Congrats-your-busted 61: 419 Scam/Romance Scam: MARVIN EUGENE WHITED

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419 Scam

Romance Scam

Marvin Eugene Whited

Marvin W

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(President of Center for Organizational Energy, Inc, United States)



Member Since: October 2, 2016
Gender: Male
Location: Yukon, OK
Age: 58
Relationship Status: Widowed
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight
Movies: Harry Potter
TV: Animal Documentaries
Books: Holy Bible
Sports: Basket Ball, Golf
Interests: Shopping,camping
Dreams: To start new life with someone that will love me for whom i am ..
About Me:
I am easy going man with great sense of humor. I am one woman man and i am honest and trustworthy. INBOX:

Marvin W, 58 Yukon, OK:

    Hi I am Marvin Whited ,I am 60 years old, I lost my wife 8 years ago to Breast cancer.I have been lonely and i just think of moving out from the shell of the loneliness .As i saw your profile on here , It really attracted me so much and i really want to know more about you.I am easy going man with great sense of humor. I Like going out with my woman in holding hands together and walking beside her. I will like to read back from you to know much more about each other. God Bless. Marvin Eugene Whited.

Marvin Whited



Lives in Yukon, Oklahoma
From Yukon, Oklahoma



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