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Arke Glen Halq








52, Man, Single
Colorado City, United States
Looks for:
47 – 60 years
Long-term dating, Friendship
My self-introduction
I’m Glen, Turk (*L-) loser!) Swedish, cool, calm and smart like people call me, I enjoy weekend trips, travel, movies, champagne, beach, adventure and fishing, I also like going out to a very good restaurant. I’m romantic and simple at heart, enjoy spending time with someone I love. I hope I can get to meet someone understanding here or will I say someone I can have something serious and real with.
My favourite outdoor activities are
I like nature, the sea, walking, I love flowers and nature.
These topics are interesting for me
social reality, health, personal care and my family, cultural and I love music in various genres.


Devoted.Singles. INBOX:



Hello dear is nice meeting you here, you look good
You can call me Glen, i’m here to find a long term relationship or a partner, Tell me about yourself

Hello, my name is Arke Glen Halq, I’m Yiddish (!*:-? thinking*=D> applause) Swedish, I live in Coral Gables, Florida. I’m 5 years divorced now, I don’t have kids and I live alone. I moved down here 7 years ago from Sweden due to work. I came on here to find a partner, it is boring being alone. I like weekend trips, travel, beach, champagne, adventure, movies, and fishing.

Hello (name removed), how are you? Thank you for the reply, I am glad we have a common interest, and i will say I am very much interested in you. Please do you mind I ask for your email? I believe for now commnunication is vital and it will be good if we can write emails, tell me what you think. Take care
Hello, I still anticipate your response


Message on a mail box:

Message N 1:

From: Glen Halq glenhalq@gmail.com
Date: XX Sep 2019
Subject: HELLO

Hello (name removed), thank you for giving me your email address, I believe that we can have better communication now, but it also depends on how committed we are and how willing we are to make a relationship work. I have no limits to what I can or the length I can get to for someone I wanna be with. Tell me more about yourself and your idea about love. Love is fun when you have the right person in your life. Have a great day ahead over there, while I get little rest.


Message N 2:

From: Glen Halq glenhalq@gmail.com
Date: XX Sep 2019 
Subject: Re: HELLO

Hello (name removed), I’m so much happy getting your reply and appreciate you telling me about yourself. You must be hard working to shuttle from (location removed) to the (location removed), I hope you got time to sometimes rest and relax, even though I also travel sometimes due to work. I’m Yiddish Swedish, I was born and raised in Sweden with just my dad and granny, and the are both dead. My mom left when I was only 4 years old and my dad never got married again after that even though I tried talking him into it he just didn’t buy the idea anymore. I’m a scientist and researcher, working as a private consultant. I am limited when it comes to family, It sometimes makes life a bit boring, I got an uncle back in Sweden, he happens to be the only family I have and he’s mentally ill due to drug abuse. I visit him every year in the mental institution back there in Sweden. I’m so much of a happy person, I don’t stay unhappy at length, I have only experienced being unhappy in such long term after my divorce, due to the pain and hurt it caused me, I fought it through emotionally and now here I am because It’s boring being without love or a partner. I enjoy the beach, weekend trips, fishing, spending time in a country home especially on the weekend, I love traveling due to the exposure and peace it brings, I have actually been to a lot of countries, do you travel?. I enjoy the karaoke, and spending time with a loved one(s). I like gardening too and I have a plan of setting it up here in my home, I can surely say I’m also a cheerful and positive person, I’m just full of love, support and happiness to give. That’s all about me, you can ask me more of the things you will love to know, I didn’t mention I like wristwatches a lot, something I got from my dad I guess, because, he has a fixation for wristwatches. I have a good feeling about this and about you, I hope for the best. Goodnight from here and have a great day over there, I hope for your response. Sleep well pretty.


Message N 3:

From: Glen Halq glenhalq@gmail.com
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Re: HELLO

Hello, pretty (name removed), how are you today and how was your night? I’m sorry I couldn’t respond earlier than now, the day’s activities and routines got me so occupied but I’m glad to be writing now and much more glad each time I read your email. Tell me about life over there and how do you think we can handle the distance and make this work out between us, with trust and faithfulness, at least until we are able to meet. Tell me what you think. Good morning to you, have a great day (name removed), and never forget someone here thinks of you always. 



Google Hangout (glenhalq@gmail.com):


Profile of the same scammer:



Glen Halq



Works at Consult


Fake Profile with photo of the same person:



Rodriguez luca



Age: 45
Zodiac: Aries
Location: Nigeria, Abuja
I’m looking for: a woman aged 35 to 53 for starting a family.


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