Romance Scam/Army Leave Scam/Phishing: GERTRUDE JONES

Romance Scammer


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Fast and furious, and we are bit short of information on GERTRUDE JONES so we get that down and also their pictures if we can. We don’t want them to miss out on our treats. We are nice like that. Hopefully life is a little harder for them and it will help save you wasting money sending it to Nigeria/Ghana/Senegal/Côte d’Ivoire/Benin/Togo etc. You have to remember if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and looks like a duck then there is a better than evens chance it IS a duck


Romance Scam
Army Leave Scam

Gertrude Jones

Phone number: +1 423-728-9161



He’s a military in South Korea, widowed with a little girl and he contacted me by Instagram and we chat by Hangouts, he asked money for a emergency vacation
He doesn’t send me any document and the pictures he sent me via Messenger. He contacted me on Instagram but he deleted the account. I blocked him in Hangout. He gave me this telephone number +1 423-728-9161 his mail is



1. Pay attention to the name used by the scammer “Gertrude Jones” is a female name. Possibly this is the name of one of his victims.
2. The scammer claims to be in the military camp in South Korea. Actually he is using stolen photos of Brady Pesola (is an Executive Director of Triple B Adventures, Founder of San Diego School of Survival,Speaker/Actor/Advisor/ Firearms Instructor/ U.S. Marine.)
3. Military personnel never pay for leave. Leave requests are fake.


WhatsApp Chats (+1 423-728-9161):

Gertrude Jones:



Photos of Brady Pesola (is an Executive Director of Triple B Adventures, Founder of San Diego School of Survival)



The picture above is stolen from HERE:



Please DO NOT tell the scammer he is posted here!

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