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Owen Townsend



I have been in correspondence with a man by the name of Owen Townsend.
“Owen Townsend” contacted me through Facebook and requested to go to “hangout” to be friends. He then started sweet talking me and telling how he missed his son and ask me if I could help him out.
He graduate from the Army war College, West Point. He is a military man currently serving in Iraq on relief assignment because he’ll be retiring soon. He says he is a Captain in the US army, in Iraq from peace keeping mission, authorized by the United Nation on the war against terrorism.
He needed money through a gift card, etc or anything like that from eBay or amazon so he could pay and continue his contact with his son who lives in Houston Texas and was going to boarding school. His wife died 6 years ago from cancer and he lost his parents at an early age so he grew up in a teachers house (something like that). He hadn’t seen his son for 5 years and was due to retire in 2 years, but everything was getting bad in Iraq and he was wanting to get a request of vacation in so he could come back to the states and put in for early retirement. He was missing his son so much and asked if I could help him get back to the states through the vacation request to the UN. He then said later that he needed 200 dollars more because he would have to get some kind of Clarence to get a vacation. He asked for another gift card through eBay. He begged for me to help him get his vacation time and write a letter to the UN requesting for his early vacation. I did that and they wrote back telling me it would cost $6,500. That is when I stopped and opened my eyes realizing I was getting scammed and wanted to bust him.
He also was telling me how he had all his money invested in France or somewhere like that and if I could accept a suitcase of the money. It was supposedly 3.2 million dollars and in return he would give me 20% of his money.



Google Hangout (

Photo of Lt. Col. Robert Owen (U.S. Army)







Please note that the scammer in one part of the conversation says” And how I live here in Iran” and then a line later he says “Come on, here we go in Iraq……….”
The Taliban are not in Iran or Iraq, they are in Afghanistan but the scammer does not know this. It is DAESH who are in Iraq and Syria.



Photo of Lt. Col. Robert Owen (U.S. Army)


Message on a mail box:

From: United Nation <>
Date: May XX, 2020

We want to inform you that the board acknowledge the receipt of the email you sent in regards to the Vacation certificate for your Friend
Gen Owen Townsend .Actually there are some requirement that will be needed from you to process the certificate you are applying for. This are the requirement we need from you to process the Vacation certificate.
Full name …………………………..
Your Country ……………………….
Date of birth………………………..
Phone number…………………….
Home address……………………..


NB: Due to diplomatic of approval, it will be illegal to send the Certificate to you without the Certificate of release being insured, as it will violate the United Nations rules governing diplomatic Release. This means payment for the Certificate of release fee must be made before Release to avoid risk. This is because of some bad experience we had in the past. We can not afford to re-issue your payment for the release if anything goes wrong, So in this case payment for the Certificate fee is mandatory and each country has it’s own price tag. So you can decide to use any of our offices that you think you prefer.
U.S.A:……………………… $6,5000Dollar
Australia:…………………… $16,000 Dollar
Turkey………………$8,000 dollar
Italy:…………………………$10,000 dollar
Germany:………………….$30,000 Dollar
The Certificate fee should be paid to the United Nations Envoy that will Issue the Certificate to you. Failure to provide the certificate of release fee will mean refusal of the release of your Friend
Gen Owen Townsend by our envoy, so as to enable the United Nations secure our good name we have always maintained in the world, because to release the Certificate without the fee will be illegal. This is the United Nations law guiding the authentic delivery of diplomatic regulations. Kindly send Information within 24 hours of recipient of email



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Fake profiles with the name of Owen Townsend:

1. Owen Townsend


2. Owen Townsend


3. Owen Townsend


4. Jason Owen Townsend




Jason Owen Townsend:
I wish to make this public with a heart full of tears. My only child was involved in a fatal accident in Belgium that affected the spinal cord and Brain, She is 12 years old and currently am handicapped because we are on a mission in Afghanistan when i got the news , The doctors are demanding that she have to undergo a plastic Surgery that is very expensive and they said that is the only means of her survival, The hospital demanded that I pay $38,000 for this plastic surgery, so am asking to those who are touched to please help me save my only child….With heart full of Tears😭😭😭😭😭 Thanks and God bless you as you show support



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