Romance Scam/Advance Fee Fraud: Fred Crowder /Shantex Express Courier (Malaysia)

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Romance Scam
Advance Fee Fraud
(Parcel Delivery Scam)
with the name of

“Shantex Express Courier”
Fred Crowder


The mentioned Phone numbers:   +447510079588
(is the real phone number of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, UK)
                           +1 447510079588 (doesn’t exist)

Shantex Express Courier”  is a Fake company! The name doesn’t exist


Website:  FAKE Website!
Reported by Scampolice Group for shutting down

The money demand: € 460

Fred C

Photo of Mirel Curea (journalist, Romania)



Member Since: April 27, 2017
Gender: Male
Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Age: 55
Relationship Status: Widowed
Languages: English INBOX:

Fred C:

hi dear nice meeting you here,am Fred,single,and will like to know more about you,if you dont bother
i would love to know more about you and also tell you about myself


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: Fred Crowder 
Date: XX May 2017 
Subject: Fred

Hello Dear

         I want to thank you for the privilege you have given to me to be your friend. I hope all is moving marvelously well with you with a sound health  and mind, I’m really moved to write to you immediately I got your email ID.

           I don’t know how to begin but I must start from somewhere because a journey of so many miles must begin with a step and a bold one, I deemed it necessary and important that I should let you know why i requested for your email ID, its because sometimes in this life you may often get scared if you can deal with a relationship for what it stands for because a good number of people has really abused and discouraged so many from it despite all this,I still believe that good ones still exist.

            Seriously it is not all relationship that ends fine but the most important thing is where your faith is taking you to if its right or wrong,let me tell you a little bit about me, my faith is so strong and powerful beyond my control it guides me together with my instinct towards that special person that can make me happy beyond my imaginable dreams.

            I will briefly introduce myself to you. I am Fred Crowder living in Edinburgh, am 5:5 tall, black eyes, 80kg weight.

            I own a private firm that I inherited . I was born on 11th of april 1962  at Leicester, England there I grew up and had my educations, am seriously in search for the soul of my soul and a virtues woman. I will like to enlighten you more about my kind of person.

My hobbies are swimming, traveling and meeting people. I am too emotional and cannot stand heartbreak that is why I need a woman who will love me for real despite all my encounter with online frauds, still won’t give up the dream.

            I need a woman who will understand and take me for who I am. I strongly believe that we can make a good soul mate if we can be honest and straight forward to each other. I am a free and open minded person.I will be very happy to find a woman who will at least match 74% of this qualities.             Take good care of yourself dear. I will like to ask you a few questions before I stop, have you ever been to UK? What do you do at leisure? What are your hobbies and tell me about your dream man? I will be so glad to hear from you as soon as possible


Message N 2:

From: Fred Crowder 
Date: XX May 2017 
Subject: Hello Dear


To be honest with you, am thrilled by your email, I really enjoy reading your emails, it was fascinating. Its being a while I felt this happy, am so excited about meeting you *(!) and I want to know you more. It feels so natural the way we got acquainted and I will say that my heart is rolling in with every single mail from you. It’s kind of hard for me to figure out what is it that is attracting me to you, maybe it is the combination of your sense of humour or something greater but whatever it is, I can sense its presence.

  I always feel wonderful and special each time I read from you. You know, all my life I have being longing so hard for someone who care to take the time to know me for who I am, and am so glad I found you.

           I consider myself a good judge of character and from what I have gathered about you, you seem nice and fun to be with. So I will like us to continue with our conversation so I will like to have your mobile number and pictures too. you can add me on viber or sms me with  +447510079588



*(!)  “am so excited about meeting you “Remember that you have not “met” someone until you have seen them face to face.  Scammers do this to develop some non existent bond.  Also note that Nigerians often say “am” instead of “I am”.



Message N 3:

From: Fred Crowder 
Date: XX May 2017 
Subject: Re:

Hello honey

I have lived for a long time, responsible for and dependent upon no one, answering to no one and committed to no one except myself. During this period of my life, I considered the world mine for the taking and truly believed that I was living life to the fullest: Then, you came into the picture, and all of a sudden, I realized that I was deceiving myself.

I find that my life is not all that I thought it was. In fact, it is terribly lacking in many things, the foremost being love. Now, through some great fortune,

 To be honest, I never thought I would ever utter those words, but now, they come forth effortlessly and with great sincerity. I’ll be forever be grateful to you for showing me just how shallow my life was. At last, I have a chance to give it depth and purpose.

Until I hear from you, I remain totally yours in thought and spirit.

sweet heart,

I can’t believe it started from one little e-mail, who would’ve ever thought or believe I would’ve met my soul mate over the computer – definitely not me! Now I know I am going to marry you before someone else takes you from me because you are so unique . You make me feel so special, so loved. I have never known a love like this in all my life just through email, and it’s the only love I ever want to know. its not been long we met and am going crazy in love with you; you are best and my lover, Baby, you complete me. I will always love you, no matter what may come because I cannot survive without you… You are the one whom I trust and with whom I can share the most loving and most bitter experiences of life… I long for the time you will be in my arms and we will spend hours together….

The most important thing is that when one has a loving friend like you becoming a life partner, what can be greater than that… You are the one who can understand me, know me, be with me, help me, love me …

You will soon realize how strongly I talk from the bottom of my heart…. I promise to share all the burdens of life together and have a wonderful time together…. I promise to be a good and responsible partner and best father in future… Hope you have the same committed attitude towards me??? I love you my sweetheart….

I have so much to offer you and I have been holding the feelings deep inside my heart…. I have tried to open up a little but there is a lot more in the pool for you….

  Love Kiss



*(!) “Now I know I am going to marry you”.  This is another strange thing to say after 3 emails and never having seen the person they refer to . Don’t be fooled by such words, they are meaningless and often come from scammers.



Photo of Mirel Curea (journalist, Romania)


Message N 4:

From: Fred Crowder 
Date: XX May 2017 
Subject: Re:

miss you so much and I wish you were here each day I wake up from sleep. But I know very soon I can see you by my side always. My queen, you don’t need to go to the airport to pick up the package because, it will be delivered to your home or the address you gave me. So don’t worry about going to the airport. I have sent the parcel my love; you will find a pen drive containing my pictures, videos of my tour and our engagement ring. Take good care of your self and be to your best look for me before we see,

 I sent it to the name and address you gave me

Company’s Name: Shantex Express Courier (Doesn’t exsist)

Website:  FAKE Website!

Attached is a copy of the receipt my love.



Message N 5:

From: Fred Crowder 
Date: XX May 2017 
Subject: Re:

Hi dear,

I called the courier company after reading the email you sent to me and

they explained everything to me

   They said that the package was put on hold because in transit point

In Malaysia, custom scanned the package and discovered the

Money I put inside the package and said it is against the shipment

Policy to put money inside a package so they said we have

To pay some charges for the penalty.

 I told them to open the package and take the money from it but they said it can not be done,

 because the package is registered in your name

And no body has the right to open a registered package, sweet

Remember that I told you that I will be at sea here in Canada,

I’m at sea now, so I can not do any transactions from here. My love

I want you to try everything you can to make the package to be delivered to you safely an as

As soon as possible for the package to be delivered to you

immediately. Write an email to the company and ask them how and when to

Pay this penalty.

  I’m very worried here and I can not concentrate on my work.

Please remember to inform me as soon as you receive the package OK. I

Love and love you so much love and I will always be there to


I love you so much, my wife. you have a good day.

Yours forever


Message N 6:

From: Shantex Express 
Date: XX May 2017 
Subject: Regarding your Order No: HAS/923/629


   Regarding your parcel (Order No: HAS/923/629), It is my duty to notify you that your parcel has been withheld in Malaysia due to some violations of the shipping policy. At the transit point in Malaysia, some currencies were discovered in your parcel after it was scanned and it violates the shipping policy to ship currencies through courier.

   Due to this, the customs agency has withheld your parcel and awaiting your co operation in order to proceed with your parcel delivery.

   Your parcel can still be delivered to your given address on the giving date depending on your co operation speed madam. This is in accordance to the  mode of operations in the Courier sector for financial delivery. We have already taken order number for this package from the Authority. You are required to follow all instructions giving to you to facilitate the Release of your package as your package will be released in less than 24 hours after your co  operation madam.

  Thank you for your understanding madam and for using Shantex Express courier services for your delivery packages and for your business needs.

Yours Faithfully.

Mrs Maya Abi Hassan

Shantex Express
South east Asia
Regional director.


Message N 7:

From: Shantex Express 
Date: XX May 2017 
Subject: Regarding your Order No: HAS/923/629


  Due to the violations of the shipping policy by your parcel, It’s been deemed necessary according to the policy that a certain penalty has to be settled before your parcel can continue to it’s destination.  Some currencies were detected in your parcel at the scanning point on transit. According to the courier shipping policy, this is an act of money laundry which can result to the confiscation of your parcel.

  You are advised to follow the instructions in this mail accordingly as this is the only way to get your parcel released and proceed immediately after release to it’s destination. You are to settle a penalty total sum of RM2,200(MYR) which is equivalent to € 460  of which details are stated below:

Money laundry clearance –  RM1000 (MYR)

Custom clearance –             RM 400 (MYR)

KLIA Clearance certificate – RM 500(MYR)

Penalty form –                     RM300  (MYR)

Total sum of –                  RM2,200 (MYR) / € 460

 You are hereby advised to make the payment through western union money transfer for a quicker transfer so your parcel will immediately proceed to it’s destination within 24 hours of payment confirmation.

  On your response, further details on how to proceed with the payment will be sent to you.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yours Faithfully.


Mrs Maya Abi Hassan

Shantex Express
South east Asia
Regional director.


Viber messages:

Fred C:

hey hun

how are you doing

just came back from Tim’s went to have dinner out hun

I have a daughter she is just 11years

she studies in a care school she do visits often….she cant live with me because of my work hun

soon we will have ourselves to talk to and have fun with hun

am I ever met you and I am not seeking anymore because I have a wonderful woman in my life

I will always love you and make you smile for the rest of our lives my love

we need each other hun and soon I promise I have a work I have to go before we can be together darling

it wont be long maybe a week or too because I will try to finish up quick because I miss you so much….I am waiting for call up

is ontario,canada my love it is probably honey…I cant wait to hold you through the night honey

I want to hold you tight

I want to be with you every day, every night

Coz I keep missing you.

I simply love you so I cant wait to hold you in my arms darling

and have dinner as a family with Connie


Connie..? *:-O surprise*:-? thinking I thought your daughter’s name is Shelby why are you calling her Connie?*:-? thinking*8-> day dreaming

Fred C:

yes hun in Edinburgh,botanic garden cant wait to give you hug and kisses is all reserved for you hehehe

I was born in spain malaga before we moved over to UK when I was 19 hun

am in Canada nowthe project will be long honey but I will make sure I will try to finish up and be with you because I will always be missing you honey I will be done over there on time because I really want to be with you I have been long waiting and engaging on that project and it means so much too honey  have been seeking for the work I will be going to ontario for about 6months and it came up…I cant wait to be with you darling

I mean I have been waiting for 6months for the contract honey about 3weeks we will be together my darling I miss alot .I miss you so much I will live for canada tommorow I will be living around 10am honey cant wait to held you in my arms

I will my love and always take care of you

 yes honey….I guess (my flight) is about 7hours from scotland here am thinking about you my love

yes honey…wil have to get ready now love you so much and do take care of yourself would talk to you as soon as I get to canada love you so much


Fred C:

I just arrived ontario here darling will be going to the place I will be working in some few minuets take care will talk to you soon honey…have to go love you kisses*:-* kiss*:-* kiss I will be going to ontario the place I will be working here

am living the hotel already to work…will be working in the sea here miss you so much hun ill be on my way now my love…love you so much and talk to you soon if your up before I get there love you

3 HOURS LATER   I arrived just now to where I will be working…don’t mean disturbing you honey just want to let you know miss you so much will be always have you in heart hun and cant wait to hold you in my arms

how are you doing….I told you I cant make any transactions from here please hun I really need too concentrate on work here please try to comply with the company really don’t expect this and it really mean so much to me hun

 this is not time blame my love you can lay the blames on me when we get to meet honey this really means so much to me honey It will be be a great loss for me if they confiscate the package honey please honey you just have to get the package safe to you honey

 please honey I did for us because I wanted to I never send through courier and I don’t really know this will happen am really worried over here darling please honey am worried right now is getting that package get to you hun really not happy about this

please darling this really means so much and I know you can really do something about this because I cant stand anything happening to that please try to comply with company for our love darling…have to get back to work love you

FAKE Website:


Home Page:


FAKE Website!


Shantex Express Courier

Overnight Delivery Services | Small Package Courier Services        

Rely on the delivery SHANTEX EXPRESS COURIER has to offer. Our full-service trucking/courier company specializes in air cargo & security in UK and provides a lot more services than our competitors, including courier packaging to truckload delivery. contact our Courier company in United Kingdom, for overnight delivery and courier services.

We provide a total courier and logistics solution for occasional and regular users to local, national and Worldwide destinations.

We work with our customers to tailor our services to their specialized needs in order to ensure that their shipments are handled with maximum efficiency and speed from pick-up to delivery.

Orders are processed authomatically and there is no need to

manually fill in any paperwork.

Once you have booked with us, your collection will be arranged directively with the relevant courier company.

Your receipt and tracking number will be immediately emailed to you, allowing you to track the progress of your package through delivery.

Our mission is to provide high quality value for money delivery services & security through a range of top carriers. The Transportation Industry can be complex, but your day to day courier shipments security don’t need to be!

Our web-based track and trace system enables you to view the latest status on your shipment. Check a shipment’s status as it progresses through our hubs and scanning stations, or view the name of the person who signed for the package just by clicking on the consignment number. We’re making technology work for you and your customers, anytime, anywhere.

Shantex Express Couriers

HQ 1320 Centre

St, #202 Newton,

MA 02459, USA (this is address of a company called “USA Couriers”)  (a free emailer that no supposedly international business would use)


Shantex Express Couriers

9-2 Jalan PJS 11/28, Sunway Metro,

Bandar Sunway,

46150 Petaling Jaya (this is address of a Hotel Best View Bandar Sunway, Malysia) (a free emailer that no supposedly international business would use)


About Us:


FAKE Website!


Since 1995, Shantex Express Courier has been satisfying and serving customers within the Tri-State Area and many other states for over 10 years. Our Corporate office is based in Uk, Dubai, Usa, China, Singapore and Malaysia. We specialize in same day, direct, to overnight deliveries from an envelopes to truck loads 24 hours a day, 365 days and a variety of other services such as trucking, warehousing, air freight and logistics.

Our entire staff provides professional and courteous customer support, especially our uniformed drivers who are bonded, insured and equipped with today’s state of the art communications and GPS tracking system

This will ensure that we provide real-time solutions

faster and smarter than our competition, saving our

clients time, money and aggravation

Some of the types of companies or industries we service included: • Fortune 500 companies

  • manufacturing companies
  • printing, plumbing and other supply companies
  • local, state and federal agencies
  • accounting and law firms
  • distribution companies
  • medical supplies, hospitals, doctors, pharmaceuticals companies
  • freight forwarders, brokers
  • all major airlines and airports
  • Computer and technology companies


FAKE Website!


RESTRICTED ITEMS (the following items are able to be sent although regulations apply)

    Artwork/Paintings, Antiques and items of significant value


    Money, Passports, Birth Certificates, Keys and credit cards

    Personal Effects


    Glass, ceramics

    Food Items & Perishable goods (limited depending on destinations)

    Plants & Flowers

    White Goods

    Unaccompanied bags and suitcases

    Televisions and computer related equipment

    Mobile Phones


Note – On occasions the above may be delivered in accordance with Dangerous Goods regulations. Contact the customer support team on 1300 363 823 for information.

Contact Us:


FAKE Website!



HQ – Shantex Express

Courier 1320 Centre

St, #202 Newton,

MA 02459, USA. (this is address of a company called “USA Couriers”- USA) (a free emailer that no supposedly international business would use)


FAKE Website!




Administração Central SBN – Quadra 01 Bloco A Ed.

Sede dos Correios,

Brasília, Brazil. (this is address of Brazil’s National Post – Brazil) (a free emailer that no supposedly international business would use)


FAKE Website!




Shantex Express Courier

Unit 5 Blake Mill Business Park,

Brue Avenue, Bridgwater,

TA6 5LT, Somerset (this is address of a company called “A2B Couriers”- UK) (a free emailer that no supposedly international business would use)


FAKE Website!




Shantex Express Courier

Grüner Weg 6

61169 Friedberg

Germany. (this is address of a company called “ ABB Automation/Robotics” – Germany) (a free emailer that no supposedly international business would use)




Shantex Express Courier

Coolsingel 40, 3011 AD Rotterdam,

Netherlands 3011 AD (this is address of Rotterdam City Hall – Holland) (a free emailer that no supposedly international business would use)


FAKE Website!



Shantex Express Courier

Derbenevskaya emb,

7, block 4

115114 Moscow

Russia (this is address of a company called “United Parcel Service LLC”– Russia) (a free emailer that no supposedly international business would use)


FAKE Website!




Shantex Express Courier

9-2 Jalan PJS 11/28, Sunway Metro,

Bandar Sunway,

46150 Petaling Jaya. (this is address of Best View Hotel-Malaysia) (a free emailer that no supposedly international business would use)


FAKE Website!




Shantex Express Courier

Thai Summit Tower,

1768 New Petchburi Road,

Bangkapi, Huaykwang 10320. (this is address of a company called “ TNT Express Worldwide” – Thailand) (a free emailer that no supposedly international business would use)


Tracking Page:

FAKE Website!

Feedback Page:


FAKE Website!


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