419 Scam/Romance Scam: LAWSON BROWN

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419 Scam
Romance Scam

Lawson Brown 



Skype ID: live:l.brown1212 (Lawson Brown)




Lawson Brown



Age: 57
Location: Coimbra, PT


MeetMe.com. INBOX:

Lawson Brown:

  • Hello pretty how are you
  • I dont use this site always . do you have Skype or hangout
  • Add me to Skype
  • l.brown1212@hotmail.com
  • Add me now



Skype: live:l.brown1212 (Lawson Brown)


Skype Chat:

Lawson Brown:

Hi, pleasure to meet you

I will tell you to check your email after I message you

I will message to your email

I will tell you little about myself , i dont really like the idea of puting picture on profile

one has to be very careful

My address l.brown1212@hotmail.com

I have one email and gmail lawsonbrown21@gmail.com

In few minutes check your email, i will tell you about myself


i will add you to hand out in a couple of minutes



Message on a mail box:

From: Lawson Brown l.brown1212@hotmail.com 
Date: XX July 2017
Subject: Hello

Hello (name removed),

Nice reading from you, i am genuine and sincere, and I expect you to be as well. I am who I am. Nothing more, nothing less. What you see is what you get. I’m a very down to earth person who likes to be treated the way I treat others in a respectful, open, honest way.at first when my wife died i thought that i can live alone, so i was busy with my  work trying to hide away from the fact that i need someone, but when i knew its useless and senseless because we all need someone, we all need someone to love, someone to grow old with, someone to lean on when we are weak, then i decided to search for a good woman who can be my wife, i work in a ship building company as private private civil engineer, i live in California, though my originality is Portugal. I have live close to 32 years in USA .

I am looking for my life partner. I am always envious of people who’ve been togehter for long and still can see love in their eyes… I want a friend, a support , a companion to explore life’s mysteries.

I have a son, name Kelvin Brown age is 10y.o. I want a woman who is warm, good hearted, who can make me laugh, who can give me comfort when I’m sad.First of all I want love. To be loved, be respected. I need a relationship with a lot of love and deep feelings.

Wait to hearing from you, till then have a nice day.





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