the first week of August
It’s all about praying, timing and patience (name removed) I want to be with you and I will try as much as possible to make this work o won’t let you down
Once I am with you there we can make arrangements for Mark
It’s an emergency leave
Only 5 out of 50 application were approved last month
Are you sure you want this (name removed)?
You really have to think this deep this is a new family and we are going to be under God under one roof
I want to be with you
We will need to have a little time to process our compatibility, but we will know it if it is right.
I want to feel your lips on mine
I have nothing to hide (name removed)
I am just a simple man
I promised Mark we would be together last Christmas but o failed I couldn’t make it and I pray Everything works out fine with the leave process then we are going to be together probably spend Christmas together that would be so lovely for Mark he would be so glad
He is in a Royal military boarding school
I have to go now darling I have to gear up for patrol duties
Think about all that I have said I know it’s a big step Me as it is a big step for you. I am in this with you and I promise I will never let you down
Good night, Sweetheart!!

Hello and how are you doing today beautiful
I miss you
Counting the minutes.
I miss you so bad
I am sure you will be glad to go on vacation when I come
Where do you like to go? Mountains, water, cold hot…
Do you plan to work at a civilian job?
No my retirement funds can cater for us all
You don’t want me to know how much you earn
I don’t feel comfortable asking you how much you make. It is really no big deal.

Hello honey At a point you are going to have to admit that you are my woman and what’s yours in also. Vice verser
I just wanted to know how much you earn
Yes you love your job and I believe you even deserve better than this job
There is a policy about Classified missions and not just me but my colleagues as well we are not allowed to have access any of our accounts I am sure You won’t mind if I send you money to you before I come ?
I trust you (name removed)
I need you to believe me just the very same way believe in you
I know what I am doing trust me (name removed)
I know what I am doing (name removed)
I want to be with you
You are the one for me
And I want you to believe God will see us through
I know GOD is watching out for me and you.
You are my angel
I come here and I am happy to be with you
Hey, Babe, You may have been called out or the internet is down. Anyway, I am tired so I am gonna hit the hay. Talk soon.


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1. Jeff Snow


2. Jeffrey A Snow



Lives in Honolulu, Hawaii
From Honolulu, Hawaii

@JefferySnow9 (Jeffery Snow)



Jeffery Snow
An active officer of the US Army one driven with purpose and zeal to achieve the American dream
Location: Hawaii, USA
Joined June 2018 (Classmates):

1. Jeff Peterson



Age: 58
Date of birth: July 28 1961
Location: Nigeria


2. Brian Scott



Age: 58
Date of birth: August 19 1961
Location: Nigeria

Paul Clemente



Age: 62 (20. December 1957)
Location: New Albany, USA
Interested in girls aged from 50 to 85
I speak english.
I have one child.
About me:
Am a good man with good sense of understand.


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