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John Wick William


We got information from our Informant about this person who had a Profile on The Profile was deleted. The person claimed that he deleted it himself, but in our experience this doesn’t happen and most likely the site deleted him for scamming.



Does this sound like a scammer? He was on With all this stuff he’s writing to me it seems strange.


Message on a mailbox:

From: John Wick William <>
Sent: January XX, 2021

What a sweet and lovely letter with expression you have wrote to me…I am happy we are connecting this way,my dear i appreciate you picture you send me thank you for that note.. I know how it’s to be taken for granted and due to my loving and given heart I have been used and take over $80,000 and seriously I don’t want to give this a trial not until my friend cooper who will be getting wedded soon met his fiancé over there at tagged and told me to give it a trail and that’s why I’m there.. as soon as I see the right woman I will deactivate my account on there and now I need not to search mo more as I already have you and I hope you got me too (name removed). Well here are my likes and dislikes :-
My Likes: Honesty, Sincerity, Faith fullness, Kindness, Friendship, Loyalty,God fearing,Long walks on the beach, siting under the stars, holding hands, snuggling, kissing,looking into someones eyes and knowing that person will over look all my faults and still love me tomorrow.

Dislikes: Liars, Gossip, Cheating, Hatred, Racism, dis-respecting partners.
I want you to also know that i have travel to Rome,Spain,Germany,and Switzerland.Let me share with you my experience there…

1)Rome – I lived in Piazza Risorgimento which is right next to the Vatican. I could see the Pope preach every Sunday from that famous window. There are great museums inside the Vatican so much fun. Actually the best is the food. Homemade pasta is the best. The coolest thing about this was that the client liked me so much he invited me over to his house and his wife made me the best penned with pesto I have every had. He wanted me to tell his son how to get into MIT. We then took a nice motorcycle ride all over Rome across the Apian way in the suburbs and stuff. The guy barely spoke English, but the coolest thing is that I was searching all over for this tourist attraction for 3 months where you look though a key-hole from about 10 miles away and you can see the Vatican. Well I could never find it. He drove us up a hill to a very residential area and asked me to look through someone’s grate fence entrance way and sure enough it was there the Vatican! The people are just so friendly there! When I left they held a party for me!

2. Bilbao and Madrid – I lived in Spain for 1.5 years overlapping some my time in Frankfurt. We worked in Bilbao and that is in the Basque region. Its funny but people don’t even speak Spanish there they speak Basque. The most important thing there was that I had to learn the culture. The first thing I always ask the native people in my company McKinney and Co was what are the doe’s and don’t of your culture. Well once I was with a partner in Barcelona and we were going to see the Barcelona Stock Exchange and the meeting was for 1 PM. We got there ten minutes early and I said lets go in. He said NO WAY, Moses (!) you need to learn this is Spain [Who the hell is “MOSES”*:-/ confused *:-? thinking His partner called him MOSES! *;) winking But he pretended to be John Wick William! *=D&gt; applause*8-} silly*:D big grin] you have to be late or people think you want something or are desperate. So we went and got a cappuccino and went in 10-15 minutes late no problem with the people we met. The people are also just so friendly there, but almost no one spoke English so that is why I’m fluent in Spanish. I actually learned some Italian but it got assimilated into Spanish because it is so similar.

3. Frankfurt – I lived there for 8 months overlapping with Spain. I just loved renting cars (Mercedes and BMW’s) every weekend and just going everywhere. Dusseldorf, Colon, Strasbourg, Berlin, and Munich. So much fun! The coolest thing was to see Berlin and the contrast between the East and the West. The East looked like you were going back to the 1940’s whereas the West was just like here. The funny thing was we took a subway ride and you could still see the checkpoints going from the West to the East. They have great museums too. The coolest thing was in one of the cold war museums they had a VW Beetle Car and they asked you where would you hide some one? (the car was completely empty and the trunk was too) They said someone drove this car across the border with his girlfriend can you find her? Well she was in the front right seat. I guess she was very thin. They basically cut out all the foam and there she was!!!!!!!

4. Basel, Switzerland – I lived here for 5 months. Working for Hoffman La-Roche (while still in McKinney & Co). The Swiss are the coldest people and are really hard to get to know. But once you get to know them they are great! As I told you before lots of lakes, skiing and hiking. Once again I rented Mercedes and BMW’s every weekend and went to all the cities/lakes – Interlaken, Zurich (almost every week), Bern, Geneva, Vevay, Cassandre, Luciano and Luciano, Liechtenstein, St. Galen, Lucienne, and Stead. I had a blast. The most interesting thing about this country is that there are actually four or more different types of people living there. There are four different national languages – German, French, Italian and Romansh. The German is really a different dialect of German than the Germans and Austrians speak. The Germans and Austrians speak H och Deuteron (High German), whereas the Swiss speak Swisses Deuteron (Swiss German). Its almost as different as night and day although the written is the same. The French is normal French, in fact they send their kids to France to learn “real” French unlike the German side. Italian is the most interesting. If you go up and down the Italian Peninsula you will find that the people get poorer and poorer as you go down the peninsula. Until you get to Sicily which is the poorest and where all the Mafia live and the poorest people in Europe. On the other hand as you go up past Milan into Switzerland there are Italians there too. In fact the Southern part of Switzerland is all Italian. They speak Italian and are basically Italian. The food is Italian too, the interesting thing is that they are very rich. In fact the richest part of Europe is the Italian part of Switzerland around Lake Como. So for all of Western Europe the richest and poorest places are Italian. There are two beautiful cities that are around this Lake–Luciano and Luciano. There are all these nice water sports to do there! The most interesting thing about this place is that there are Palm trees all over. It is actually always warm there a lot like LA.
I will stop hear until i hear from you…. Goodnight and sweet dream dear❤️❤️



Profile created by the same scammer:




Age: 56
Location: Wise, Virginia US



We found parts of the same text on this scammer Profile:

Jana Pierce



Construction on Art, Road and Oil&Gas Pipe Line at Oil Drum
Beverly Hills, California, United States
Experience: Engineer
Dates Employed: Aug 1977 – Present
Employment Duration: 43 yrs 11 mos
Construction on Art, Road and Oil&Gas Pipe Line
Company Name: Oil Drum
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School
Dates attended or expected graduation: 1980 – 1983
Skills & endorsements:
Mechanical Engineering Oil Rig and Building Road and Housing contractor
Activities and Societies:
I love hockey, horse racing i also love Swimming and sometimes baseball travel a lot , For me in person is more fun but you do what you gotta do… My Dislikes: Liars, Gossip, Cheating, Hatred, Racism, Judging peoples and beets..
About My Likes:
Honesty integrity,and being treated properly are very important to me.My favorite place in the whole world is the beach looking out into the magnificent ocean, Sincerity, Faith-fullness, Kindness, Friendship, Loyalty,God fearing,Long walks on the beach, siting under the stars, holding hands, snuggling, kissing, looking into someones eyes and knowing that person will over look all my faults and still love me tomorrow. It brings such peace yet it rages.


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