Romance scam, Fake Soldier. Watson Jnr John

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Watson Jnr John



 Phone number   +2348095066293   Nigeria Mobile Number

 Email address

 Kik ID   watsonjnr




I’m may be a US soldier but I’m proud of it. Kik Me at watsonjnr

Military Police at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Correctional Officer at United States Army

Studied Criminology at Saint Leo University

Went to Fort Myers Senior High School

Watson Jnr John

I’m a US military man, that’s my blood and I’m proud of it. Any one interested in

friendship should add me up. Thanks


Watson Jnr John Yeah baby. Thank you. You can send me a request

XXXXXX He says hes from Florida but in Nigeria on an assignment to rescue kidnapped children

Watson Jnr I tried to get an iTunes Gift Card today from the store and I couldn’t get One. They don’t really have here
I think you can get one for me over there. US iTunes Gift Card
I need it I want to download some stuff on iPhone
It will be useful for our mission here

Watson Jnr  You can go any Walmart store and ask for US iTunes Gift Card…
You scratch the card and send the digits to me here

XXXXX  dont have Walmart in our country

Watson Jnr  Really

XXX Yes really

Watson Jnr Is XXX a rural country
I think you can get from super mart

Watson Jnr Yeah
But if you can’t get please don’t stress yourself about it ok
Did you got the text

XXX How much do you need

Watson Jnr   $100

XXX Will need an e mail and phone number to let you know the numbers

Watson Jnr No
You just scratched it and text the number to me here
You make sure you type it correctly

Watson Jnr OK
The number should be 16digits

Watson Jnr  Baby you don’t need phone number

XXX what if theres no internet ?

Watson Jnr Ok
You are right
Did you get that

Watson Jnr Ok
When are you going to the super mart

XXX tomorrow

Watson Jnr OK baby

We don’t know whose pictures are used but we think it is a soldier in the Turkish Army.  Turkey is a major  centre with many Nigerian scammers.  However we also found this profile is linked with many Arab scammers in the region. We don’t know if this is a DAESH funding operation.





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