Romance Scam/Loan Scam: MICHEAL WHICKLER/Gloria Whickler

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Romance Scam

 Loan Scam

  Micheal Whickler

  Gloria Whickler



Phone number: (+1) 862-668-5941




The scammer is asking me to send him $30,000 for a contract.  He said he’s in Nigeria. He also said if I can’t do that, raise what I can

Micheal Whickler


Messages on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: micheal whickler
Sent: February XX, 2017 
Subject: Good morning

Hi (name removed) how are you doing .i want you to know that am happy we are in each other life now .u are the only woman am talking to and pls be serious with

Me .an honest man and hate lies am here for serious relationship not here for games .i want to know (name removed) that I will be here for u all u need is to be good to me .tell me more about u and feel free to ask me anything you want to know from me I will tell many kids do you have and what kind of work do you do .i will attache my picture here for u to see hope you will like it.send me yours too.what are your plans for the day .are u going to work .hope to hear from you .




Message N 2:

From: micheal whickler
Sent: February XX, 2017 
Subject: Re: Good morning

How are you (name removed).thanks for getting back to me and telling me about urself .i want you to please send me your picture to see .how many men do you talk with .am new here and you are the only woman am talking to .i want us to be very serious with each other if things work for us I will come be with you .am caring man and down to earth I love spending quality time with people that I love .am honest mans and hate lies.i like fishing and camping .i like gospel and classical music too .i want us to be here for each other to see where it wil take us.


Message N 3:

From: micheal whickler
Sent: February XX, 2017 
Subject: The contract document

Hun this is the contract document they gave me on Friday but I need to get the complete 50 percent of the Material needed for the contract before the contract check will be given to me .pls I need to u send me money I will pay u back when I get the Contract check .i love u Hun pls don’t fail me or disapoint me .



Message N 4:

From: micheal whickler
Sent: June XX, 2017 

I said send it to my name Micheal whickler to London through money gram ok  *(!)

It is infomation on how to send me the money Hun


*(!) In African and some other countries you can get money transferred with having only the MTCN. Name and address doesn’t matter, for example:  if the money was sent to “Mr. Bryan Daniel” to UK, the money can be given to any person in Nigeria/Ghana/ Senegal who has the MTCN for the transfer …


SMS from Micheal Whickler’s “sister Gloria”

(+1) 862-668-5941:



Hi (name removed) how are you doing, im Gloria Micheal Whickler younger sister. Micheal told me everything, how you are trying your best to help him out.

he txted me that if he gets  done with this contract, he is coming to be with you take care of yourself.  Gloria

 me you want to get  loan from the bank. (name removed) i want to thank you for being here and standing by Micheal.  I promise you that you will not lose money that you are given him . Now im disabled I dont work but i have sold my jeweries and was able to raise $ 5000.00. and i will send him the money.  

he is a good man and he loves you so much. he has been telling me and saying  so many good things about him. I want you to know that he will pay you anything.


  Listen (name removed) a you have  to call or write to Micheal you need to apolize to him. Because  you hurt him so much and he is in pain and to his suffering. *(!)

you know his condition over tehir in London. and what he is passing through.  

You better call or write him to let him know you are not helping me, than giving him and empty promise.  

ok fine help is not by force,

I will make sure he pays you back your money, is a promise.   

he dont tell lies  and Micheal is a honest and responsible man, he will get the check if he gets the remaining materials for the  contract  to complets the job.

I you can get  a  loan  try to borrow from friends. i will make sure if he gets his check that he pays you back.  

Im disabled i dont work thats why i sold everything to help him *(!)

if you dont want to help him pls dont compare my only brother with people . i call blood surkers.   

Now i see you been deceiving him  and  fooling him.  

What are you doing with my email. I have tried to borrow money and sold my jeweries and was able to raise  $5000.00  

I  wonder (name removed) why you are treading  a  man who loves you so much like this.

Micheal loves you and he dont deserve to be treated like this, because of money.

If you love Micheal help him! raise money and safe him from losing all he has invested on this contact.

how much did he told you he needed.

I send him $5000.00 on thurs morning , how much can you raise for him, he needs your support.  pls help Micheal

He loves you and will pay you back he told me after this Contract he is coming to get married to you.

let god judge you for fooling and deceiving my brother,  you dont have feelings and conscience. I should get to lost becasue of money.I wonder why Micheal loves you and you have feelings or love him. .

i dont care if you want you off your phone, let  god judge you (name removed)                    Pls dont insult me cos of money, i will not take it from you. Am  a woman like you . dont treat a man who loves you like this cos of money, dont let the anger of god descend on you.

You dont care about him anymore.

(name removed) listen dont  do what you  will regret because of money,   I repeat again. 

Micheal is sick he just called me now he is in pain now, he is in serious pains cos of the way you are treating him.

Michael loves you i will make  sure he marry you and take good care of you and also make sure he pays you back ur money



*(!) This scammer is trying to make the Informant guilty. Are there no ends to the filthy tricks of these scammers..?



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