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Romance Scam
Advance Fee Fraud
Fake Military

Erika Henery
Jessica Olivia Erika
Nancy James


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Ann Ben
Jennifer Schieble
Leo Benjamin
Schieble Anderson

Erika Henery

Photo of Shaye Lynne Haver (Captain, US Army)



Gender: FemaleBorn on: March 8th, 1986, 32 years
Country: United States
Native languages: English
Learning languages:
Interests: meeting new people
About: am a nice lady seeking cool guys,feel free to chat me INBOX:

Erika Henery September 21st, 2018:

Hi How are you, permit me to introduce myself, my names are Erika Henry, am from United States of America, sorry to disturb you, Just that I like your profile, would you be my friend? please write me through my personal email address because i don’t visit this site very often, Best regards Erika


Message on a mail box:

Date: XX Sep 2018 
Subject: How are you

Hello Dear.
I feel great to hear from you again, my name is Jessica Olivia
Erika, 32 years single, i am a United State Military / Nasa from
United State Of America but i am presently in Afghanistan for fighting
with terrorist and peace keeping, supportive and caring sincerely i
really want to establish a true relationship that may lead into good
things in life or something else with you, is my pleasure meeting you.
I hope all is well with you and how are you enjoying your day?

Well, I am US Military Officer currently in Afghanistan now and i am
ICU Nurse to United state Army here, i will like to get acquainted
with you. I am loving, honest and caring person with a good sense of
humor, I enjoy reading , working , traveling, meeting new people and
knowing their way of life, I enjoy watching the sea waves and the
beauty of the mountains and everything that nature has to offer.

I am the only child of my parents,my father died the year I joined the
army and my mother died 6 years later
Please tell me more about you, your likes and dislike, i am still
single , it is very nice to know and be your friend, wishing you all
the best, thank you as i still wait to read from you .





I have more information. She contact me like Nancy James with this Facebook profile

Nancy James



Studied at The University of Alabama
Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan
From Alabama City, Alabama


Message in a mail box:

From Nancy James 
From Nancy James

Hey my lovely, How are you doing today?? I’m an US soldier with the ist Armoured Division here in Afghanistan. My names are Nancy James, I am a widower, i lost my husband five years back he was afflicted by cancer of the blood, and right now am afraid of getting hurt again, i don’t like talking about it cos it makes me remember my past,just need a new life with my dream man now. It has allowed me to know a little ‘this unknown,because I will glade. attached to this email are my photos hope you like it their.

am seriously looking for a man to start my life with, I want a man who can trust, love and to be honest with me I do not want someone who mistreat me and not recognize my values I just want a man who is serious and really he wants to build something with a woman I know that many people do not easily trust others, but if your serious and want to have a life you will have to treat everyone equally and give them the opportunity to express their innocent and also to test for others are as loyal and reliable.

I do not want a man who doubt me I’m ready to do my best to be with the man she wants me . I always dreamed of starting a family with a good and kind person. I always try to meet my man and I want a man who is calm and serious . My hubbies are swimming, cleaning the house, movies, walking, I also like walking . I wish to stop here till i received your respond, have a nice day,

Yours Respectfully Nancy James,.

Us Military Camp Kabul


 Scammer profiles with the name “Nancy James” and photos of Shaye Lynne Haver

1. Nancy James

(*:-? thinking*8-} silly*=D> applause)



Lives in Kabul, Afghanistan
From Alabama City, Alabama


2. Nancy James



Studied at University of Oxford
Went to King’s College London


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