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Dane Hall








Dane967 “Seeking a Christian Woman”
52 year old man
from Corinth, Mississippi
Looking for relationship
Interests: Serving God, helping others, and living life as it was meant to be.
Profession: Retired
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Marital Status: Divorced
Have Children? Yes, they live away from home
Religion: Baptist
Hello,I am a Christian Man. I serve the one true God. I enjoy Church, cooking,
being outdoors,going on long trips,and working with wood.
I am a retired former soldier, but I still enjoy working. I am not a boring man. I am patient and kind.
My friends tell me that I am generous,
and thoughtful. Life is a gift from God,
and I am seeking someone to share it with.


Mingle2.com. INBOX:

Hello,How are you there?
Hello, it’s okay. I am not on here that much either.
Would you like to chat by e-mail or another site ? I am on messenger, whatsapp, and hangouts.
Sounds like a good plan. I will send you a test email.


Message on a mail box:

Message N 1:
From: Dane Hall <mail4dh01@gmail.com>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Hello

Hello this is Dane from Mingle2. What name do you use?.


Message N 2:
From: Dane Hall <mail4dh01@gmail.com>
Date: XX Oct 2019 
Subject: Good morning

How are you? I hope that you are doing well today ? The day is wonderful here. It has began to get cooler here. That is such a change from a week ago. I am looking forward to winter here. The cooler weather is perfect for hunting. I like to hunt from time to time. What time of the year do you enjoy?


Message N 3:
From: Dane Hall <mail4dh01@gmail.com>
Date: XXXX Oct 2019 at 20:38
Subject: Good morning from here.

Hello (name removed), how are you? I am well here.I apologise for not telling you about myself. My name is Dane Hall. I am 52 years old.Born 9 July, 1967. I am the oldest of 7 children. I have 1 full sister and 2 half sister’s. 1 half sister died at at 5 year’s old. Her name was Rose. I never met her.I have 3 half brother’s. All of my siblings are grown. My parent’s are divorced.I was married for 10 year’s, and fathered 2 son’s. David is 12, and Matthew is 10. My ex wife is a South African. They now live in the state of Wyoming. Yes, I occasionally hunt. Mostly deer and wild pig. I don’t hunt for sport, but foranimal population control and food. Thisyear I plan to hunt wild pig’s. The deer population is undersized and declined.Pig’s are overpopulated and very very destructive. They are tearing our crops and ranch land’s apart. I also like to camp, fish, and hike. I do this during the summer months. I belong to a volunteer search and rescue unit. This is part of my survival training. I bring 2 day’s of emergency food just in case I fail with my quest.I am attending a vocational technical school. My study is in Automotive Technologies. I am working toward a degree in this field because it is a good career move. I can build on my former military job. I served as a soldier for 17 year’s. I really don’t have time for other thing’s at the present time. However, I do try to keep my other hobbies going when I can.I enjoy working with wood, and at times I have been known to do some metal forging.It is fair to say that I am a decent cook, and this includes bush and kitchen. Since I usually just cook for myself, it is also fair to say that I could use morepractice.  Okay I will await your next message. If you have questions, just ask me what you wish. I will answer them truthfully.Have a wonderful day. God bless you.                   
Sincerely, Dane


Message N 4:
From: Dane Hall <mail4dh01@gmail.com>
Date: XXXX Oct 2019 at 20:38
Subject: Good morning from here.

Hello (name removed),
These are a few photo’s of mine that I wish to share.



Google Hangout (mail4dh01@gmail.com):



mail4dh01 (Dane Hall)



2 posts
26 following
Dane Hall



1. Dane Hall



I am a Christian,who is totally sold out to this country.
Veteran at Retired Military
Studied Journalist at Northeast Mississippi Community College
Went to Burnsville High School, Burnsville, MS
Lives in Corinth, Mississippi
From Iuka, Mississippi


2. Dane Hall



Tracked Vehicle Repairer at Retired Military
Former Agente penitenciário at CoreCivic
Studied Radio/TV at University of North Alabama
Studied at Northeast Mississippi Community College
Went to Burnsville High School
Lives in Corinth, Mississippi
From Iuka, Mississippi


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