SCAM/SPAM: Advance Fee Fraud/Recovery Scam/Phishing: STEVEN TERNER MNUCHIN

Advance Fee Fraud
Recovery Scam


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Recovery Scam
Advance Fee Fraud
with the names of

U.S.Department of the Treasury
Steven Terner Mnuchin


The scammer has also used:

the e-mail addresses:

the names:

Clement Adams
George Lucas
Jack Jacob Lew
Michael D. Dobson
Scott Wilson
Wilson Scot 

the phone numbers:


Number billable as         mobile number
Country or destination     Benin
Original network provider* Globacom Ltd (GLO)

(716) 712-4986


Message on a mail box:

From: Department of the Treasury
Date: Thu, Sep 13, 2018 
Subject: $6.500,000.00 USD is already to be issued out in full amount.

U.S. Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C.

Attn: Beneficiary,
My name is “Steven T Mnuchin“. I am the New Acting Secretary of the
Treasury under the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The executive
agency responsible for promoting economic prosperity and ensuring
the financial security of the United States. I was confirmed by the
United States Senate on February 13, 2017, to serve as the 77th
Secretary of the Treasury. Prior to my appointment as the 77th
Secretary of the Treasury, I have previously served as Finance
Chairman for Donald J. Trump for President and Senior Economic
Advisor to the President in crafting his economic positions and
economic speeches.

However, the good news here is that following the resolution of the
meeting held with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the
United Nations, an agreement was reached that the sum of
$6,500.000.00 USD must be paid out to you in the form of a
compensation. This compensation funds according to the World Bank
instruction will be paid to those that have been Scammed, such as
beneficiaries of Lottery winning, Contract/inheritance fund, Retired
Civil Servants and etc. Hence, by virtue of my position as the 77th
Secretary of the Treasury, I have irrevocably instructed the Federal
Reserve Board to approve your compensation fund release via issuance
of a CERTIFIED CHECK drawn on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York,
which is the authorized bank for your fund release.

Therefore, as a former Senior Economic Advisor to the President in
crafting his economic positions, I wish to state categorically that
a CERTIFIED CHECK of $6,500.000.00 USD drawn on the Federal Reserve
Bank of New York will be issued and sent to you via the U.S. Postal
Service at no cost to you. Every and all cost associated with the
delivery of the CHECK has been pre-paid by the U.S. Government.
The only cost associated with your fund release is the cost of
processing a “Fund Clearance Certificate”, which is estimated to
the value of $350.00 USD. The “Fund Clearance Certificate”
is required in accordance with the U.S. Monetary Policy; and it
is the ONLY expenses you will incur before the CHECK will be sent
to your mailing address.

You can get more facts about the U.S. Department of the Treasury on
this link http://www.treasuryXXXX/about/Pages/SXXXX.aspx *(!)
Please get back to me with a confirmation of your mailing address
where your check would be mailed and Copy of any government issued
identification to proceed with processing of $6,500.000.00 USD

Yours Sincerely,
Steven T Mnuchin
Secretary of the Treasury


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