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Romance scammer


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Romance Scam
Loan Scam

Henry Morgan

Henry M



Member Since: July 25, 2017
Gender: Male
Location: Saint Paul, MN
Age: 51
Ethnicity: Native American
Orientation: Straight
Music: Steve wounder
Movies: Titanic
TV: Soccer
Books: Novel
Sports: Soccer
Interests: Dating
Dreams: Come Truth
Best Features: I’m not shy
About Me:
Mr name is Henry Morgan from Minnesota working with a construction company , single with a daughter and son , divorce since 3 years ago INBOX:


Henry M, 51 Saint Paul, MN:

  • Hello .How are you doing can we chat and know easy other please
  • Were are you from
  • i’m  from Minnesota , but presently in Texas for work , i’m into building and road construction
  • —————————————
  • Sorry wish city are you now
  • Good i’m also from Minnesota USA but presently in south Africa for work i’m working with a construction company and we are into building and road construction and you
  • How are you doing today
  • Oh okay good and you have to take good care over there
  • It’s very hurt here in south Africa
  • Oh okay just take good care my love
  • Babe i’m broke here in south Africa and i don’t know what you can do for me
  • its sad over tehir
  • Babe please can you borrow me money i will pay you back just to give some money to my workers here and i will give you back when i get pay even i may tell this company that i’m working with to send you the money to your account please
  • Kindle let me hear from you okay
  • Wow okay babe thanks and how are your family
  • But if you can help me to borrow please i will give you back trust me just to pay to some workers here
  • Even check that’s coming i will ask the company over there to deposited it in to your mailbox and you to can deposited it into your bank
  • Can you help me with your account so that they can send me money and you can send it to me here cause my account have been close i lone money with my account and if they ever remit any money in there it’s going to be taking by the bank , that’s why i need your help now
  • The problem i’m having is that i don’t even have any money to get food here for now cause they haven’t pay us and the little one i get from my client in state , he as to pay to my mom and my children are there home with her and my mom is on stroke so i do take good care of her and the children and pay the bills in my house


A few fake scammer Profiles with the name
Henry Morgan

1. Henry Morgan



Works at Mining & Construction
Studied at University of Phoenix


2. Henry Morgan



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