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Romance Scam
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John Williams

John W



Member Since: September 10, 2017
Gender: Male
Location: Kentucky, IL
Age: 45
Relationship Status: Divorced
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight INBOX:

John W, 45 Kentucky, IL:

  • Hi!
  • Thanks dearie and you’re most welcome
  • How was your day ?
  • I would like to know more about you if you don’t mind
  • So do you stay alone
  • Can you please tell me more about yourself if you don’t mind
  • Ok dear just tell me little about your personal and relationship life
  • I just want you not to worry because I’m here for you from now on ok
  • Just me and you forever that’s all that’s matters…we can be together wether you’re far or near, but what matters is that our love for eachother will last forever (name removed)
  • Can I trust you dear?
  • With my money
  • I’ve one of my business partner outside the country that wants to send me some huge amount of money to complete my project work in Kentucky
  • And I need you to give me your word that you’re ganna receive the money for me into your account *(!)
  • I don’t trust people easily when it comes to business but I want to take this huge risk to trust you
  • He’s putting the money in mine but because the money is huge amount so he wants to share it not different accounts and the only account I can give him is my wife’s or someone very close to me like you that I trust with my whole heart
  • you’re someone that I can trust
  • Baby I’ll send an email to you soon
  • But I want us to agree if I can trust you now
  • What bank do you use?
  • Please give me your account details so I can tell him to transfer the payment into your account as soon as possible *(!)
  • Because the sooner he makes the transfer the faster the worker get their money and they will hasten their working time and complete the project as targeted before Christmas
  • I’m trusting you in this one dearie please don’t let me down
  • Make me proud and I promise I’m ganna take care of your bills throughout this year if this project goes fine
  • Even I’m ganna be ready in paying your bills from after this first transaction he makes into your account I’m ganna give you some money to take care of yourself
  • Because taking care if you should be my responsibility
  • Baby I’ve just sent it to you
  • Ok dear give me all the information I stated so he can make the transaction into your account as soon as possible so you can forward it to my workers Who are already waiting to get paid this week

Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: John Williams
Sent: October XX, 2017 

 Hi dear (name removed)….it’s John from tagged and you said I should send you an email concerning the account number I told you to give me because of my business partner outside the country who wants to send some money for the completion of my building projects here in Kentucky before Christmas. Please dear get back to me asap on this matter because I need get this money to pay my workers before the end of this week.


Message N 2:

From: John Williams
Sent: October XX, 2017 

You could just reply me with the infos below:


Account number
Routings number
Online access username
Online access password
Security questions
Security answers.


I hope to hear from you soon dear.

#john cares


Message N 3:

From: John Williams
Sent: October XX, 2017
Subject: Re:

Dear you promised to help me…and what’s bad about giving details he just want to make some money transactions into your account and you will do me just a little Favour by sending it to my workers that’s all…I promise you dear that no one is ganna tamper with yoir money that’s already inside the account, he will just  the amount my workers need to get paid and that’s  all. I swear it dear your money is safe I promise!



*(!) In due course this will be phishing. The scammer is lying. He wants the victim to be mixed up. He wants her Bank details. He  wants her money. He will do his best to turn the whole scene around and con her into doing what he wants.


Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet!




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