SCAM/SPAM: Advance Fee Fraud/Phishing: Richard Hill (Togo)



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Advance Fee Fraud

Richard Hill


Phone number: +22892889813

Number billable as  mobile number
Country or destination  Togo
Original network provider*  Togo Cellulaire (Togocel)


WU/MG money Transfer to:

Name: Richard Hill
Country: Republic of Togo
City: Lome
West Africa

Amount: 4,580 USD


Message on a mail box:

From: Richard Hill
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017
Subject: Cost for each of the legal document 
         as stated by the government


To Kind Attention of (name removed)


I have finally received a response from the judicial authority, the Ministry of interior and high Court of this country over the inquiries on the official estimate on the procurement of the government approvals documents in your name.

As result is the cost of the documents in your name.

1. Official application for the “Authorization of Fund Transfer Release Bond (F.T.R.B)…………………………………………………$1030Usd

2. Letter of Administration from the high court …………..$1650Usd

3 Certificate of change of ownership………………..  $1900Usd

Total amount is …………………………………………………$4,580Usd

As a matter of fact you are advice to send this cost amount of these legal papers through Western Union or MoneyGram transfer with my  name as updated below. For the fact that you are directed by Banque Atlantique Togo and be accredited Attorney to this Bank you have the privileged of not paying for a consultation fee to this firm. And l want you to understand that our professional charges fees will be paid after the release and transfer of the said funds to your account which is negotiable.

Find below the information you will use to send the money for the procurement of these documents in your name.

Name: Richard Hill
City : LOME
West Africa
Tel: +22892889813

After sending the money for the cost of the documents send the payment information to me so that l will retrieve it and proceed to the offices concern for the procurement of these legal papers  for immediate transfer of the funds to your account  which l will stand on your behalf at the bank to sign out the final release order documents.

l will send you the copies of the documents by attach mail once it is obtain before submitting it to the bank for your perusal.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this mail after reading it.

Looking forward to serve you better.

Faithfully yours in service

Hon Richard Hill
(Attorney at Law)
Tel: +22892889813

Practice Areas: Banking Law; Cooperate Law; Securities; Mergers and Acquisitions; Partnership; Joint Ventures: Tax Law; Foreign Capital Transaction; Import and export Law; Commercial and Civil law; Administrative Law; Labour Law.


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