Romance Scam/Fake Military: MORRIS WHARTON

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Romance Scam
army Leave scammer

Morris Wharton
(African scammer in Malaysia)



ASN:   4788
ISP:     TM Net, Internet Service Provider
Organization:  TM Net
Type:   Broadband
Assignment:    Static IP
Continent:     Asia
Country:       Malaysia
State/Region:  Kuala Lumpur
City:          Kuala Lumpur
Proxy          No
Browser        Chrome 61.0
System         Windows NT
Mobile         No
Language       English (United States) (Classmates):

1. Morris Wharton

Photo of Brig. Gen. John F Wharton (chief of staff at the Army Materiel Command)



About Me:
Born on September 10.
Place of birth – Howell Township, New Jersey, USA.
Current location – Howell Township, New Jersey, USA. INBOX:

Morris Wharton:

Hi, Nice to meet you.

My name is Morris and I would like us to be friends.  I am a US soldier currently serving in Yemen on a peace mission.

Thank you for your response. I have a son, my son is still young. I lost my wife 7 years ago during the birth of my son. My son lives in Rome Italy, in a missionary school.

I am 53 years old. I will like to have a better communication with you.

Please give me your email address so I can write to your email as I am not always here on this site.


2. Morris Wharton



Date of birth September 10
Lives in New Jersey INBOX:

Morris Wharton:

Thank you. I wrote to your email, I hope you receive it and reply me soon.


Message on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: Morris Wharton
Date: XX October 2017
Subject: My Email

Hi (name removed),

This is Morris Wharton, this is my email address, I want us to communicate by email, because I am a very busy soldier, and I have little time for myself. I’m happy because I met you. I want us to have honest communication. Please reply to me soon when you receive this letter telling me more about yourself and send me your photos. I hope to see your answer soon, when I return from the patrol.

Have a nice day.



Message N 2:

From: Morris Wharton 
Date: XX October 2017 
Subject: About Me

Hi (name removed),

How are you, your family and how was your weekend? I hope you are all good and had a good time? I am so glad to see your reply, I would like you to know that I am a very cool person, I will never bring pain to you, you really have to trust me, I will never betray you. Yesterday I went for patrol and I just return to base. I was happy to see that you replied, anyway, thank you (name removed), for your letter.

Today, I received a mail from Sean my son, he said he has been helping the nanny with some of the household chores, cleaning, laundry, cooking, going to the grocery store. I am always happy when i get letters from my son, really Sean is a big blessing to me, he is all I live for.

I believe we do not meet by accident, I think it was fate. Meeting you was designed by nature. Our fate was to cross in this life. I want to make the best of this opportunity given to us and make it worthwhile. I want you to open your heart to love, I want you to open your heart to me, so you’ll know if I love you or not. I have feelings for you.

Well, I really want you to know more about me,

Unconditional Love and Respect-I am the man who gives his heart and soul to your partner. I thought, attentive and affectionate. I like to be free to show your love, just say that I’m a gentle man. I wanted to show my love – hugs, kisses, hugs. My partner will have no doubt that I love her.

Loyalty-I am very loyal and trustworthy in my relationship and in my relationships with others. I am faithful to a fault, which sometimes gets me in trouble, but would explain my “little piece of hope” for a fairy tale romance.

Fun and Laughter-I love to have fun and laugh. It is good for the soul. I can be very spontaneous and blunt, but seriously, when it is needed. I’m not stupid all the time, but I like to joke and have fun. Life is so boring without laughter.

That’s all I have to say now, and I hope you reply to me telling me more about yourself in detail and tell me about your work.

Attached here are few of my photos. I hope you send me your new photos.

Have a great week.







Profiles of the same scammer:

Morris Wharton

Morris Wharton



Birthday: September 10
Current city: San Francisco

Morris Wharton



Soldier at US Army
US Army
Rutherford, New Jersey


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