Romance Scam/Loan Scam: DAVID CAMPBELL / FRED ROSE

Romance Scammer


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Romance Scam
Loan Scam

David Campbell
Fred Rose

Phone numbers: +1 (612) 470-4690 *(!)
                           +1 (732) 802-1813




Member Since: November 24, 2020
Gender: Male
Location: Alvarado, MN
Age: 45
Languages: English
Ethnicity: Native American
Religion: Christian
Orientation: Straight
About Me:
Hello guys , i am David and trust me you may need some of my help , as a gym expert and instructor. I really need a woman to be with . Does not feel good to be lonely. You can send me a text if you want 🥳 INBOX:

David, 45 Alvarado, MN:

good morning
Good morning honey ? I check your profile now , you look awesome honey, i am david
You are most welcome
Can we exchange contacts?
You can send me a text anyway
Campbell David
Been waiting for your text all day
Okay honey You are good honey
I hope to hear your voice some day
David Campbell honey
I tried call you , i missed your call
Maybe you call me on my other line honey
I really don’t know what i love to talk to you all the time , you beautiful and I respect you alot
I really hope you give me a chance to be the man of your dreams
Wow , you have really do so great for yourself already
I miss you over here
How is today treating you?
You are always welcome honey
Text me when you my message Call me or leave a text on my number
What have you been up to? I have been very busy with loads of work to finish up Maybe i relax myself from talking to you honey
Send your pic from today, i miss your beautiful face
You had coffee in the morning?
I am doing okay today and you honey?
I have planned to send you a text on your line
I have been expecting my Christmas gift from you
Okay dear Means i am not receiving any gift from no one this year
After 15
I would like to see you. Can you visit me some day?
Wow that would be so lovely. It would be my pleasure
How many hours is from Minnesota to your town?
I suggest flight and not by road (name removed)
Wow that’s not too much just to find you
I would love to come see you (name removed)
If you really want me to come around if have to help me with some cash , I spent all my savings on the debt i took for my surgery months back . If you wouldn’t mind . I am a man that do things on my own. I wouldn’t want you to think i am trying to use you. I would love to come and we go to see the beach around you together if you have any private beach around
And maybe we go to a store to play some indoor games . You have any indoor games you love so much?
I am not trying to use you. You asked me to come over. It’s proper for me to make you understand my current situation. I need your support just to come over to (location removed)
I am on low funds and that’s why i ask you to help with my transportation fee
That’s not too much to ask from a friend
I can pay you back if you wouldn’t mind I have money coming in for me next two weeks . It’s a big one from my parents share from the company



*(!) As part of our investigation he was sent a message to his WhatApp +1 (612) 470-4690. He confirmed that Profile on Tagged is his Profile:


WhatsApp (+1 (612) 470-4690):





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