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Romance Scam
Loan Scam

Michael Stefan Vallet


Phone number of the scammer supporter:
+380 99 035 7425

Number billable as mobile number
Country or destination Ukraine
Original network provider* VF Ukraine PrJSC



Good day. I am asking you for help, a man wrote to me saying he is working in New Mexico on a platform and comes from Ukraine. And now he wants me to help him with money for sending some engine that broke down.



Photos of Valery Skosyrsky (is a broadcaster of the Television and Radio Company “Arig Us”; Buryatia, Russia)



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stefanvalletbeach (Stefan Vallet Beach) DELETED!


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Stefan Vallet Beach
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vallet.stefan.beach (Stefan Vallet Beach)



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Stefan Vallet:

yes, my love will definitely mean that the account still works … it’s such a background for me that I can’t have it anymore honey is my e-mail address
I miss you My hand misses yours.
My ears miss these three unspoken words.
My heart yearns for your love and care,
My mind wants to know. that you’ll always be there.
My legs miss you by my side,
My shadow misses you.
My fate wants somehow to match yours, All my fatness wants you to be mine now!
I am madly in love with you
When you’re not around, My life is full of darkness and doubt.
I feel emptiness, I feel so blue, I miss you my love and I want you to miss me too. But when you come, everything changes, the day wakes up beautifully again. And that’s why I need you in my life!

darling you know that I will always pay you back interest I don’t know where I stand now baby … I really don’t know honestly, I’m so confused (name removed) … now I don’t have anyone to borrow this money from honey I didn’t want to bother my problems, you know about it, I just feel so ashamed about saying cl this love ..
I don’t know how you feel now, but I really don’t know if you can kindly talk to the agent too, then I will have to talk to him too honey … I want to just that you would help me with this love, if I really have it, I wouldn’t ask you for this love … just kindly anything that pleases me with this honey … I still have to pay many debts in my head, honey … I promise you to pay interest, my love, it’s my contract I’m afraid I won’t lose everything that I work on honey … all the time spent, all my money, please, honey, I don’t want to I hinder you, but you’re my sink, just kindly need your help baby … Do it for me promise to always support the baby ..
I’m very confused now, honey, I know where to start, If I start talking to an agent first or what honey … it’s so difficult for me. I don’t even think so. my sister could help me with this sweetheart. .. the last money she had was 900 dollars that she promised to give and this is the only money that the teddy bear … is now even without food at home .. everything in me is now crazy baby … I know that you can just try my love, I believe in you and put my trust in you .. I will pay interest. that have already risen to my neck, that’s why I decided to share this baby with you. you know that I never bother you with my problems (name removed) … I just kindly ask you if you can be someone to me now, honey .. I suppose I will contact an agent but I don’t have a subscription. so tomorrow
honey … I just want you to help me



I got a call from a woman who pretended to be a sister of Michael Stefan Vallet’s sister. I only talked to her on the phone. She called me from the number+380 99 035 7425 and said she is his sister. If she pretends to be his sister, she should know he is a cheater and she is cheating with him.
The phone conversation was in my native language, she said she speaks my language. She told me about him, that Michael Stefan Vallet is her brother, that she looked after his children. She told me about his ex-wife, that she had cheated on him. She kept telling me that he was a good man. I remember that when I told her that there were a lot of such cheaters on the Internet and they were extorting money, she only told me that she was never given money to any man. And from that moment she blocked me and I no longer have contact with her. Now the scammer Michael Stefan Vallet claims that his sister has lost her phone.


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ringoo447 (Grzesik Elena)

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ringoo447 (Grzesik Elena):

This is my brother
What happened? ?,
So what is happening, why are you interested in my brother? Who are you?

Elena Grzesik

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