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Romance Scam
Army Leave scammer

Williams Brown



Williams Brown



Member Since: November 13, 2019
Gender: Male
Location: El Paso, TX
Age: 47
Relationship Status: Divorced
Languages: 中文 (简体), English, Français
Ethnicity: Asian, Native American, Other
Religion: Other
Orientation: Straight



Williams Brown, 47 El Paso, TX:

Hi (name removed), how are you doing today? I was going through random profiles trying to meet new friends and if possible get to find the woman of my dreams here on this site and then i stumbled to your profile i couldn’t stop starring at your beauty and i thought for a while how amazing it will be to get to know you better, I hope you don’t mind? I would love to get to know you my dear
Yes (name removed), Her name is Melissa and she has been the only reason for my happiness, Glad meeting you here (name removed) i am sorry for the late replies but my job really takes a lot of my time.. I was wondering what have you been doing on this site since 2007
Oh that’s really great to know i am happy for you, things was great in Texas but i am no longer in Texas i am actually back to work, Basically i am stationed in Texas but i was deployed to Yemen for the fight against terrorism and peace keeping but i was planning on getting home anytime soon i hope that works out, I am tired of this war because it seems like it’s never going to end lol, I just want to get home and start up a family and be with the right woman for me, that’s going to love me for who I am and also take my daughter just like hers..
I am sorry i didn’t get to let you know that i am actually a US Military, what about you? what’s your occupation or are you retired?
I am glad to hear from you again and it’s a pleasure to meet you, I was also wishing the same time, I really wanted to go home and put my life in order because i giving a lot to my country and i forgot about myself, I need to start up a family and know that I have a family somewhere eating for me to be back, After I lost my wife it has been really hard on me but I believe God has his reasons for everything and getting to meet you makes me feel i am getting closer to my future and starting a beautiful family, I really don’t know why I feel this way but I know my heart will never lie to me, I am sure you are a great woman with the heart of gold and i am so pleased in getting to know you..
actually I am from Louisville Kentucky, what about you?
Wow, that’s nice to know i have always wanted to be in (location removed), it is such a beautiful place but i never had someone who stayed there, i am sorry for the late replies but my dear i would love for you to get google hangouts so we can be able to talk more often, i really do love talking with you it makes me feel like a man once again..
When you are done downloading google hangouts you can send me your email address you use in opening it so that I can be to add you over there and we get to know each other better, this site makes it impossible for me to talk to you more often and i don’t like that feelings..
Oh okay i see, if it’s on your computer then you just have to go to your gmail and you will see your google hangouts contact below, can you give me your email address so i can add you up and we get to know each other more better, I admire you a lot and i wouldn’t want to jeopardize this opportunity God has giving me in meeting a beautiful and good hearted woman..
Oh I see, i would love for you to get a google email address, please i know this might be stressful for you but please do this for me, i really see something special in you and i want to be a friend or more, if we are always talking here it wouldn’t be possible because i find it hard to come here most of the time..
Merry Christmas dear, I hope you enjoyed your day and you had fun, Happy boxing day to you dear, I am sorry i was only trying to bring up an idea that can help us get to talk everyday, I don’t know why i feel this way but i really want to be with you and talk more better..
I sent you an invitation on hangouts already, did you get my messages?
Google hangouts, you can download it on your computer system or you create a gmail account then you will find hangout below, where you can add my email address and we can be able to talk..
Actually I am not on facebook, I really don’t like facebook
I can email you but that won’t be interesting because it might take time before you get to see it or i myself get to see it that was why i said you should get google hangouts it’s a texting app and you will like it
I can email you but that won’t be interesting because it might take time before you get to see it or i myself get to see it that was why i said you should get google hangouts it’s a texting app and you will like it
Why is it so hard for you to get a gmail? I understand you have a yahoo mail but i don’t that’s why i want us to talk on google hangouts through gmail, I have my reasons for that… I really want to tell you how things work here in the Military war camp Sa’na Yemen, we are not allowed to use cell phones,computer and laptops.I am working at the Military monitoring unit base. We are in charge to Monitor of bombs,missiles, Air craft and Guns.. I am using the U.S military device for monitoring the Aircraft,Missiles, Bomb track and radio activities to chat with you. I am doing this secretly, because I see something special in you.. I want you to understand that chatting with you here without a military calling card is a very big risk to me and my job. If another soldier sees me or gets to know about it i will be severely punished and i may also lose my job and go to jail…I know I shouldn’t be telling you all this but this my critical situation and I see you as a very understanding and loving person and i would love for you to get hangouts or skype so we can be able to talk more better and i get to know you better as well


Fake Profiles with photos of the same person:

1. Kim Yeng



Age: 37
Zodiac: Leo
Location: Greece, Athens
I’m looking for: a woman or a couple M+F aged 40 to 99 for starting a family. Date as a couple M+F. Ready to support.


2. Kim Arthur



Age: 45
Zodiac: Virgo
Location: Syria, Hamah
I’m looking for: a woman or a couple M+F aged 48 to 90 for a romantic relationship. Date as a couple M+F. Ready to support.
About me:
I am sympathetic, a great listener and am not afraid to show my feelings. I do not just believe in a woman’s physical appearance, but her heart plays the most important role for me
I’m looking for:
A loyal and Honest woman to love me forever till our dying bed
Personal Information:
Relationship: Divorced
Children: Already have children, and want more



Kim Chen Wilson



40, Man, Single
Toronto, Canada
Looks for:
33 – 47 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship

Kim Williams



Age: 53
Location: From United States, Los Angeles
Ethnicity: Asian
Education: Higher education
Languages spoken: English, Русский, Chinese Simplified
Kids: yes, we live together
Income: stable average income
Living Situation: separate apartment (rented or own)

Yang Kim



Loan Officer at Liberty Mortgage Loan Services
Location: Nigeria
Liberty Mortgage Loan Services
Loan Officer
Dates Employed Oct 2014 – Present

bkim472 (Benson Kim)




11 posts
655 following
Benson Kim
Add my KakaoTalk ID: bkim472
This Account is Private (Classmates):

Jackson Kim



Date of birth: April 24 1969 (50 years old)




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