Army Leave scammer/Phishing: MD IQBAL / MICHEL PASCAL

Army Leave Scammer


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Romance Scam
Army Leave scammer

Md Iqbal (Michel Pascal)



Email address
He invited me to Facebok about a year ago. We wrote, gave me an email address and asked for mine. I was sent an antivirus program to install Avast. I read about him – he looked more like a spy. I chased the guy. Recently, I found this profile in the post office and answered the invitation in Hangouts.

Md Iqbal (Michel Pascal)

Photo of Photo of USA Army military Allan Dickey



Single INBOX:

I found your invitation. It’s probably already out of date. Forgot to tell me something, or maybe you want to hear some obscene words from me?
Michel Pascal:
Yes, how are you doing today, it’s been a long time?
Somehow I survived without you, what do you want?
Michel Pascal:
I don’t want anything from you, so why did you ask my dear?
So why did you send me an invitation?
Michel Pascal:
Yes, I want us to be friends, it’s alright so how are you?
I’m not your friend
Michel Pascal:
Why did I send you that I am not your friend?
Do you know the rule? Don’t have friends and no one will betray you – I tested it on myself. It hurt
So what do you mean by that, my dear?
Do you want to cheat on me, send me your photo?
Please, how did you cheat on you, my dear?
So what are you trying so say send me your picture now
If you really know me what is my job?
Then you said you were a soldier, you live in London, but you are currently in Mogadishu. It was a couple of months ago
Michel Pascal
Please, where did I meet you?
You invited me to your friends on facebook.
Michel Pascal
Okay, so you have my picture there?
Can you send me your photo?

Michel Pascal:
Good morning, how was the night?
Okay, so you’re home, what’s your job?
You used to be more talkative
Why did you send me a Hangout invitation?
That’s why I’m getting lost, that I don’t remember you anymore, that’s why I want you to send me your photo
My picture won’t tell you anything because you’ve never seen me.
Michel Pascal:
Okay, since you keep writing to me
Our relationship ended when you sent me the Avast antivirus to me to install. Do you remember now?
Michel Pascal:
I don’t remember anything, please send me your photo

Michel Pascal:
Good morning beautiful queen, how are you at night? I hope you slept well. I just want you to know what you made me feel. You taught me to love again, You taught me to give and receive love, trusting and believing in You. You taught me to go one step further. And although we’re miles away, I never stop thinking about you, you’ve made a change in my life and my heart is forever yours and I know it’s still early and you probably haven’t woken up yet, but I just wanted to be the first to know how you slept last night and i feel so crazy the love i have for you is so dear on earth and worth its weight in silver and gold. Never thought I would see an honest woman one day make me fall in love, for now thank God I found you in my heart and you sleep in your soul and wake my heart to be strong like a lion’s heart and I feel so excited, because there is no woman like you i’m proud of you baby because you are the strong and hard working woman i want in my life and i told myself to be proud of your struggles and not to persecute people. the good will stay in your life and the bad will disappear. be proud of who you are and what you represent, I am proud of myself that I have achieved a beautiful woman on earth and that you, my love, have fallen in love for many years, but I have fallen in love because I trust and believe and love you As a sincere heart, writing all these words is meant to let you know how sincere I feel you are having a great day
I really love you, you are my queen
So you say you’re old or what?
Yes tell me
Ok, I’m older than you, I’m 55
My beloved, with so much joy in my heart, I want to tell you that you are the one who keeps my happiness. there is nothing I would not do to let you know that you are the best lady in the world. With you, I know that my life will continue to be a beautiful place to live because I will spend the rest with you. I love you my dear.

Michel Pascal:
Good morning my love, how’s your night? you are my passion, my life, my love. without you, I would have no reason to live. all the stars in the universe cannot replace what we have together. Thank you for the love we have and for your gentleness. never forget me because I will never forget you and I can tell you how much I love and how much I want you in my arms again, but this is something I can never do because I would not want to hurt your new love. I took you for granted and now I have to live with it. I cry to fall asleep every night thinking about what could have been and it hurts when I think I’ll never know. I can only say that I’m sorry and I wish you all the best, but when I say I wish you all the best, it kills me inside because what I really want is to have you forever In my life have a nice day kiss
Okay, so how’s your job?
Ok can you send me your picture?
i want to see your picture please
I told you that I don’t put my photos on the internet. After all, I could send any from the newspaper or the Internet, you won’t be sure it’s me
I don’t trust you enough to do this. I have to go to sleep, I get up to work in the morning.
Michel Pascal:
I won’t write more to you than to you because you don’t trust me
Thank you very much, goodbye



He was sent an invitation to his Hangout, just for fun, from a person who  the scammer doesn’t know. Here is the chat:


Google Hangout (

The cat looks so angry, WHY? *:-/ confused*8-> day dreaming


Sorry actually I’ve forgotten where we met and who you are *:-? thinking*;) winking


Fake Profile with stolen photos of Allan Dickey:

2. Dickey Morga



Work: Facon at Usa military


3. Benny Dickey



US Military at U.S. Military
Studied at United States Military Academy


4. Benny Dickey



Engineer at U.S. Military
Studied at The Ohio State University
Lives in Columbus, Ohio
From Columbus, Ohio


5. Prince Dickey



Military officer at US Military Forces
Went to TTU K-12
Lives in San Diego, California
From Seagoville, Texas

1. Bernard Dickey



Friendship , Love And Marriage
Current city: New York City
Studied at: United States Military Academy ’82
College or university:
United States Military Academy ’82
Faculty: Military
Study program: Civil & Mechanical Engineering
Moberly High School ’76


2. Dickey Prakasha



Birthday: January 1, 1966


3. Wilson Craymond



Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest Energy
Birthday: September 20, 1968
Company: U.S. ARMY
Languages: Russian
Company: U.S. ARMY
College or university:
University of Houston – Clear Lake
Military Service






Looking for my second half
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Status: Divorced
Age: 51
Male, 5’9″ (176 cm)
Seeking: Female
Intentions: Marriage
Personality: Hardworking
Ethnicity: White (Caucasian)
Nationality: United States
Marriage Views: Marriage is Important
Occupation: Other
Languages: English / German
Education: Masters Degree
Religion: Christian



Henry Mich David



69, Man, Single
Texas City, United States
Looks for:
Single Woman
61 – 75 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship



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