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Justin Muller
Kenny Justin


Phone number: 7133646852


Money demand: 15,000 USD



Hello I’ve been talking to a guy named Justin Muller he’s 52 from Texas City Texas who is currently working in South Africa on a contract for an oil rig. He told me he has 2 kids Kenny and Jenny that are 9&7 who are in Texas with the nanny due to the passing of his wife Deborah Tina Belair of California approx 5 years ago. His mother Cora Tharp died in car accident and his dad White Muller passed away also. Over the course of 2 months He has asked for Amazon cards, iTunes card , Vanilla credit card , and iPhone X . I originally purchased a $50 amazon card online which when he got mad over amount and because I did online he threw a fit. Once he redeemed card I called amazon to see who redeemed card and was told “Lucas” I said I don’t know a Lucas so they deactivated his amazon account and refunded me the money which of course made him more angry. His email is  he also uses  his phone # he gave me comes back to google voice 7133646852. He contacted me through words with friends which his user name is justinmullar983.  He promises me when he gets done with contract he will be home and plans on coming to Florida to see me and wants me to come to Texas to help him sell his home so he can move to Florida to be with me.   Three days ago he told me the crane for his job broke and he needs me to figure out a way to get $15,000 and send to the company for repairs. When I explain that I don’t have it and can’t get it he gets upset with me and says a lot of hurtful things. Attached is some of the pictures he has sent me. He only contacts me on hangouts and that is also how he calls me. He will not do video chat says his phone won’t allow that.


Google Hangout (




So what kind of card do u want ?

Justin Muller:

An Amazon baby


So the nanny has no food for your kids and they need school stuff so you need an amazon card sent to Kenny via email addy so he can purchase stuff online. What I don’t understand is how you pay your bills the nanny and stuff when your gone.

Justin Muller:


Told him you going to be their new mummy

Come on baby not even $100

What can that get baby ?

Wait did you get it online?


Yes. You just type claim code at checkout

Justin Muller:

No no

You should get that from the shop baby

The kids can’t use that

I shop send you a picture my workers girlfriend but for him out there

Never you tell me that okay …you just make me look so low …you taking to me very mean just because of a $$

Sorry am not going to talk about this anymore… If you want to help the kids you said you going to take care of as yours …baby look for money and try to get the card and send to Kenny not me

Same thing baby ..Kenny keep writing about what they need last night I couldn’t talk to him because I don’t know what to say anymore

That dose not mean you could not see an $200or $100 out there ?

You know what …I think you understand what am talking about.. And I don’t think feel love for my kids and understand what it means being away from you kids and they needed something

But you willing to sit without trying to help them ?…telling me you can’t get money from anyone …like what you getting the money for is not important


That’s my number

If you can’t help the kids with an $50 or $100 and you let them stave is fine so be it am not going to tell you anything anymore am done with this …God well see them true.. Because everything is not making sense to me

Dear what size of ring you do use baby ?

I wanna send you a ring

Baby what did you do ?

You make them block my Amazon account

I can’t even send you anything

Did I go any where

You could not wait

Now they think am trying to do something fun

Now see what your trust issue has gotten


Like I would have known you would use a different name. So what is the right name

Justin Muller:     

That is the name I used on my Amazon account

Now tell me …how am I going to go about this


But u still haven’t said why u use a different name on amazon

Justin Muller:     

Oh you said create new one …oh okay well it take $300 to get new one


How is it $300 to create amazon account ??? They are free

Justin Muller:     

Am using it to create a account related to my work and I use it for so many stuff including preparing of my files and documents alignment

Baby i need a card to work this out ..I need an Amazon card

An $300 card

Baby i need a card to work this out ..I need an Amazon card

This people have been using my name to scam people that was why I left Facebook ,I even reported to the fbi about all those scammer and you can see that they don’t have those all pictures of mine ,they are trying to use my pictures

 Among those pictures did you see my name on that ,am the one who ask my FBI friend to post it so they don’t use my pictures to create fake account on Facebook and I love you so much

Those are fake profiles

Honey you just have to trust me

My Parents Were US citizen but service took them to Germany where i grew and spend almost all my life before returning back to the state. Grandfathers were both famous U.S. Navy Admirals, and instilled in him the values of duty, honor and service of country. They also helped him get admitted to the U.S. Naval Academy, where he graduated in the bottom 5% of his class so I’m An American Citizen with Deutsch accent

My parents name was white muller (dad)

Cora Tharp (mom)

My wife name Tina belair (first name Deborah)

When did u get married

Fifteen years ago

She passed away 5years ago

Yes Kids are 9 &7

Kenny and Jenny

I was born August 5 ,1966


Did u always work for BP since being in states

Justin Muller:


Humboldt University of Berlin In Germany

So baby have you gone to get my card ?

You try and get the $300 card please is important

Honey those $300 will use to help create a new account with my job and it will also help me fix those files I told you about

Honey I really need those cards to help out with my work

Honey I can’t fix the old one and even though I fix the old one I still need about $200 amazon card of those

Just try to understand me my love anything I do is for our future and my work here is just temporary soon when it’s done I will come home to you so we can plan our future together

I really need those cards urgently my love

You can go over to Walmart store or any grocery store to get it

Honey I don’t know about that but I will really appreciate it if you go over to the store and get those cards

Honey you shouldn’t take money as big thing cos money is just a piece of paper printed to make the world beautiful and one day we will all leave this money and died


So I can’t do 300 would 100 work ?? I have no other resources to get any more

Justin Muller:

Oh honey why are behaving like this ,you know that I pleaded with you on this card and you even know that $100 won’t even be enough to complete my work

Why can’t you understand me on this

I will pay your sister back the money

Ask your sister for the money

Honey you can borrow more from here ,why would you collect just a $100 from her when you know that it won’t be enough

What I need is $300

If I was to be in your shoes I would have help you

Honey what I ask you is $300 and a $100 won’t solve the problem so what is the need of taking a $100 when I know it won’t solve the problem

You get the $100 card then when you get your $50 back you add 50 to it and get another $100 card

Then when the company give you the money you waiting you get the other $100 card

And why I need the $300 card is because I want to make use of it for the account and my documents work

Baby go and get the iPhone first is more important

Without my phone i can’t make use of the card

Okay you should get the phone am going to take care of the payment

You should go to the store

I don’t know where you want to get it from baby should get the phone as soon please

You should go to the shop

sorry am coming up with this again

They should have give you the phone

They should have give to you and you can be paying little by little

Honey just try open the account cos now very soon my phone will stop working

Honey you should open try and open the account honey also important you get the account

I know honey but you should try and get the phone or get the account wish of them you think is more batter …if you should get that account they can give you more then one phone on monthly payment

 Am trying to figure ways so money can be transferred into it

You need to get a card vanilla card it has to be $200 of it so they can send money into it

And it must be bought with cash

Honey just buy it and my account officer can work on it

You can buy it from grocery store and Walmart or cvs pharmacy

Honey you see it every where

Honey can you get the card in the morning

Make sure you buy the card with a cash not a debit card or credit card

Buy it with a cash

Yes so it can collect more money was the figure it high

Honey you will need to activate it too

The information you use in activating the card you will give it to me so that they can use it

I have $10,000already baby


So u need $5,000 or $15,000

Justin Muller:

I need $15,000 baby

This money is for getting the parts. I will plead with the technicians to fix it then I can pay them for their labour when I get paid. I just want to get the crane fix so I can complete my work here and get my check, I have tried all I can to get the 15,000 but to no avail. Now I have no choice but to ask you for this help as I am in shame asking you for this, I feel very ashame but I have come to the end of the road and you are the only one I can ask for this help, please sweetie you have to help me even if you are going to give it to me with interest I will pay you as soon as I get my check.

Please help me because I have already signed a document here at the beginning of this job that if I do not complete my contract I will not get paid so there is no way I can get money from my employers, I tried but they refused and reminded me of the document I signed so I had no other option than to look for help else where and you are the only hope I have left, please sweetie you have to help me on this. Help me with whatever you can assist me with to enable me get the crane fix so I can go back to work. I miss you so much and I love you always.

If you really want to help me this is the time you will cos now I need you more than ever

Honey try figure away to help me and I will put you back with interest

I can’t lost this contract have spend so much on baby

And have gone very far on it

Work has stopped


When can company fix it if u get money

Justin Muller:

Baby as soon as I get the money

This contract is over 20 million dollars baby

And have spend a lot on it already so you see I can’t lost this contract

If I should I don’t know what may happen to me

Yes baby I may just kill myself

And am serious about it

So baby you have to help me out

No there is no way I can get a loan

I take a lot of loan for this contract

I can’t get any not even here I’m

Baby they should be something you could do

Try and go to the bank ask for loan they going to give to you and am going to pay back

Please.. You should come up with something

I need to get the crane parts first so they can fix it then

But first this is very urgent I need to get the $15,000 so I can send it over to the contractor in charge in buying the parts for the engine

It is Easy to Cry when You’re in Pain ,

Easy to laugh when you’re Happy

But when one can Cry in Joy and Laugh in pain

Shows the Real Inner Power !

may God Give You that Strength ,When You read this Message

remember You have been In my Thoughts All Night Long

If I was there in your thoughts too

Smile and send me a Good Morning Kiss too. .


You are playing games with me

To hell with you

What are you doing tell me

Playing games with me

Because seems like there is nothing you can ever do

Get a card so I can put money in it you can’t

Help me out with the money …still you can’t

I don’t believe because no one in this life well just be completely useless




Justin Muller conversation via text message to his cell phone after argument but prior to contacting me through new email address


Google Hangout:

Justin Muller:

There may be many beautiful girls but not as you, the day you entered my life my whole world was filled with happiness. You always stood by my side and now I promise you that I will shower you with all my love and time. “The sun doesn’t rise in the east, it rises right next to me in my bed. Good morning, sunshine.”
Am having an issue and you side you can’t help with anything… Knowing you have a way out there to help just because you don’t trust
Same to you don’t message me anymore…. You such a shit… You should take a good look at yours I wonder what a man see in you… You are just good for nothing you sucks… There is nothing good about you… You are just good for nothing west of time
And bet me am going to make you pay
You going to regret this
You are such a big prostitute
I can’t have someone like you as wife
This is not life you living


Nope a prostitute gets money for sex. I don’t get money for sex

Justin Muller:

You worst then that
People who have money for sex are more batter then you
You have done nothing fool
Nothing at all
You just so stupid
You can be talking much now.. Till you see your nudes on the net
Then your husband we know the kind of person you really her
Bet me
You can check in the next 24hr
Everywhere in the world
First am going to start with fb… Tagged all your friends on FB
And family
So they can see how you are such a shit
Am going to make you pay
Your nudes we be showing on your TV soon
And everywhere on the net
The world is going to see it
You send 200$
You are such a fool


Nope never sent $200
U tried to get it never did
Never will
Same with iPhone X
Same with $15000

Justin Muller:

You you fool
you are such a prostitute you have no pride
You good for nothing



The scammer threatens and abuses the victim in what is effectively a blackmail scam. It seems as if he can’t recall who sent money or who didn’t.  However this is what scammers are, and how they behave. Later the scammer tries to justify his previous chat by lying about being hacked:


A Web App Chat:

justinmullar983 [Justin Muller]




4 posts
90 following

Justin Muller



Justin Muller
I’m a nice and lovely man …like making friends around the word
Texas, USA

Justin Muller (


Google Hangout (



Fake scammer Profiles with photos of the same person:

1. alex.green42 (Alex Green)



2,461 following
Alex Green:
I’m a kind hearten man and humble with a good heart and with the values of human lives


2. basiliodario (Basilio Dario)



basiliodario []
30 posts
586 following
Basilio Dario


Profile, created by the same scammer “Basilio Dario” with e-mail address

Basilio Cabello

David Cochren




David Cochren
I’m a hard working & honest man,I’m nice looking,healthy and fun loving man. To mention but a few.About who l am,l may say I’m very dependable and trustworthy.
United States
Joined June 2017

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