SPAM: Advance Fee Fraud/Recovery Scam/Phishing: THOMAS AUSTIN

Advance Fee Fraud
Recovery Scam


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Advance Fee Fraud
Recovery Scam
with the name of

Thomas Austin

Phone number: (773)932-5904


The scammer has also used:

the e-mail addresses:

the names:

Edward Meyers


Message on a mail box:

From: office file
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2019


How are you together with your family? It has been a while now that we did not communicate; I hope all is normal? However I decide to write you today to verify if you have raised the money to complete the assignment we have at hand, have you raised the105.00? Now tell me the reason why you stop communicate with us after your last mail, or are you forgetting that you have a payment of $5000 Dollars here every blessing day in this office, please my dear I will like you to get back to us immediately with payment of $105.00 if you still willing to claim your payment because you have deadline till 31st Jan (Thursday) to receive your fund and if you fail to send the fee till 31st, we will cancel the transaction in your name because we are not here to joke or playing games,

Now are you still willing to receive your payment or not, if you are willing to receive your fund we’re begin you in the name of God to get back to this office immediately with the payment. The $105 is only money you will send in this transfer till you receive your full payment, I swear to god almighty I will never fall my promise once you send the $105 you will start to receive your payment immediately okay, I’m given you 100%Assurance once you send the $105.00 you will start to receive your $5,000,00 without any problem, I am here to swear to you that your first payment of the $5000.00 daily transfer will be on its way within 1 hour once we confirm the $105 from you today,

I am making it succinctly clear that we are not after your money. My duty is to make sure that you’re receive your payment. I have no fraudulent interest against you or whatsoever. Therefore you have absolutely nothing to fear or worry about as this is not what you may be thinking on this transaction. Well to make everything easier and to come to climax, I will render my last assistance to you if you really want to receive your fund. So if you want to pick up your first payment of $5,000,00 today then you have to go ahead now and send the fee immediately okay.

I don’t want you to see it as if I am forcing you against your wish. I have told you nothing but the truth about this transfer, if there is anything you are thinking on the transfer, I am not a party to it.  I believe in honest living, I can account for every cent I earn today. I hate cheating and dishonest people. I am working in this office does not mean that I should soil my hands in corruption and cheat you. Here is your first payment information, Use the below info to pick up your money now.

MTCN : # 575-873-7805

Amount:  $5000.00

Click tracking. And enter the MTCN. # 575-873-7805 then Track your payment :  But you cannot pick it up until you send the $105.00 before we will give the full information to pick up immediately.

You are advised to pay the $105 with an Apple iTunes card, take the $105.00 to store where they sale Apple iTunes cards, buy the iTunes card then scratch and send it immediately, I will advise you to try as much you can to send it today, so that you can received your first payment of $5,000 dollars as soon as possible within an hour after the payment, You are advice to comply immediately you receive this email to enable us carry out our duties effectively and urgent as we have schedule because all necessary arrangement has been completed in our end. Immediately we receive the fee today, we shall commence with the release of your daily payment $5,000 each morning until your fund is completely transferred to you.

We are waiting for your speedy response together with the payment details today. I will be looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible with the payment okay.

God bless you.

Mr.Thomas Austin,


Never send your personal details to anybody on the Internet! 


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