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Romance Scam

Odomero Otobo
Prince Oletu Odomero Otobo


Phone number: +2348065212324

Number billable as         mobile number
Country or destination     Nigeria                 
Original network provider* MTN Nigeria Communications Ltd





Member Since: August 26, 2010 [hi5]
Gender: Male
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Age: 33
Relationship Status: Single
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Black
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight
About Me
Music: Hip hop.. Blues
Movies: First. Blood
TV: News
Sports: Soccer
Interests: Love sports
Dreams: Political
Best Features: Mode of appearance
About Me: Nobody Has a right to your Happiness INBOX:


  • How are u today
  • I will leave a message next, time
  • Happy my lady
  • U look good dear
  • When can I call u
  • Good afternoon my Lady
  • Like business or work?
  • I want to buy an i phone. Pls can in send u the money to help me buy one? Pls
  • I want us to do a video call
  • A friend wants to send me some money and said if I cud get a credit card so he cud top it up in order for me to buy an iphone x
  • Can u help me with yrs so he can send me the money through yr credit card?
  • Pls
  • Let me explain.
  • U not gonna send it online
  • My friend wud send u the money into your credit card and u will help me buy the iphone from an apple store
  • So am still trying to process my Visa
  • Good afternoon from Lagos Nigeria.
  • How are you doing today? Hope great. Can u pls tell me a little about your self, your best food, wat u do during leisure time. Am gonna try and apply again for a visa by this month end.cheers my lady
  • Y are u so harsh towards me
  • The way u sound many at times
  • u make me feel not your friend
  • I wish to be with you soon
  • I miss you
  • You always in my heartfelt thoughts
  • I cherish you alot
  • My name on fb is odomero otobo
  • U can search me then add me on
  • U will c a Barcelona flag on my display picture
  • Like you know am not married yet. I want to get married to a white lady.
  • Can u introduce me to someone you know is nice and honest. I am reapplying for a visa. Hopefully wud workout this time. Pls I will
  • Be open to you as much as possible in case there are questions to be asked and answered
  • Hello my lady. I kow why you dn wanna help me out. Mayb cos of my country u heard so many wrong things about. But I want to assure you that not everyone in my country is bad. I am trying to secure a better future for myself thats why I choose to connect on here.
  • Am not asking u now for moni. Just introduce me to a friend that u know is willing to marry a black guy thats all. Am not asking for any other thing. So wen I finally get ny visa It wud easier for me having already had a relationship over there. Pls understand my point of view .
  • Like I told you earlier. I applied for the visa but was denied. Thats my first time though that as feb. So am gonna apply this month again by God grace and I pray this time it wud be successful. But u said u used to work before. Ok y not tell yr daughter about me and c if she wud say anything to help. I want to reallt get married to a white lady. I know u can help me out u just not trying to at all cos u feel am not real or too distant.
  • This is my phone no. +2348065212324. I live in lagos Nigeria. An gonna be 34years nov. 17th. I read banking and finance, a degree and have a certificate diploma in customer care telemarketing . Am not gonna be a liability to anyone. Am 6″1 tall chocolate in color. Ispeak English fluently and I have never been married.
  • What else wud a woman need in a man. Am God fearing and go to church and I.dont drink and smoke. What else…
  • pls help me look for someone nice
  • Consider wat I asked u for
  • I wan to get married as soon as I get into the US
  • I need u to find a good and caring white lady for me
  • I beg you pls
  • If I eventually come over. Wud u be able to receive me for some time wen I choose to visit you? Though I will be staying with my brother in jersey
  • Thats me working in a construction coy called el man sur. They are a Lebanese coy. Here in Nigeria. I work as a site assistant surveyor
  • I am still processing my papers again to come to the USA this year. I want to get married as soon as I get there thats y I ask for your help my lady. Its very hard forme here having to work under the sun from Mornin to night wit just a very small weekly salary that only covers my feeding.
  • A graduate doing labour work under the sun daily. My lady am suffering over here. Pls just introduce me to one of your church member and I promise you I wud not break your heart instead I will always do what wud make u happy.
  • I am gonna be 34 by nov 17 this year. Pls dear do this favor to your friend I beg of you.
  • I will move to were u are get a job get married to her and assist you in doing small daily tasks.
  • I will be a member of your church join d choir and play the piano. I love to serve my lady. Thats wat I was called for
  • What I need is for you to help me look for a good Christian white girl in your church that I can marry.
  • I promise u wen I come over I will always make u feel good
  • I wud love to have some very good timewith you my lady
  • Am fine tnk u. I stepped on a nail on Saturday wen I was cleaning my old store
  • I had to go to the pharmacy to take an ats injection
  • My email. or
  • Odomero otobo. Fb name.
  • But my full names are prince oletu odomero otobo
  • I replied yr mail a while ago
  • How are u hope u getting better
  • Do u have his phone no.?
  • I got d pics
  • If u have his phone no. Let me see it and still verify through our telecom network providers
  • Did he tell u y he needs an air ticket?
  • My lady don worry I will do some investigation I am here for u to help in d little way I can. Talk to u soon
  • N my facebk page u see a barcelona Thats me
  • Good evening my lady. I am fine
  • I need to send the military personel some funds to do the investigation. I mean calling cards. This is because his a personal friend to me
  • If u cant send money. Send an amazon or wallmart gift card or rather itunes card. I think it cud be exchanged for little cash over here
  • I am looking for a wife. I need to get married before the ending if this year
  • I am not getting younger
  • Pls once again help me look for a descent white girl who is a Christian and just introduce her tome on here.
  • Leave the rest to me. Since u now know am a very straightforward and sincere man
  • I have not lied to u about anything since I have met u
  • i would like to meet you
  • age is just a number
  • I like u very much . But u don’t trust me
  • I don have a job at d moment. I can’t foot my bills anymore
  • Its not nice. Am in bad shape. Just thought I shud let u know
  • my surgery was about 10.000
  • I have a land were I dug several earth fish ponds. But to stock the ponds with fingerlings and to buy their fish food is the problem.
  • Will be needing just approximates of 3000 thousand dollars to stock and feed them till dec. This year. Then I sell
  • I need u to pls assist me dear
  • U know am real n I need yr help
  • So I can gather myself
  • One day I will invite u to Nigeria for at least one month. I wud show u around and take u to abuja the federal capital.
  • I promise u will be safe
  • Cos I have friends ib the army, navy and police tgat wud make sure nobody disturbs u
  • We have a lot of white people here specially in lagos, abuja, port Harcourt, jos etc
  • I love to be with u
  • I need a little assistance to get mysrlf together.
  • I have not asked u for this much before. The truth is that I have no helper now other thab God almighty and u my beloved friend.
  • (name removed) I know u can help me. U just been very careful. Which is good. But I have not lied to u since I knew u and will not lie to u for nothing
  • I am a black man know that. If I betray u . U have my full names my phone no. And my picture. So y s hudi play games?
  • (name removed) pls assist me
  • im not playing games with no one pp play games with me
  • i told you i have a big hospital bill and that ahs to pay
  • i dont woirk here
  • I want u to come to Nigeria
  • lagos or Abuja
  • so we can be together sometime
  • i am broke my lady don have money and i need to buy some toiletries
  • still looking for money cos i am gonna reaply before december
  • can u raise a little for me ? my lady wen i say broke i am not lying dear, cant even pay my light bill right now, survivve on generator set which is fuel consuming
  • My lady pls kindly assist me with a hundred dollars, I really got pressing bills to pay. I don have light n its geting the house worked out without water.
  • For friends sake not for anyother
  • Wen I come over I will work n make u happier
  • My lady, if I wud lie about something like this it wont be funny.
  • I don have light so I cant use my sysytem, I have to buy drinking water. But if I had light I cud pomp water
  • Pls dear try for me. C wen I come it wud be me n you. Cos u mean a lot to me now
  • Pls my lady. I have to go to a saloon daily to charge my phone
  • Dear if I had a job wud not ask u anything
  • A 100 dollars is only 35k NIGERIAn naira
  • Pls dear
  • Just do it for me as my friend n my dear
  • Pls
  • pls dear did u read my messages?
  • i wud appreciate if u cud help me out this week, dear its getting from bad to worse, cos to even send u this message i had to go to friends place to send you this message through his system
  • i am really in need now dear
  • Wen I get there I wud get a good job n show u its nothing to do good to someone who is in dere need n needs yr assistance
  • I wud spend more than that on u cos I care for u
  • Dear am a BSc. Holder in banking n finance n I have a diploma too
  • So wats a hundred dollars wen I have a good job
  • if u wont send it. I won’t ask u nothing again
  • Hello dear
  • I know
  • I ask for a 100 das all
  • I will pay u back wen am with u dear
  • U jus son believe that I am coming soon to be with u
  • I don ask for flight ticket or visa fee.
  • I got really issues now dear
  • If I had a job I wud sort things out
  • I used to have a good banking job but lost it

Odomero Otobo


Studied at Benson Idahosa University
Went to auntie rose secondary school


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