419 Scam/Romance Scam: RANDY CARDLE (Nigeria)


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419 Scam
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Randy Cardle



Phone number: +1 (770) 651-0315

Login IP:

ASN:   36873
ISP:   Airtel Networks Limited
Organization: Airtel Networks Limited
Type:   Wireless Broadband
Assignment:   Static IP
Continent:    Africa
Country:      Nigeria
State/Region: Edo



Informant received the mail below from someone who uses Tinder and Whatsapp:


Message on a mail box:

From: Randy Cardle randy.cardle1960@gmail.com
Date: XX August, 2017

    Hello beautiful!

    I am try to put this in email as you already known I’m an engineer and right now i own a business that has to do with construction and oil rig pipe lining engineer in the sea. I have a house, here in the USA, and another in spain where my Dad originally came from but the house was inherited from my Dad. I have a son, Roland who passed 8 years already the sweetest little thing in my life. I am widowed for 5 years now, due to car accident. and I have had to raise Roland up all by myself ever since. I grew up in the USA, I have a spanish origin, as my dad was spanish, and mom’s American, but she was really close to my dad until he passed, so she decided to live the rest of her life there before she also pass away. I embraced more of my english side, and have a little bit of an accent as am not pure english. I am contented with my life so far.

    Usually, I am a very cautious person and it takes a long time for me to fully trust people. However, when I have trust in someone (not very often), it becomes a totally different relationship and I can just give a whole lot to the other. I have few friends, but all very close ones. People who know me well enough say that I am a very intelligent person, very caring for the others and very generous. My close friends say that on the first meeting I impress a lot, but some people often feel that I am not a  very easy person. However, when they know me better, they realize that on the contrary, I am very easy going – but only with people I enjoy. If not, I prefer to keep the distance. My very close friend says that the woman I will decide to be with will probably be one of the most happy and lucky person… but they also say that they are not sure she will find me!!!! For me to appreciate a woman, she needs to be very honest, caring, supportive and ambitious. I don’t like pretentious people or people that claim a lot of things which they don’t really know about. However, I don’t worry about waiting to find the right person, because I know that when I meet her, I will know very fast that she is the right one, and hopefully that will be a unique relationship lasting for the whole lifetime… so a few years of waiting is not a problem for me! Why am I telling you this? Because I would very much like to develop our relations. And it will be nice having a woman that can play table tennis and go to the beach with me…haha

    I love my job so much because of the creativity in it, and I travel quite a bit for contracts, but take my vacation whenever I like and the best place I’ve enjoyed traveling to is Aruba because of the beach and the lovely weather there, the spa, and the whole tropical life and feeling of nature there.

    I cannot refuse to be thankful for the things I have been blessed with, like my wonderful son, and all the blessings that have been coming my way even from my work, but I think it became like a diversion from the true happiness of having the dream home like I always wanted, and having a mother figure that could help teach my son the things only a woman can. and I really missed Roland’s mother, and wanted to raise him up to his teenage years before thinking of dating, but I now realize that the both of us need someone to take care of us, and I too really deserve to be happy, and will love to build a home with a special lady. So that’s about how online dating was recommended to me after a few failed blind dates. And I will be more grateful if it leads me to the arm of true love, and happiness.

    I’m not the type that stew over things for long.. I prefer voicing out my feelings(good or bad), although I may wait while to do so depending on the type of mood I am. I value peace in my life and I try to stay away from things that don’t give me peace of mind. When something makes me feel frustrated, I focus on the solution and what God is trying to teach me from it. I don’t think you have to shout and curse at someone out to make your point and I definitely don’t believe in acting out violently (I don’t support hitting regardless of which gender), and I teach my boy never to hit, or curse at a woman. I have been told I can give a silent look that has the same effect as being screamed at or cursed at. I’m definitely not a wallflower. Also I am very good at not losing control when I face a tough situation. I stay calm and try to resolve conflicts peacefully. Most times, I try to resolve issues right when they happen, but I understand sometimes people need time to think things through. So I am patient and seek God’s guidance.  I am not ’emotional’ in the sense that I wouldn’t lose control in a situation or let my emotions take control of me. But I like to show my emotions such as admiration, encouragement, love, tenderness and physical attraction. I’m usually very happy having love, health, peace, and the joy.

    There are some questions i will love to get answers from you.

    How long have you been dating online or tinder, and why did you choose to?

    I’ll love to know about your experiences, and encounters so far, until I met you.

    I travel for work purposes sometimes, can you handle it?

    Do you think we stand a chance on dating each other?

    I think you know so much about me now, that took a whole lifetime writing Lol… Never done something like this before, so I am pretty much amazed myself. Well I guess it’s your turn now. Do you think you can fit into the picture? Let me know ASAP. Have a lovely day ahead over there while I say goodnight from California….




Picture stolen from real Turkish engineer Gafur Alişer


Fake scammer Profiles with picture of the same man:  



Carl Alexandar



His background:
2017-1997: Manger, Oceania building Project
September 1990-February 1987: Manager
Warner Bros
1000 – 4999 employees
the project went successfully and a nice recommendations was given .
1985-1980: Bedford University, Bedford City
His skills:

  • Architecture
  • Brand management
  • Building construction

His languages

  • English
  • Italian

About him:

I Enjoy the company of a true nice woman, some one who can appreciate the “art of courting”. If you have to ask what’s courting…well, After all Life’s a Marathon Not a Sprint. Webster’s New World College Dictionary definition of the word “real” is authentic, genuine, sincere…if you are looking for a real man then that’s me!

I am looking for the 3 C’s in a relationship: Communication, Compatibility, and Chemistry. Chemistry is one of those elusive things that no one can really define. It’s friendship on FIRE!! It’s like beauty.. in the eye of the beholder.I would love to meet that rare, exceptional woman that can keep me mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, engaged & challenged, and I him, We should share a connection and intimacy,that even when aprt,we’ve got got each other’s backs.



Maxwell @michael_longwei7



Benard Bush






Details about me:
I am just a simple and humble man that wants to get on with life and put the hurts of the past behind. Filled with a great sense of humor and there is never going to be a boring moment around me. I desire a woman whom i consider a mirror image of myself. One who is loving, caring and understanding.
My Hobbies: movies, music, reading, travelling, nature, watching sports
My Preferred Movies: Science Fiction, Comedies, Epic, Best Sellers
My Preferred Music Bands, Artists & Styles: Country, Rocks
Location Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Zodiac Sign Leo
Age: 53
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Businessperson
Education: Masters
Children: 2 kids Marital Status: Divorced
My desired relation: Long-term Relationship, Friendship, Love
My Interests: Business / Finance / Arts / Music / Movies
Jobs / Careers: Shopping
Sport / Recreation: Tourism
Spoken Languages: English, German, Italian



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