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419 Scam
Romance Scam

Williams George

Williams George



Member Since: August 5, 2017
Gender: Male
Location: Arkansas City, KS
Age: 57
Relationship Status: Dating
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight
About Me:
I’m Williams George I was birth in Greece but I live and also work in USA Arkansas I have two kids and I’m divorce for the past two years now all I need a responsible partner that understand what I mean and plan to build a serious relationship with me and have a good trust INBOX:

Williams George, 57 Arkansas City, KS:

  • Hi!
  • how are you doing today
  • I want you to tell me more about you
  • I would like us to know more better about our self
  • i have gone through sites searching for a beautiful woman like you but i couldn’t find any. I have checked your profiles and found out that your its ok for me i will not like to loose you i need to know you better and we can start this by communicating often and know each other, am new to this dating thing and i hope to find a real woman to love on here, I need a woman to love for the rest of my life and a woman that will be honest with me,
  • I’m George Williams I was birth in Greece Argostoli I live in Florida with two kids but my wife left me Ian I also work as a civil engineering
  • I want a serious relationship again that will Turn to marriage but I understand with God all things are possible
  • I would be glad if you give me your phone number so that we can talk better
  • And text
  • I have hangout can you give me your hangout gmail
  • I only have gmail with hangout
  • You can do that. To register it honey
  • I will add you there
  • Very easy to register
  • So would you like a relationship with me?
  • Yes sure we will meet but you know I’m a busy man working travel on contract but when I have my holiday we would


He told me that he has 2 kids. I talked to him on the phone and he doesn’t sound like he has a greek accent, it sounds African… but he swears he is a Greek. He asked me for money 4 times tonight if I have no money I can borrow the money for him.


Fake Scammer Profiles with the name “George Williams” on

1. Williams George




I love to give not because i have much but because i know how it pains to have nothing .
Mechanical Engineering at Mechanical Engineer
Went to Southwest Miami Senior High


2. George Williams



Former Supervisor at Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors
Former Chemical Mixer at Canadian Chemical Transactions
Studied Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering/Licensed Chem. Engineer at University of Toronto Post-Grad
Studied Chemical Engineering at University of Toronto
Went to Toronto Junior/Senior High School
Lives in Toronto, Ontario
From Canada, Kentucky

George Williams:
Please love ones don’t be upset with my today for not replying fast or not replying at all… I have a lot if work at my office today… its going to take much time… I love you


3. George Williams



Works at Royal Navy
Went to Duke of York’s Royal Military School
Lives in Damascus, Syria
From Harrow, United Kingdom



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