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419 Scam

Romance Scam

Tom William

Thomas L Happiness

Happiness Nlerem





Tel. +1 6315735520  


WU/MG money transfer:

Receiver Name : Osagie Thompson (and  Olaseni Sanni)

Receiver Country: Ghana
Receiver City: ACCRA



Scammer No.1   https://www.facebook.com/tom.william.581525   Deleted profile.


ADMIN:   Scammer Tom William contacted our informant however his profile suddenly vanished before we got screenshots, but not before we  had been given his messages below



 My Queen, I feel so bad and empty right now because my world is about to crash down. this morning that I want to go to the seaport for verification and clearing of my equipment to enable me start up my project today accordingly as planned and agreed in the contract agreement with my company, getting to the seaport, I was told by the custom officer that the equipment and materials I bought from china that was shipped to Accra was contraband. I was not myself when they said it because I was screaming on top my voice, because these very same equipment happens to be the same equipment I have been using to work in other projects in other countries. I have never heard such a word (contraband) from any seaport I have used in other countries. I don’t know why that of Ghana is now a different story.

I have been battling with the customs and finding solutions and alternatives on how to clear my equipment from the seaport. Honey during the process of me arguing and quarreling with the custom officers in charges of clearance, the senior boss of the custom saw how I was talking and he invited me into his office so I went with him. Getting to his office, he made me understand that it’s mandatory in the constitution of Ghana that these kind of materials are not allowed into the country or allowed to be used. He quoted the sub-section from the customs Act which is not my concern. When he finished talking I told him all about myself and how I manage to get the money to purchase the equipment, that if I should lose this contract that my life is gone and all my entire investment will go down the drain. He was kind enough to understand and then said the only way he could order them to proceed with the clearing of the equipment is that I have to pay the sum of 20,000$

My heart almost exploded honey and I almost died from shock. I could not just believe my hears , am so confuse right now my love

INFORMER. I had all his details just waiting for his phone number and there he was gone.  But the name of the receiver of funds was Olaseni Sanni

ADMIN: So there you have it and we thought that would be the end of the scam.  All we have is some tale about Customs and  items being confiscated which require a large sum of money to release.  We know full well that the scammer is going to say something like  ” I only have  15000$ because the bank …(BLAH BLAH BLAH) and so can you lend me the X000$ until I meet you in your country”.  We are wrong because along comes scammer profile Number Two, Tom L Happiness. He is a fake US Marine and has been around since  April 2000.  Don’t worry,  he will come along with a third profile called “Tom William” which is new and immediately turns up on his friends list.


Scammer No.2  https://www.facebook.com/happiness.nlerem



Thomas L Happiness

Intro: Works at U.S. Marine Corps

(Added   a few days ago)
Works at NNPC and U.S. Marine Corps
Studied at University of Maiduguri(UNIMAID)
Class of 2013
Joined on July 2013


ADMIN:  However we also have this, complete with Nigerian flag,  from when he made his fake profile. (But we thought he was a contractor working in Ghana and somehow he became a soldier !!)


Started new job at U.S. Marine Corps
24 April 2000
Washington, District of Columbia


SCAMMER. Hello Honey , its me Tom William my Facebook account was Hacked now , i am trying to recover it now my love , honey please message me on my email address tomchurchill616@gmail.com
Am using one of the workers phone to talk with you now my love

SCAMMER. Honey please accept the Request , i am frustrated now my love you are my only hope my love

INFORMER. So what do you want from me ?

SCAMMER. well honey few day ago i got the whole money needed but the hotel expenses of the workers needed to be taken care of so i have to pay it my love


SCAMMER. honey please don’t get me wrong my love , i never planned for all this and i hate stress you and bringing you into my personal business
but this time has been a really trying time for me and i am glad you have been here for me at all time my love

INFORMER. so what do you need from me ?

SCAMMER. can you lend some funds , i promise to pay back my love
i will be needing 3000 , i just need to be able to take care all of all expenses here everybody here is looking up to me my love

INFORMER. You will need to send bank details

SCAMMER. Honey can you do a western union transfer my love ?

INFORMER. still need details to send it

SCAMMER. okay honey

SCAMMER. my love , i think i will have to create my personal facebook page and send it to you , since this is not mine such things need to be private my love
SCAMMER. i will create now and add you alone on it my love
SCAMMER. Honey i have sent you an invite now
SCAMMER. please accept it
SCAMMER. it is my name Tom


ADMIN: Then along comes another “Tom William”.  This one gets completely confused and forgets what details he sent out to the informer


Scammer No 3   https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100025010363759



+1 6315735520



SCAMMER.  okay honey
Receiver Name : Osagie Thompson
Receiver Country: Ghana
Receiver City: ACCRA
Honey that is it

INFORMER. Who’s that ?

SCAMMER.  My assistant here who is a Ghanaian , we are going together to receive it honey

INFORMER. Why can’t I send it to you ?

SCAMMER.  He is a citizen here and they have different laws here governing their financial policy
i have ask question here and before they can receive money the most have the residence address and their national identity card or i will have to travel to the city central to process it
i don’t think i am ready for that honey

INFORMER. Then will need an address too

SCAMMER.  it’s the receiver who needs that not the sender

INFORMER. I think your mistaken

SCAMMER. okay let call him and ask him the address
40 Onyankle St. Abelenkpe, Accra , Ghana
i have been calling him , he just picked his call now that is the address honey

INFORMER. It’s cool do you have an e mail and phone number so that I can contact you when its sent

SCAMMER. yes honey i do my love
i have sent to you before , tomwilliam616@yahoo.com (!!)

INFORMER. and phone number in case no internet?

SCAMMER. +1 6315735520

Of course the scammer got nothing and our informant is very experienced at getting information off scammers.  We do not recommend baiting scammers.


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